A fighting fish called Cupcake: Wordless Wednesday

My daughter has been begging for a pet. But since I already have three ‘pets’ of my own I was not excited about the prospect of cleaning up after another one.

So she got a fish, not an easy-to-kill goldfish but a hardy Blue Fighter Fish – BOOM!

According to the very unreliable source that is Wikipedia: “This species is native to the Mekong basin of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam where they can be found in standing waters of canals, rice paddies and floodplains”.

Some close-up images of Cupcake!

Some close-up images of Cupcake!

The bowl, complete with Flounder and The Little Mermaid! I have since taken out some of the fake weed because I was worried Cupcake might get her/his fins caught!

The bowl, complete with Flounder and The Little Mermaid! I have since taken out some of the fake weed because I was worried Cupcake might get her/his fins caught!


Maddi's 6th bday - March 2014 604

Maddi's 6th bday - March 2014 601

A close-up of Cupcake!

A close-up of Cupcake!

maddi figher fish 1

She loves her Cupcake!

She loves her Cupcake (don’t we all?!)

So why the name Cupcake you ask?

Well my daughter’s theory is that even though it’s a boy fish, it’s a girl’s fish living in a girl’s room so should have a girl’s name.

You can argue with that logic right?

Got a fish? Ever had a fighter?
How have you got out of the pet question?
Or is your household full of living things?

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  1. How cool is the fish but even cooler his set up. I want to live in that bowl.

  2. Well I think it looks lovely and has got a fab home (bowl) very pretty

    Have a tanfabulous week gurgle gurgle

  3. that’s a beautiful fish and fishbowl!! Very fitting for a little girl 😉

  4. Cupcake has a pretty cool crib! We’ve had a few fighters over the years Em, and they’re so lovely to watch. Good choice with fish, so much easier to clean up after, than puppies! xx

  5. Cupcake- I LOVE it! We have had fighter fish and the photo opps are great, aren’t they? These guys can be pretty hardy BUT they can jump out of the tank, so don’t have the water line too high (we had a lid) and you are also lucky to live in a warmer climate. We lost ours some weeks after an accidental Winter freeze when the heating pad power cord had been knocked out overnight and they got too cold,deteriorating over the next few weeks, then… bye bye 🙁 ). (Fyi previous posts on them if you like: Rumble Fish and Poor Romeo).

  6. Yep we have a fish tank…I’l have to Instagram a pic to you because it is some tropical thing that my Hubby and the kids are into…I wouldn’t even know what to feed them!

  7. K used to have a fighting fish. If you want some fun, hold a mirror up to the side of the fish bowl and let him/her see him/herself. They will go into fight mode – it’s very funny and not really cruel (I don’t think anyway !!!)
    Enjoy !

  8. Well that’s very colourful!

  9. Lovely! My twins got goldfish off their Aunty for their birthday. Two of which lasted one day 🙁
    I was talking to her about fighting fish the other day. She thought they had to be fed special food and have a certain temp water? Can you fill me in on the ‘looking after’ required for fighting fish?
    Love the bowl too!

  10. This is one gorgeous fish!
    We own two birds… Timmy and Pikachu haha and I thought they would be low maintenance but they shed feathers everywhere!

  11. Despite being a fighter fish, she sure does have a pretty bowl to live in. I’m just wondering, will it be sad if it has no one, or should I say, no fish to fight with?

  12. Very colorful! Nice fish! Love the name and totally agree with the logic of your daughter!

  13. We used to have heaps of pets, guinea pigs, birds, and even a rabbit! But we have none left now, all dead! Out backyard is a true pet cemetery! With two human pets to look after I can’t see u getting more for a long time (never if Dave has his way!) I do love fighting fish and wouldn’t mind one though.

  14. Wow, blue fish, pink pebbles, yellow Flounder – please tell me it glows in the dark!

    We don’t have pets – our house already looks like a pig sty, dog kennel and bower bird’s nest, without adding an ANIMAL into the mix!

  15. We gave one to my Mother-in-Law a couple of years back for Christmas (can you tell we were really stumped what to get her). Next time we visited it had disappeared … ah well such is the way of pet fish! Hope yours lasts longer!

  16. Great looking fish bowl. the fish and colours all go together wonderfully

  17. My son collects fish! He has kois, gold fish and an iridescent shark. He also had a fighting fish before which was placed in a small aquarium. Unfortunately, my husband accidentally broke it and placed the little one in the pond together with the Kois just until he could buy a new aquarium. By afternoon, the fighting fish was gone. Apparently, Kois love snacking on small fishes. 🙁

  18. Well that fish looks fierce in a pretty, girly kinda way.

    My Little Vick is wanting a fish too. I was thinking the plane jane old Goldfish however. The Fighter fish is real fancy!

  19. awwww cupcake you are a tad cute in a fishy kind of way. One of my boys has one of these fish… aptly named Gilly and we were told they usually only live a year but this one is going on 3 years now! xx

  20. I’d like a fish and I had them growing up. I love the aquarium.
    We have 2 dogs, 1 cat and cows plus random roos, foxes and possums that add to the menagerie.

  21. Cupcake! What a name. That question was on the tip of my tongue but you answered it anyway. The logic has a few gaps there, but I’m currently living with three-year-old logic on a daily basis, so I know how to roll with it.

    I actually considered getting a fish as well. We’re currently reading a story about a guppy, and Nathan has been very interested in it. But getting a pet to me is a big long-term commitment, one I’m not ready for at this stage… knowing that the ultimate responsibility of feeding, cleaning, caring for the creature will fall back on me anyway.

  22. What a pad cupcake has to loll about in I love it ! Great choice in fish. Goldfish to high maintenance. Long may cupcake live to bring joy to your wee one x

  23. Mikala likes her Ariel and Flounder decorations. She even said she could’ve had a fish for her birthday today and why didn’t I get her one! Not sharing blog posts with her again!

    PS is apparently a perfect name too!

  24. If I was a fish, I’d want to be in that smooth-looking bowl too! My sister had a fighting fish that lived for nearly 5 years, I gather that’s unheard of in fish circles…

  25. Cool fish set up! We don’t have anything living inside, beside the odd ant and to my shock, I have discovered in the last couple of weeks, cockroaches!!
    We have about 10 goldfish living in a pond, could be more, they are breeding, out the back. We also have a couple chooks. We are waiting for the right SMALL dog to come along though.

  26. Fighter fish look so beautiful! I had two {at different times} but they both didn’t live too long. Fortunately, my cats have lasted longer than the fish!

    I love your daughter’s logic behind the name! 😀

  27. Wow, it’s all very colourful.

    My niece called their (male) cat Esmeralda. I joked (at the time) about him having gender identity issues but as she was about 7or 8 at the time it meant nothing to her. Fortunately he’s mostly known as Ezzie!

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