Why it’s important to make a difference to someone’s life!

Writing this I have tears in my eyes because I have just read an email from Stacey.

A daughter that is slowly losing her mum to Motor Neurone Disease. Once you’re diagnosed with MND life expectancy is two-to-five years, sadly there is no treatment or cure.

This Saturday Stacey is running in the Gold Coast Marathon 10km to raise money for MND Australia. Once she has completed this she has committed to pushing her mum in her wheelchair for the 5.7km fun run.

While I was speaking with her about a feature that I’m writing on her she told me how cumbersome her mum’s wheelchair was and that she was frantically searching for one that wouldn’t be so uncomfortable for her mummy.


It just so happens that a few weeks ago I was privileged enough to meet and interview an amazing man, who in 2007, was on his way to Moto GP stardom alongside his mate Casey Stoner.

Matt had the world in the palm of his hand.

Tragically just before he was about to get his big break he had a low-speed motorbike accident that left him a quadriplegic.

Being confined to a wheelchair has not stopped him from starting and successfully running a business, getting married and having a child, one of many he hopes.

A man who is wise beyond his 26 years, he and I spoke about how he gives all that he can to help others. We also spoke his expensive wheelchairs and the independence that they give him.


Photo from www.goldcoastbulletin.com – thanks to a friend on staff who I asked to write this after I spoke with Matt.

So when Stacey told me she was in the middle of trying to find a more sporty wheelchair for her mum I immediately thought of Matt!

He is one of the most inspiring, honest, smart and caring people I have ever had the honour of interviewing. I also knew that he would help if he could.

I told her to ring him, say that I had sent her and ask if he knew where she could get her hands on a more sporty wheelchair.

While I was sure he would be fine with me passing on his details I was kinda shitting myself just in case he did.

Of course he didn’t mind.

And this is the email I just got from Stacey.

“Thanks so much for the contact Matt, he was fantastic, he has lent me a chair, without any hesitation, which has saved me a trip to Brisbane. I owe you, so thank you very much. I really appreciate it.”

This is why I love being a writer, I get to connect with real people doing amazing things, and best of all I can make other people aware of all the goodness in the world.

Stacey doesn’t owe me a pickle.

What I owe both of these amazing souls is to tell their stories, to remind people who no matter what life throws at them we all have a choice.

Lie down and die – or fight and fundraise with every ounce of our being!

* Here is Stacey’s Everyday Hero page, just in case you have a few spare pingers burning a hole in your pocket!

(MND Australia 1800 777 175)

What inspires you? What have you raised money for recently?

Are you a runner? No? Me neither?

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  1. Love it Em. The world needs more kindness and going the extra mile to help others. What a lovely story and all the best to Stacey as she does her marathon. X

  2. We lost my Step Mother to MND 18 months ago now. When she was first diagnosed not one person we spoke to had heard of this terrible disease. The support and understanding we received from MND Australia was so helpful. What a wonderful thing for Stacey to do, and thank you to you Em for sharing this story and raising the awareness just a little bit more. xxx

  3. That is such a great post Em. So beautiful.
    I am not a runner
    Nor will I be the one to lay down and die.
    Fight fight fight all the way
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  4. That is a beautiful story Em. I wish Stacey all the best in the world for her run to raise awareness and funds for MND and Matt is an absolute legend!

  5. Absolutely smack on Em! It is about the stories, the connection, the human side to life that we forget hiding behind our screens and social media. This is what inspires me, stories like this one and there are millions to be told! Gosh this is the best way to start a day, well done you for being so awesome and well done Stacey – love knows no boundary xx

  6. Gee you’re amazing and I kinda have a bit of a tear in my eye too. We raised money for MND at our wedding, Bretts mum died of MND at 51, when he was 14. You can feel really good about this Em xx
    I am so not a runner!

  7. You’re an angel in disguise Em. Such a beautiful soul you. Running with a pram is hard enough. I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be with a wheelchair. Last year I ran the City2Sea in Melbourne whilst pregnant to raise money for a local 5 year old girl with leukemia I had met at the farmers market. It was the most rewarding run I have ever done.

