How I met your father!

Kids, so remember how I was telling you that when I moved to Sydney I was determined to bag myself a suit?

Well as it turns out most of the ones I met were a bunch of egotistical gits that were more interested in fake boobs and giggly girls.

And as you know this isn’t me by a long shot.

So one day it FINALLY hit me, I didn’t need a man to make me happy. From that day on I just stopped looking for my soul mate and started living.

It was like I turned awesome over night!


I focused more on my career, went to the gym, explored the ins and outs of Sydney and occasionally went out with my girlfriends.

It felt great to no longer be searching for the one.

Anyway, so one Saturday I was asked to be a wingman for my mate, he was heading to a birthday party and had his sights set on a certain lady.


I didn’t want to go but I felt guilty so I suited up. Well I actually just chucked on some jeans and a strapless top that covered my muffin top and made me look flat chested.

Actually your dad got quite a booby sur-prize in the days to come. Oh what? Too much information? Sorry.

Anyway so a gay bar in Oxford Street was our destination. For the life of me I can’t remember the name of the place, let’s just call it the Nifty Knob Bar.

So it was tres trendy and full of beautiful men and I was happy just mingling and chatting away with randoms.

I stepped outside to the balcony and spotted a group of guys talking, I edged closer and could hear they were Kiwis.

I took one look at the tall, tanned guy in the dark green shirt and decided to do a bit of old-fashion spading! He had a killer smile, fabulous hair and was NOT a suit, I fell in lust with him straight away.

Taken after we'd known each other for about a month!

Taken after we’d known each other for about a month! That is not my arm around his shoulders, mine was somewhere else 😉

We talked, we danced, we laughed and then we….

So fast forward to the following Wednesday and we had our first date. He arrived on his bike. In leathers. I was hooked.

As it turned out I ended up paying for both our meals because I ordered while he went to get drinks. I lived week-to-week back then so I wasn’t that flush but I wasn’t going to tell him that I’d spent my rent money on his big fat juicy steak!

I didn’t say anything until the end of our meal when he went to pay but he was suitably mortified and promised to pay for our next date. I was in like Flynn.

I went to bed that night wearing a pair of rose-tinted glasses and have had them on ever since.

At times they get foggy, cracked and I feel like they could do with a bit of a spit and clean, but I’m still wearing them.


You know the rest, within three years of meeting we had built our first house, got married and started having you four*.

So kids remember this, don’t waste time worrying about things that you can’t change. Life is a journey not a destination. And if you put me into a horrible old person’s home that frowns upon old people drinking sherry at lunchtime I’ll be cranky.

Oh and remind me next time to tell you about the time your dad and I nearly broke up…

Did you meet your partner in an usual way or place?

How long did it take for you to fall in love?

* In my fantasy world we win lotto next year and I can afford to have another child, hire a personal chef, trainer and cleaner and move us all to a kick-ass mansion on the Gold Coast waterfront.

** Just kidding – NO MORE BABIES FOR ME!



  1. How wonderful! (both romantic and sexy in one) 🙂

  2. Fab story. Mines quite boring met at uni he was with my roommate I was with someone else then we got together. The end. 🙂

  3. merilyn says:

    good post em! … perfect rose coloured glass effect … we have two pairs here!
    mr m and I met at a yoga workshop … he spotted me and put his mat next to mine!
    I went week at the knees when he partnered me for an excersize !
    the rest is HIS story and mine! 20 yrs this year! WOW! …lol m:)X

  4. Love it! I met hubby after prank calling him, which is the kind of crazy stupid way you approach a hot guy when you’re a teenager!

  5. Great story Em – I could never get my head around the idea of not needing a man to make me happy until I actually got one 😉 ( My husband does make me happy but you know what I mean).
    Meanwhile – being the self proclaimed expert on these matters I can confidently say Mr HALOM is quite the crumpet 😉

  6. I know what you mean, stop looking and you find one.

  7. Love it! Great story and a husband who is very easy on the eye. Go you!!

  8. Oh … he’s hunky. Nice catch! My hubby and I were high school sweat hearts, but broke it off when I graduated because he wasn’t “the kind of guy I wanted to marry.” I’m pretty sure I fell in love with him over the five years we were apart. He found my FB account and here we are another five years later, two years married, and one beautiful surprise daughter.

