You are not alone.

Grateful, happy, calm – these are just some of the buzz words floating around the blogosphere right now.

But it’s okay if you aren’t any of these things at the moment – don’t feel bad if you are feeling like an ungrateful, sour, manic, sad sock – because like all things it will pass.

Most importantly take heart in the fact that you’re not alone in your desire to hide under the trampoline and stuff your face with chocolate until the kids give up looking for you.

It’s not realistic to expect yourself to be grateful, happy and calm all the time – as long as you are some of these things some of the time.

Remember – you are not alone.

When you walk past a mirror and wince at your pot belly, messy hair and wrinkles – you are not alone.

If your kids prefer to eat their snot than the meal they asked you to make – you are not alone.

You wish you were anywhere but where you are right now  – you are not alone.

When there is grape squished in the carpet and permanent marker on the wall – you are not alone.

If you’re on your third cup of coffee and you’re so exhausted you feel like crying – you are not alone.

When you’re not sure if you can cope with one more tear or tantrum – you are not alone.


Be kind to yourself, don’t have unrealistic expectations on how you should feel and then I’m sure without even trying you’ll be grateful, calm and happy.

And if you’re as fortunate as me and have friends and a fabulous hubby who offer to share your load – please say yes!

What is sending you over the edge today?

What are you calm, grateful or happy about?

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  1. Such very true words !!!
    Have the best day that you can (just in case you are suffering from all of the above !!!)
    Me xox

  2. Sorry – also meant to say I love your new look – good work !!!

  3. Love love love it. Funny but perfectly true. Take some time for yourself when you can xxx

  4. Work is sending me over the edge today. I am so over it.
    My family is what I am always grateful for.

  5. Thank you xxx

  6. I love this! A similar message to my ‘You know what, it’s okay” post I wrote a while back. Such a great message to get out there for the Mums that feel like they are sinking! Every feeling passes and the happiness returns once more – perhaps when school goes back lol.
    Awesomely written too, Em xx

  7. Beautiful words Em! So what I needed to read as well (funny how you sometimes seem to ‘find’ the posts you often need to read the most). Although today has been on the sunshiny side, yesterday was absolutely a ‘one step from the edge’ kind of event and I did indeed feel that I may not be able to cope with a single second more of crying/trantruming/general feralness. I did (somehow) and I guess I will keep on doing so but having the reminder that it’s not ‘just me’ is so valuable.

  8. OMG where do I start – my kitty died, hubster is home on long service leave so he and Mr 19 are at each other’s throats with me in the middle of it, I lost a client yesterday, the house next door started building today (noise & dust for 3 months), and I’m fighting with Council over an issue. And yes, at times feeling v. alone!

    Ooops soz didn’t mean to vent all over you!!!! xxx

  9. LOL! Great advice. 🙂

  10. This is oh so true Emily, and especially because it can change so rapidly from day to day. Yesterday I was grateful, happy and calm, and was especially pleased by some successful work events that happened during the day. The day before that, I was the exact opposite until I finally stopped myself and did some meditation. Today, I’m somewhere in between the two. I am continually reminding myself that life is a balance and it’s more than okay for things to be however they are.

  11. Driving me up one wall and down the other right now is Miss 5 rolling around the floor with a lump of pita bread in her hand approximately ten seconds after I told (shrieked at) her to sit at the table while she’s eating.

    I did however enjoy having a whole school day to myself with no children for the first time in about three weeks!

  12. Although I whinged in my blog today about blogging, blogging (and social media to a lesser extent) has taught me exactly that. I confess to all sorts of terrible things on my blog – as if I’ll be pardoned and can move on…. so I appreciate when I get responses from others saying, “Oh my god YES!” and that they can relate to my (ahem) foibles. We are definitely not alone.

  13. This is just what I need to read right now. Thanks Em.
    Everything about this house being too cramped for the five of us is getting to me However, Mick is taking two eldest boys to Brisvegas for the Wanderers soccer grand final this weekend so I am going to have some quality time with just me and my little man. Looking forward to it.

