If something smells fishy it probably is!

Don’t believe anything you see or read today.

This comes naturally to me, I doubt, question and query everything, it’s just who I am.

But for those who are less cynical, be especially on guard today…

Why? Because it’s April 1, a day the entire world has a free reign to do and say anything it wants and get away with it by simply saying ‘April Fools’.


Consider this a public service announcement.

For example if someone tells you they’re pregnant, getting divorced, or quitting their job, be careful how you respond – just in case you really hope one of these three things is actually happening and proceed to tell a work colleague that you always thought their partner was a total twat!

Similarly don’t launch into a big spiel about how you just knew she was pregnant because of her vicious moods swings and the amount of food she’s been stuffing in her face!

The ‘I’m pregnant’ gag is quite common on April 1.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for inspiration to prank someone, check the below out. I stole all of these great photo/image thingees from the awesome BuzzFeed .

Prank 1

If you have a shop front or have friends or family that have one, why not try this!

You could also head to your local department store and jump in the window, it’ll take security a good five minutes to arrest you which is plenty of time to scare someone!

I would LOVE to do this!!

I would LOVE to do this!!

Prank 2

If you have time and opportunity this idea is totally hilarious!

Just keep in mind the weight of the person about to sit on you.

This sort of reaction can't be faked!

This sort of reaction can’t be faked!

Prank 3

And last but not least – an ENTIRE car covered in sticky notes.

Obviously you’ll have to start now in order to get a car covered by lunchtime but imagine the response you’ll get and how long it will take to remove them ONE BY ONE!

If you’re time-poor cover someones desk or computer at work – and then take a photo and show me!

Best idea ever - must have taken FOREVER to do this!

Best idea ever – must have taken FOREVER to do this!

I chose this one in honour of #projectcalmdownmum – where I encourage people to write notes to themselves to calm down instead of being a cranky pants parents.

Have you written yourself a note somewhere recently, it doesn’t have to be on a sticky, it can be on your forehead if you like, for example.

Not a particularly attractive photo but you get the point!

Not a particularly attractive photo but you get the point!

What would your note say today?
Did you realise it was April 1 today?
Are you a prankster?

It’s Tuesday and I’m inspired to blog by Jess @ Essentially Jess for IBOT


  1. I will be ignoring any calls from my kids today especially my eldest who tries it on every year. I got the “Mum I got a girl pregnant” text last year.

  2. LOL at those pranks – love the chair and store window one! Can we go to Westfield and try it?!!? My note….to be honest, N isn’t the one stressing me out lately. He’s been great. I’d have to tailor mine to suit, and it would probably say something like “You don’t have to get a high distinction, credit is good enough. #calmdownstudent” xo

  3. Sadly I’m one of the gullible ones – an easy target. Already been “gotten” today. (sigh…)

  4. That chair one is hilarious, but who could really be bothered for that…I’d love to tho…

  5. I love those pranks!!! I want to the department store window one, so funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  6. Thanks for the reminder of the date! I forget every year!!!

  7. This morning on facebook I learnt that Bribie Island is going to become it’s own country, and Vegemite have made a carbonated breakfast drink full of B1, great for when you are too busy to eat your toast. I actually think both of these are great ideas and would market well…

  8. Arrrghhh!! I have not been pranked (yet) which is another good thing about working from home. But then again, I do have a 10 year old son who may actually be a clown …. and the day is still young …

  9. April Fools Day is my wedding anniversary. Or is it? No one seems to believe me 🙂

    I occasionally do the pregnant joke – it’s funny how many people who know I don’t want to have kids congratulate me…makes me wonder who actually knows me sometimes!!