    Things have a funny way of working out when you least expect it.

  9. Oh I love it! I keep hoping someone will come along when I least expect it, but….

    PS. Am wondering how you knew he wasn’t gay (on first seeing him I mean!)?

  10. Gotta love those rose-coloured glasses! Definitely an unconventional love story here too, hence me referring to it as the longest one night stand in history 😉

  11. I met Bearhands when I wasn’t looking too Em. Funny that! 🙂

  12. Em! I love this post! (and yep too much information;))
    I met my HUbby at work. ANd I definitely live with my rose coloured glasses on.

  13. I love this Em, but it’s definitely WAY too much info for the kids;-) I met my husband back in 88 when we were very young and we didn’t marry until 2010! At least no one could accuse us of rushing things. Love your rose tinted specs. They are a necessity around here too.

  14. Cute story and husband. I met mine when he helped his then girlfriend babysit my children. He wasn’t on my radar until a couple of years after that though.

  15. Love it! Gorgeous tale and looks like a pretty special man too.

  16. Great story 🙂 I met my hubby in a bar also whilst playing wingman for a friend who may have just had her eye on him… whoops!! There may have been a little too much alcohol involved as he may have possibly been under the impression I was 22, called Amy and in lived in Melbourne – I was actually 18, at uni and lived at home with my Mum 🙂

  17. I met my hubby when I may have been checking someone else out. Don’t think the kids need to know. You are tempting fate my friend writing that #4 you know. I never even consider it!

  18. Great story. I met mine at the usual dodgy type bar!!! I was also playing wingman for somebody else x

  19. You and he – big spunkeroonies that totally belong together. I met my hubby at the beach, childhood sweethearts we were and moved in together at 19. I as a child bride and he still owes my dad a goat or something like that xx

  20. I love hearing these ‘how we met’ kinda stories. I love that you nutted out the Kiwi and just went for it. The space and freedom you’d given yourself not to find the right man, had probably given you all the confidence to actually hunt him down in the end.

    I was a bit the same. I was actually finishing year 12 (baby child I was, I know) when I started dating Mr Vick and I totally said I wasn’t going to have a boyfriend in year 12 so I could just concentrate on study and having fun. We were doing a musical together and all would be on stage whilst just us two were getting our make up done in the dressing room. This would become our time to make eyes at each other in the mirrors… and it took off from there!

  21. You two were made for each other!!! I don’t think you need those rose tinted glasses anymore hon – you have a beautiful family without them xxx

  22. Great story, Emily … loved it!

  23. What a beautiful story, and such a gorgeous couple you are! We never parted after our first date either 🙂
    Good luck with that lotto win Em, I’m counting on one too xx

  24. Great story, top beginning, great middle… and no end in sight. Gawd if we knew what was in front of us when we fell in love with the fathers of our children…. But still… what a PITY you left Sydney… is there another story int hat???

  25. What a nice story Em! Your husband is very handsome!

  26. Oh my goodness YES – it’s always the way – you find The One when you (genuinely) stop looking.

  27. I love this! Love reading how people met their partners! I also need to hear that advice at the end as well!!! Thanks for the reminder!

  28. Aww, luuuurrrve!

    I love hearing people’s get-together stories 🙂

  29. I love this story and hearing how people met their match. Great loves are often found when not looking. That happened for me too. I met Mr Vick when we were both cast in a musical together and I didn’t want a boyfriend!

  30. Ah this is such a lovely story told with such wit and humour. Love your ‘voice’. I met my hubby in a downtown bar in Bangkok when we were both backpacking in the early 80’s – ouch so ancient. I thought he said he as an archaeologist (he said ‘geologist’ through a thick beard) and I was into rockstars at the time! Little did I know.

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