An oldie but a goodie – Top 10 reasons/excuses to have kids!

Here’s a trip down memory lane, something I wrote at the end of 2012 when I first starting blogging and had three preschool-aged children!

Top 10 reasons to have kids – 5 cynical ones and 5 sweet ones!

1. You will always have an excuse for being late, fat, having a messy house, tired, forgetful and cranky.

2. As they get older and become fascinated with things on the floor, they become quite effective vacuum cleaners.

3. If you’ve never really enjoyed time by yourself well you’ve hit the jackpot, you will never be alone again! Even showers and trips to the loo become a two-person affair or in my case a four-person adventure.

4. They are great to blame when something you touch falls to the ground in a shop – until they get older and can tell on you.

5. For those insomniacs out there, of which I was one for years, you’ll be so whacked all the time that you will pass out within seconds of hitting the pillow – until you wake because they are standing quietly beside you in the middle of the night!


And now here’s five sweet reasons:

6. There is nothing cuter than watching a nude baby run up the hallway.

7. If you love kisses and cuddles you can get them whenever you want when you’re a parent. Sometimes you’ll have to beg the older ones but little ones are super cuddly!

8. You will know the true meaning of unconditional love.

9. The smell of a newborn baby is nicer than rain on hot concrete.

10. With every child you birth your heart grows – and so does your waistline! Sorry I can’t help myself, I was starting to sound a little too serious and sickly.

So tell me one sweet and one sarcastic reason to have kids?


  1. To think that I was literally just looking for reasons why we had 3 kids after getting NO sleep again last night.
    When you accidentally drop your guts in target, it can always be blamed on one of the kids 😉
    Sweet thing? Mmmm tough question this morning. When my older two aren’t fighting they are adorable to watch running around together at the local park. X

  2. You definitely don’t have to convince me Em! I’m sold!! And if I’m lucky to have kiddies as cute as yours, I’ll be a very happy woman! xxx

  3. Nawwww…. the sweet ones are really sweet hey? Can I order double the perks and a serve less of the cynical ones (how true are they?? Tooooo true) then please??

  4. I blame the kid when I fart.

  5. OMG yeah, the nudie run is adorable. xo

  6. Yes to No 1.
    Naw, can’t get enough of newborn baby smell 🙂 …

  7. My sweet reason: my heart explodes when she hugs me
    My sarcastic reason: I get to avoid full time work until she goes to school 🙂

  8. I love the cuddles. Currently tiring of the tantrums…..

  9. Love that you shared the good along with the bad!

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