  8. I try to be a runner but that’s another story….
    Great post, Em. Fundraising is good for the soul. I do a fair bit of it but mainly for my school. When we reflect on the process, the kids always say that they feel such a buzz in helping others. X

  9. So wonderful that you managed to help others with the skills that you have. All the best to Stacey and her mum for the grand day!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  10. merilyn says:

    thankyou em for sharing this story and inspiring us … a great post <3
    MND is a hideous disease! … a friend's very vibrant, beautiful younger sister had it …
    I hope one day they can find a cure. love m:)X

  11. You’re a beautiful soul, Em. Thanks for sharing Matt and Stacey’s stories. They sound like two very inspirational people. I love the fact that you were able to bring them together. I’m sure a new friendship will form between the two of them. That is definitely one of the positive sides of blogging and writing – the connections we make with people are amazing. x

  12. What an inspiration post, thanks for sharing. Heading over to Stacey’s Everyday Hero page now.

  13. You are a good egg EM. MND is such an awful disease. I watched one of my best friends go through it with her Dad many many years ago. No I cannot run to save my life lol xx

  14. Onya Em, a fantastic way to help others and what an inspiration Matt is. MND is such a tragic disease. And I have attempted the Couch to 5k and succeeded in putting my back out after a run so I have given up. Took me weeks to heal!

  15. That’s awesome. Good on Stacey, and Matt, and you being the person there at the right time.
    There are so many inspirational people in our world. We just don’t often know it do we?

  16. So true. The people, the stories – that’s what it’s about and aren’t you blessed for having met or spoken with these individuals to hear a part of their journey? It’s amazing what people can achieve when it could be so easy to be down and out. Also, when you’re in the thick of something challenging like illness a reaching hand makes all the difference. It leaves an imprint.
    Thanks for sharing this with us. I always love a warm and fuzzy x

  17. MND is so hard on the person and the families. I just couldn’t imagine it. Em being brave enough to share a contact detail to help someone out just reminds me how bloody awesome you are. Biggest heart 🙂

  18. Em – I have tears now because you have just made the most wonderful of connections just by being you! Matt is truly inspiring, as is Stacey in helping her Mum, and you are are such a caring person. x

  19. Oh I love happy stories like this, good on you for connecting these people – you are a true networker!

  20. It fabulous that you can use you connections as a writer to help others, Emily!

  21. What a beautiful story. It’s people like this that make the world a special place.

  22. Love this story.

    I am a crier. But I only cry when the world is full of kindness. It fills my heart with so much happy it overflows from my eyes.

  23. What a beautiful story about two extremely brave people. I’m glad that Stacey was able to find a wheel chair for her mum. Good on you for sharing their story with the world.

  24. Gotta love a story with a happy ending and a community connection. Thanks for sharing, I love stories that reinforce that there is still more good than bad in our world.

  25. Well written and sentiments from the heart Em. Thank you for making peoples lives better either by word or deed.

    Those wheelchairs are hideously expensive. I worked with disabled people and one woman told me her husband’s wheelchair cost as much as a Porsche. Now that is sad. Which average person can afford that amount of money to make life bearable .

    No I am not a runner yet my brain still thinks I can go as fast as my inner age …till I try to keep up with the grandchildren 🙂

  26. It was meant to be Emily!! What a heart warming story. Such a wonderful bonus for you Emily being able to meet with such people and being allowed into their lives for short while. You must learn many lessons.

  27. Gosh, Em. Your heart is so so big and generous. You’re doing an amazing thing and connecting people the way you are – priceless. Thanks for sharing both Stacey and Matt’s stories x

  28. Ah that’s lovely Em, how nice to be able to do something for such awesome people. Good on you for telling their stories. I haven’t done any fundraising lately, but now you’ve got me thinking xxx

  29. What a beautiful thing you have done Em by connecting these two people together. How inspiring are Stacey and Matt.

  30. Em, you were obviously meant to meet Matt for this reason! I love how you use your power for good xxxxx

  31. lovely feel good story xx

  32. So good to know there know there are wonderful people in the world! I love reading stories like this! And you of course are one of those wonderful people who can bring others together like this!

  33. Lovely. Helping others or doing something kind rarely requires much of us – other than the thought itself.

  34. Goddamnit now I have tears in MY eyes. What a great guy! And so good of you to hook them up. I lost a friend to MND in the US when we lived there. He was 42, one son, one on the way. Such a fucking shit disease. xox

  35. I’m pretty sure I would run if there was a T-rex chasing me. It’s equally possible that I would just stand really still though. According to J-park they see only movement. No scrap that, no running for me. AND yes! We can share stories, we can bare witness, thanks for the reminder.

  36. Great post Em. Yes, Sarah’s talk on the weekend inspired me to move out of myself and offer help wherever I can. So important. x

  37. Beautiful story Emily, you obviously crossed paths with these people for a reason xx

  38. Well done Em. So important to give back when we can. And MND is such a horrible disease and certainly a worthy cause.

  39. Wah, I love this stuff! Happy tears…!! Go Stacey! x

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