Six years ago today my life changed forever…

To my precious daughter on her sixth birthday:

“You smile brightens my soul and your laughter warms my heart.

I truly think you’re gorgeous – even when you fart!

Every day I thank the universe for giving you to me.

And I am always here for you – even when we disagree.

Six years ago you changed my life in a way words can’t describe.

And now you’re the head of our merry little tribe.

You insist my face is the last one you see before you close your eyes.

I kiss you tight, scratch your back and keep watch ’til you rise.

I love your laughter, your spunk and how much you care.

Everything you do makes me so very proud my dear.

For the rest of my days I will fill your heart with love.

I’ll protect you from dangers, below and above.”

Maddi six blog

(This is some of what I’m going to write in a card for her to read when she’s a mum herself)

Every time I look into your dark brown eyes I remember meeting you for the first time, you stole my heart and still have a piece of it.

You’ve never been a child that cried unless you were hurt and you’ve never been nasty or angry unless you were wronged.

I wish I could spend every second of every day with you, to share your laughter and take half of your pain.

There’s not a nasty bone in your body and I’m sure there will never be. I’m so thankful I have you and I’m so proud of you my girl.

I can’t wait to be your best friend.

Such a cutie pie right?

Such a cutie pie right?

Here’s me on my sixth birthday – 20 **cough – BULLSHIT years ago ;).

 Check out that AWESOME Hickory Dickory cake my mum made! My daughter is getting an ice-cream cake, it's a little project Cadbury and I have been working on, it's got... wait for it... Freddos in it - bet it'll take off in a big way. (BTW, loving the cool decor in my childhood home, and check out the size of the TV)

Check out that AWESOME Hickory Dickory cake my mum made! My daughter is getting an ice-cream cake, it’s a little project Cadbury and I have been working on, it’s got… wait for it… Freddos in it – bet it’ll take off in a big way. (BTW, loving the cool decor in my childhood home, and check out the size of the TV)

What are you thankful for right now?
Have you joined my #projectcalmdownmum ?
And don’t forget Monday is April Fool’s Day – so keep your wits about you!
(just kidding it’s Tuesday)


  1. Sweet!!!

  2. Happy birthday to your little angel. Beautiful, beautiful words Em xxx

  3. Lovely words and she’s such a cutie.

  4. Lovely! Happy Birthday to your little lady! xoxo

  5. Beautiful words for your beautiful girl. Happy birthday to your Miss 6. x Ps. Raffles tells me to tell you he thinks she’s cute 😉

  6. This is exactly how I feel about my eldest girl. 😉
    I hope her 6th birthday is a wonderful day for the whole family. Loves

  7. So beautiful Em, and happy birthday to your beautiful little girl. Such wonderful words for her to treasure. Having three boys and one girl, I really think there is something so special about having an only daughter, the bond is beautiful.

  8. So adorable…love your poem and the beautiful words for her! She looks just like you…bet she’s just as feisty and fun as you! 🙂

  9. Beautiful words – I hope she had a wonderful day!

  10. Awwwww, awesome card message, Em. She really takes after you. And that’s a good thing! Kx

  11. 6! How does that happen?! She sounds like she is growing into a lovely young lady. Taking after her mother – obviously!

  12. Happiest of birthdays to a wonderfully delightful soul. She’s just perfect, Em. X

  13. Such beautiful words and beautiful pics. I love the line ‘I can’t wait to be your best friend’ 🙂

  14. Ahh this is gorgeous! What a lovely gift for her when she’s older! She is a little cutie. Hope she had a fabulous day:-)

  15. What a beautiful gift to give her when she is old enough to appreciate it !!!
    You rock !
    Have the BEST (if wet and miserable) day !

  16. gorgeous pics of a gorgeous girl. She certainly looks like you! Hope she enjoyed the celebrations x

  17. I love this! Happy birthday to your little sweetie 🙂

  18. That is sweet and delightful and she will be so thrilled to read your words. I must say I do love the retro pic, and I see more than a little of that same cheeky look in your youngest 😉

  19. Happy special Birthday, beautiful girl! She’s such a little doll Em, and lucky to have you as her future best friend.
    You were such a blondie!
    That cake is going to be fabulous! xx

  20. Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl. She is blessed to have you too.

  21. Nice poem, beautifully written! Can we also have a tongue in cheek version in the Have A Laugh On Me style.

    I’ll even start you off …

    You’re six years old and what a ride
    With twists and turns like a water slide
    Never a dull moment that’s for sure
    Thank God we made it past the Horrendous four’s

  22. That is just beautiful. And she will love it. Love the photo montage too – it’s so amazing how they change over the years…

  23. What a gorgeous girl! Gee you can’t half tell that she’s your daughter can you!!! xxx

  24. Oh Em what a beautiful, beautiful post. Congratulations on six years of motherhood and wishing your little one lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses for the years ahead.

  25. I recognise that cake! Can’t remember which of my siblings had it, but one of them did. Happy birthday to your wee princess and congratulations on six years of motherhood!

  26. I hope she had a lovely birthday. Great photo when you were six Emily! I have one sporting a similar haircut. The decor is very ‘Brady Bunch’ chic 🙂 Love it!

  27. Tears. I am such a softy! Happy 6th birthday to your sweet girl! Yip, yip, yorahhh!

  28. Beautiful poem for a beautiful poem. Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl xx

  29. Ah, the wee lamb! And you were reborn on the day she was born… as a mum… hope you can celebrate your own mum birthday too … for at least a week!

  30. Such a beautiful post, I actually teared up a little! Happy birthday to your little Miss xx

  31. I love the hickory dickory clock I always wanted that one from the cake book! Whn I saw your pic on instagram first thing I noticed was the tv in the background, totally reminded me of growing up.

  32. Oh sweetness! Happy Birthday to your big 6 year old! She is a cutie pie.

    I write letters for my babes on their birthdays and tuck them away in their cards which I don’t make them open yet, as they’re too young. I know one day they’ll read them and hopefully appreciate the thoughts I’ve captured about them for the year.

    I’m scared to see what is going to come out of this site on April Fools…. then again, you might want the day off too! x

  33. Em that was beautiful! and she is beautiful! 6 is such a big number! I remember when my son turned 6, I cried like a crazy woman because I felt he was growing up too fast and we were supposed to do so many things before he turned 6 and we couldn’t anymore. Will we ever catch up? *hugs

  34. Happy Birthday to your girl. My son is also 6 in a few weeks.
    How my life has changed and how happy I am that he is in it

  35. Aww Happy Birthday! They really do grow up too fast.

  36. Your daughter sounds beautiful inside and out, you must be a proud mama. Thanks for the reminder about April Fools Day, I would have completely forgotten. I’m pretty sure I got one of those hickory dickory cakes when I was young. I never got that stinking jelly swimming pool though!

  37. Awwww this is really sweet! I love the idea of you writing her a card for her to read when she’s a mummy herself too. She sounds like a wonderful little girl, and I’m sure she learnt how to be such a sweetheart from her 26 year old mummy. 😉

  38. Precious words for a precious girl. Very gorgeous !! x Happy sixth birthday hope she had fun


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