I hate sharing meals at restaurants because…

Have you noticed that it’s almost considered a scandal if you don’t share your food with friends/family when dining out.

For some people there’s no longer such a thing as ordering and eating your own meal.

It’s almost like there’s an unspoken rule that once a person’s dish arrives an unofficial banquet begins and it’s game on for all and sundry.

Everyone at the table starts poking, prodding and spooning out helpings of my favourite restaurant meal.

And I must confess – IT DRIVES ME BONKERS!

Look, I’m not a complete fug head and I will let others taste my meal if it was agreed upon when we were ordering.

But sharing food that I have gone to great lengths to choose makes me cranky, it takes all my willpower not to move to a table by myself!


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It’s rather ironic that I’m the world’s worst food sharer because I order the sprogs to share their grub on a daily basis.

Considering I rarely eat out you’d think I’d enjoy sampling lots of different dishes, but this isn’t the case. It probably has something to do with the fact that my kids are always flogging ma food and so the last thing I want is to share when I’m away from them!

I don’t even like it when the Husband steals a hot chip from my plate – I flick him the evil shit-eye and growl like a bear.

Three reasons I’m not a lover of food orgies.

1. They make me look piggy because I will have seconds, thirds and usually eat grown men under the table, not literally.

2. People ALWAYS eat more of the dishes they didn’t choose, eg mine, and this simply doesn’t make sense. I often get myself in trouble by making some snide remark about this because I can’t help myself!

3. I don’t participate in conversation because I’m too busy trying to eat a bit of everything before it all goes (piggy porker).

So anyone keen for a meal out with me? 😉

What’s your view on food sharing?

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  1. How funny! My favourite meal was from a restaurant in central Victoria whose philosophy is that food should be shared and all of their delicious courses are designed to be shared. I love it. You get to sample so many of their menu items. But I must admit, when there’s just one tiny morsel left on the plate, everyone around the table lie and say, ‘No, I couldn’t. I’m full. You have it.’ But it kills you because it was your favourite of all the dishes and you badly want that last little tasty morsel.

  2. Having eaten most meals with a child on my lap helping herself to my food, I can see where you’re coming from with this. I’ve had my kids literally rip the food out of my mouth and it does peeve me somewhat. Eating a plate of food in a single sitting without interruption is the stuff of fantasies.

  3. I LOVE sharing meals with other adults at restaurants. I love the social aspect of the tasting, talking kind of dining. If everyone has their own meal I find the conversation lulls while everyone tucks in. That said, I had a fight with the Little Sister last week because I refused to give her the last bite of my breakfast – she’d already eaten half of my single piece of toast and I got a bit huffy about it! 🙂

  4. Don’t est with me because I love sharing – only with my man though.
    I hate buffets because I pig out and lose all self control too.

  5. Impressive mash up of two link ups and a topic!! I don’t mind sharing a taste, but if they want more, that’s their problem!!!

  6. merilyn says:

    I get it!
    if I choose something then I’m sorry … it is mine and hands off!
    totally a bad sharer … elder sister too!
    some people like a shared plate … no thankyou, I do not
    and what about the germs! … hello!
    sometimes I notice the other half coverting what I’ve chosen
    but he knows better than to try and goad me into giving him some!!!
    I might give him 1 chip if he is good and he hasn’t got any!
    I’m “terrible muriel!” … can’t spell now lol m:)X

  7. Never, ever forget the value of a well placed (fake) sneeze over your meal as it arrives. Should dissuade most sharers.

    • Liz McCue says:

      This sneeze suggestion is genius!!! Thanks and I will use this from now on.

      All I want when I have a (rare) meal out is to enjoy what I ordered. If those around me turn it into a buffet from that point on I never feel like I can relax and enjoy as much of what I wanted to begin with as I like. I hold back and can’t enjoy it and not really wanting what they chose anyway.

      Also, there is the point to be made that a dish is not one homogenous glob of whatever. There may be bites from one part that have been a little more grilled or are a little saucier or cheesier. Finding these subtle differences and being allowed to savor them is what it’s all about for me. I am not a selfish person so please don’t make it about that.

      You poor moms. You’re saints, all of you.

  8. Thank goodness I have a ready made excuse now, being coeliac, so sharing doesn’t work for me. Maybe bring out a food intolerance next time – a pretty handy weapon to have in the arsenal (as long as you don’t then go and order the food in question!)

  9. Hi Emily… I’m one of those who will want to share with hubby. Mine is never as good a choice as hubby’s. It drives him crazy sometimes and he will say , rarely, what you order is what you eat. We do share mostly and have a taste of each other’s 🙂
    Alexa from Sydney
    Blogging at http://www.Alexa-asimplelife.com

  10. Mr H is very similar. If he orders a specific meal he does not want to share it. AT ALL.

    I am a keen sharer of meals, but once I went out with a friend and her group of mum friends, we went to Thai and I thought I heard them say let’s just all order a few dishes and share, there was a chicken, beef, lamb, veg dish so I said “Oh, I will order the sides” – as in rice/roti etc…BUT, then they didn’t share and I was this weird person with rice and roti!!! Still embarrassed thinking about it.

    • Liz McCue says:

      What?!!! Incredible. And since you didn’t know them well what could you politely do except sit there and eat your rice. ARGHH. This is why I hate the sharing business. It’s like shifting sands with no rules and all I want is to enjoy the meal I starved myself all day or week to save up for.

  11. I am willing to share (sort of) but never and I mean NEVER my unhealthy salad. The salad is mine! And my heart literally hurts when somebody asks for some. 😉

  12. Whenever I share with people I always end up with the daggy veggies that are left at the end. Totally shit!

  13. I am a firm believe in eating what you’ve got, but am also a hypocritical chip-stealer. Just can’t resist if somebody isn’t wanting them and leaving them all unguarded on the plate…
    I can see why you get the irrits though, how often do you get to eat out and order just what you want and having it all to your very deserving self?

  14. Kelly Booth says:

    You may just be my favourite lunch/dinner companion!
    Nothing worse than someone else digging into your meal – or worse, force feeding you their meal. If I’d wanted the bloody I’d have ordered it! No really I’d DON’T want “just a little taste”

  15. I love shared meals (partly due to the social aspect, partly due to the fact that I am extremely greedy) but Mr Eats World HATES it! If I even suggest having a taste of his meal, he starts frothing at the mouth. Maybe you and he should dine out together sometime, Em 😉

  16. I’m not a fan of sharing meals but one of the best meals I’ve had out (ever) was with chefs at a top restaurant. Instead of everyone ordering, we were provided with tasting plates (entree, main & dessert) of a little of almost everything on the menu. While it was sharing as such, there was certainly enough to go round and the food was delicious.

  17. It’s desserts I hate sharing. It’s mine all mine !

  18. I’m making a note in my little book not to ask Em to share a dish at the most wonderful share plate vitnamese restaurant on the GC. Jokes aside I kind of understand where you’re coming from, I love to try what hubby is having even though he is the fussy unadventurous one with food. He says I have deprived him of much food in the 20 years we’ve been together……gosh he’s dramatic.


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