  10. Love the top one with Miranda! Though the seat looks pretty authentic as well!

  11. I love today’s post!! I’m sitting in a rather serious office giggling and wondering if I could get away with jumping in a shop window 🙂

  12. Hahaa I love the store window one.. watched it over and over, it’s quite hypnotic.
    Miss 16 asked if she could have a sleep over at her boyfriends house next weekend, I laughed and laughed… finally realised she wasn’t laughing and wasn’t joking… which made me laugh even more (Not.Gonna.Happen)
    In hindsight I should have said yes, as an April Fools Joke, but I suspect she would have killed me when I changed my mind

  13. That chair prank is RIDONK! Right now I am counting my blessings I’m alone at home and not in an office full of oversized adolescents. For my heart 😉

  14. Ha! I love Miranda Hart. Her show is hilarious so it was a bit of a shock seeing her so serious in Call the Midwife.

  15. I never come up with an original joke to play on people, but I do enjoy other’s creativity. The shop window one would be soooo much fun! 🙂

  16. I love a good prank and I tend to fall for every single one. I remember once being told that black cows produce milk for Paul’s and brown and white cows produce milk for Peters ice cream. Not only did I fall for this, I proceeded to tell my family my new information before being told it was all bull!!

  17. Is that Miranda Hart in the window? Shes awesome.

  18. Gosh that post-it one is pretty good – talk about taking forever to prank someone!

    I finally had a #projectcalmdownmum moment this morning – don’t yell at the kids for being late when you were the one on Facebook!

    needless to say we were running late – so couldn’t then stop to put it on a post-it and share 🙁

  19. No pranks here yet. I should think up something for the kids when I get home 🙂

  20. I meant to pull out the positive pregnancy test from Zoe to show to Dave and tell him I was knocked up again but forgot. D’oh!

  21. Hahhahaha! The second one is my favorite! Gahd I want to do that to my husband! LOL

  22. Hahaha! Laugh of the day! Where on earth did you find these videos? Love the post it one! Although I wouldn’t enjoy taking off these post it one by one…

  23. OMG, those GIF’s are hilarious! But you’re right, gotta watch out for what’s actually a prank and what’s not. And then, there’s those who don’t appreciate pranks. At. All. Party poppers…ahems.
    I would love to do the shopfront one. I would love to see you do it and tape it. Heh 🙂

  24. Ahh yep I did notice it was April Fool’s Day! Well actually I had forgotten until I got to work and the kiddies gave me about a zillion pinches and punches for the first day of the month! Lol that sticky note on your head is hilarious… and so very, very true! xxxx

  25. So not a prankster! Funnily enough, my dad got married on April Fools day. It was a funny joke at the time, but I never forget his anniversary!

  26. Ahh those pranks are awesome. I am still laughing. I didn’t get pranked today, but I was accused of pranking someone at work when I told them our main speaker for our event TOMORROW could no longer turn up. Unfortunately it was no april fool :/

  27. Em, I get taken in every year! That prank with the chair is SO well done, could you just imagine it? xx

  28. Oh god, that first one I had to have a giggle, I had a doctors appointment on april the 1st in 1992, he confirmed I was preggers with my first! Still have the appointment slip in Jakeys baby book.
    Love that chick in the window, funny.
    I’m not much of a prankster, but I did have my wits about me today. I have been a gullible twit in the past lol 🙂

  29. I love the shop window one! Didn’t fall for any today luckily!

  30. That chair prank is AWESOME! And I loooove the #projectcalmdownmum pic at the end too…

  31. OMG These pranks are hilarious….
    I would love to do the first two. Maybe you have just sparked the devil in me and my family had better watched themselves come this time next year xx

  32. I have never gotten into April Fool’s Dat. I am jsut not that clever. BTW, I love Miranda from Prank 1, she cracks me up!

  33. Love prank #1!

  34. I personally don’t like pranks, but have written post it notes in my head countless times this week. Even though they didn’t make it out of my head, they still had a hashtag attached – does that count?

  35. I completely missed April Fools Day – bloody hell – again! I would LOVE to do that shop window prank. Lets do it at Problogger… and pretend it is April Fools again xx

  36. Oh Emily I’m still laughing my head off – i think my neighbours think i’m crazy – that seat was just hilarious, i’m laughing so hard still i can hardly type.

    I’ve noticed your project calm on fb. It totally rings true with me – a friend and i together stated our mantra this year was ‘calm’ and when we see each other we remind each other – and laugh – your post it note has such wisdom in it.

    Great to pop in, and thank you for your continued blog loves. Kim xxx

  37. I tend to be very gullible, so it’s most likely that I’ll be the one getting pranked. This year I had my head down, busy with work and the kids in my home, so I was spared from any pranks this time round. Those GIFs are really hilarious… though if I were in situations 1 and 2, I would be screaming my head off.


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