    And remember you are not alone either. xo

  14. Thank you. Today it’s accidents in pants (not mine) 😉

  15. The awesome thing about you and your blog, Em, is that you’re so easy to relate to. It often feels like you’re witnessing the goings on in my house. Fortunately, nothing has sent me over the edge today. Must still be on the high from my holiday 🙂

  16. AMEN! I may need to read this everyday when I have baby number three! Love ya Em! x

  17. I love your blog Em, you keep it real. Blogs that use the words grateful, happy and calm all the time kind of annoy me!!! It’s not real life, I don’t care what sort of life you live! Love the new look of your blog, in the middle of changing mine up a bit too, what a process! Wish I’d never started x

  18. YES! and Thank you. Very timely as I’m feeling so down today. Since yesterday actually. Boo. I hope tomorrow is better. Have a great week Em!

  19. Happy thank you very much for your company! Beautiful photo!

  20. Thank you thank you thank you.. It’s been a crappy couple of weeks and I really needed to read this. In fact I am going to put your words on the fridge.

    After being out for around an hour this morning (kindy drop off & quick coffee with friends) I came home to discover I had poo – yes poo*** smeared on my ankle. I can trace it back when changing big boy with one hand on the floor, I was also fighting off his little brother who is fascinated (obsessed) with wipes and nappies. Thankfully my day picked up with the arrival of my King Island Cheese prize thanks to Champagne Cartel!!

    ** just clarifying it was NOT my poo….

  21. As I sit here being demanded to mother just as per normal as I tackle a fierce cold and quickly losing my will to live, I needed to hear this. Thank you. Everyone needs to hear this from time to time. Important words my friends x

  22. A beautiful reminder Em! If you’ve time, read up on this Japanese poet Aida Mitsuo. I love his work. He once said “にんげんだもの” which basically means “I’m human, after all”. Because we are human, we should accept our flaws. It’s ok to be imperfect. It’s ok to falter.


    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  23. I love this post Em, it was just what I needed to read the other night when I came across it:-) The buzz words get to me sometimes! Thank you xxx

  24. Thankfully my child is yet to work out that snot is an alternative to the food I give her!

  25. Lordy, you’re awesome. I want to have your babies.

    I had to laugh when I looked at our thank you wall, my husband and I both had ‘sleep’ up there. We’d like some more sleep, even though we’re saying thank you for the sleep we’re getting x

  26. Love it. Nothing sending me over the edge today – yet. I’m the only one here!! 😉

  27. I’m creeping myself out with how calm I’ve been for a week. I feel like something else has taken over my brain. Which makes me sound like I’m stressed about being calm, but I’m actually calm about being stressed about being calm.

  28. I love this. Inspiring words worth remembering – and not a happy cat in sight! I’m loving your quest to ‘calm down’. It’s so incredibly important, for one’s own health and also in terms of role modelling. Keep it up! I’m learning a lot from your little reminders x

  29. 🙂

  30. So well said. Great post Em!

  31. Great simple wisdom Em. And you know me, I always say it’s about balance (between cranky and calm etc)

  32. Kids not eating the wonderful meal I prepared from scratch is the biggest thing that always gets me down. Sigh. Thanks, Emily. I really needed this today.

  33. Oh, man…I so needed to read this today. It’s been over 2 weeks of illnesses in this house and I’m so over it. After a week and a half hiatus, I’m dropping the boys off at daycare tomorrow…then go home to have a good cry. It’s been rough…

  34. A designer friend, although more of an acquaintance died this week, jumped from her 14th story balcony. Finding it hard to believe. She must have felt so alone.

    I’m taking more time to connect with friends this week and making sure they know I’m here for them.

  35. Thank you. Such encouraging words Em. Lack of sleep is tipping me over the edge and a four year old who is making a habit of saying no to everything I ask. His attitude really gets me cranky on!

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