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Last month I wrote a sweet poem to my gorgeous daughter on her 6th birthday. The quick-witted Mark over at Full Half Glass asked me for: “a tongue-in-cheek version in the Have A Laugh On Me style”.

I thought I’d write a poem about being a mum to three, and while this isn’t exactly hilarious it’s definitely less serious. Watch out Eminem – I’m coming to get Y’all!

Here we go…

“A mum to three I’d never thought I’d be, it’s as far-fetched as me wearing King Gee.
But some things are meant to be, like tired mums and a mug of coffee.

It’s been a helluva ride, a little bit like an unexpected landslide.

The tears, the fears, the lack of sleep, it’s no wonder that I hate to sweep.

I was lost for a while, but my children always found a way to make me smile.

My waistline is thick, my temper is short, but thankfully I’m no longer a worry wart.

And I’m truly thankful for that because I’ve got no time for internal combat.

Every day I’m driven to the edge of insanity, but that’s the life of a mum to three.


Introducing three pieces of my heart!

Introducing three pieces of my heart!

Have you got a one sentence rhyme in you? Trust me anything will do?

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  1. Very clever and witty.

    My rhyming’s not that flash but anyway – here’s a Limerick just for you

    Em is a proud mother of three
    who writes “have a laugh on me”
    with humour and style
    puts a smile on my dial
    while I sit sipping my coffee

    I know – it’s pretty lame, but it is very early

  2. When I was younger I never thought I would be a mum to three either…. or wear King Gee!

    Its a bit early for me to make up a rhyme. I might need to work on one for you Em. 🙂

  3. Well you’re a very happy King Gee wearer!

  4. I think you’re rocking that King Gee my friend!
    Don’t think I’ve written anything funny this week. What’s with that?

  5. There’s something very cute about you in your King-Gee lol!!! xxx

  6. Ha ha… I like it. I think you’re a superhero. Anyone with 3 or more!

  7. Very funny! I like a good poem. There should be more!

  8. A lovely hot coffee, in quiet and alone,
    What I assumed it would be, with only one kid at home.
    Alas and alack, it was not meant to be,
    The effing baby, just won’t catch some zeeeees!

  9. Well done gorgeous! I’m absolutely hopeless at rhyming 🙂

  10. OMG, I loved it and will be sharing on my FB page! When I was reading I had a hip hop tune going along in my head! Here’s my tune as relating to Mondays:

    It’s Monday, it’s my fun day, no husband and no son.
    I’ve vacuumed and I’ve tidied,
    No need to drink my coffee on the run.

    There you go!

  11. It’s a great poem Emily, I too think you rock the King Gee’s!! haha

  12. I’ve got nothing, I fear my days of poetry are far behind me.

  13. Good one Em!!

  14. Hilarious and I’m with the others – you look hot in King Gee x

  15. Do I have a rhyme or two?
    Of course – rhyming’s what I do!

    A fashionista I may not be, but I think you look HAWT in King Gee.
    Hope you had fun at the Voices shindig; I’m surprised you didn’t get a top 100 gig!


  16. Hello! So I’ve linked up! You funny little fekker. To quite you yourself.

    Rhyming? I’ll give it a shot.

    I’ve been really bloody keen, for cool weather so I can wear jeans
    The weather is now better for this little sweater
    So it seems, that I can now commit to jeans
    Bring on clear crisp days so I can wear lay-

    OK so that last bit didn’t quite work. I never said I was a poet. Or did I? Probably. Sounds like something I would do.

    Toodle-pip me ole china!

  17. here goes…

    If I didn’t have to teach,
    I’d spend all day at the beach!

    (begrudingly came home today after 4 nights at the Coast…can you tell!?)

  18. This is my in-the-moment poetry:

    I wish you’d eat your fecking sausages.
    WTF rhymes with sausages?

  19. I spent Saturday sewing and mowing – that’s my rhyme lol!!

  20. I never thought I’d end up a Mum to five, but fate intervened and now I… oh crap, I don’t know how that is supposed to end. Lucky I don’t get paid to rhyme huh? 😉

  21. Love it!

  22. Funny.

    I too am a mum of three, and when they all go to sleep at night I go “Yipee!”

    Dr Seuss eat your heart out.

    On another note, just how many Google+ profiles do you have?

  23. Awesome rap rhyme Em! I was totally singing that in Eminem style.Here’s what I got…

    I just got my kids to bed, now Open Slather I must shred
    I’ll stay up way too late, an early morning I will hate
    The kids will drive me round the bend, coffee will be my friend
    It’s school holidays, I may still be in my pj’s.

  24. Don’t let me speak in rhymes when I’m sober! Wait till after a couple of beers! LOL

  25. Thank you for such a great link up! you are a very talented poem-ess 😉

  26. You ask for this whilst I am in a writing crisis! The best I could rhyme with that is psoriasis but that just made me itchy, so I gave up 🙁

  27. Nice one Em – I was internally rapping ala Eminem to your words. How about “Yes, I’m a stressed out Mum to three, you never really wanna mess with me. I’ve got lots of attitude, with little latitude, don’t come my way, I’m in no mood for platitudes.”

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