What is your parenting obsession?

When you don’t get much sleep you can become obsessed with finding ways to get more of it.

Every night, in a pre-emptive strike against waking children, I visit their rooms to check the temperature of them.

I have thermometers strategically placed to ensure an accurate reading – NO SHIT!

And it’s not just once, if I wake in the night for any reason I WILL get up and check on them. And for a person who has lived with insomnia for years, I am often awake a lot during the night.

I must confess that since having children I have become obsessed with room temperature.

It’s got to the point that at 2am I can be found reaching up to switch a ceiling fan from the summer to winter setting because the room feels too cold.

Then 10 minutes later plodding back to their rooms to change it back because maybe it wasn’t that cold after all. FFS

Surely logic dictates that you should NEVER, EVER disturb sleeping children. And as my husband has given up trying to stop me told me 156 many times, if they were uncomfortable they would wake and come visit us.

This ridiculous habit of mine started out of a misguided attempt to get my sleep-hating kids to get more shut eye, I was adamant that 10 hours a day was not enough for 3 to 5-year-olds.

I figured that if I could ensure their bedrooms were at a comfortable temperature, they would sleep longer and not wake too early because they were cold or hot.

Has it worked? Negative. In fact they still wake at dawn’s crack, and if I’m honest, sometimes they wake up AFTER I have meddled with their fans and/or blankets.

Did I learn my lesson when I accidentally woke them up? No.

Will I keep up this obsession? Probably.

Has having kids made you obsessed with room temperature?
Are you a serial fan or blanket adjuster?
What is your parent obsession?

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  1. I dont do this mainly because I am asleep. 😉

  2. I actually wonder if there isn’t something else going on here? Perhaps change one habit with another, although I’m not sure what to suggest. When my youngest was born ten weeks premmie, I hardly slept that first year. She stopped breathing several times in hospital and I was rather neurotic. She also needed feeding every few hours in those first few months. I knew the chance of SIDS was increased due to how premmie she was, which basically made me a nervous wreck.

  3. Thank you. Now can you please have a chat to my husband about why checking room temperature is so important and why I NEED to have the monitor still on in our 17 month old’s room so I can monitor said temperature?

  4. I use the baby monitor to keep track of room temperature too, I’ve been known to Instagram pictures of it even! I used to have a Grobag Egg which changed colours to indicate ideal and less-than-ideal room temp but I recently gave it to my brother for his impending new arrival. He needs it more than I do…

  5. I detest having to get up when I am finally getting to go to sleep…I just want to sleeeeeep. I do turn the hallway light on and check that they have blankets and aren’t half hanging out of bed before I do go to sleep though, every time 🙂

  6. Temperature doesn’t seem to affect my kids too much, it’s light that has always been our problem. Which is why, both girls have black sheets nailed up over their windows (I swear we do have actual light-blocking curtains to go up, it’s just finding the time to get curtain rods, etc, because Lazy!) to keep the light out. The other issue is sound. Both girls can sleep through F-18 fighter jets roaring over the house less than 500m away, but the neighbour starting his car and leaving for work at 6am? Awake. It’s raining and the water makes the cars on the main road louder as they zoom by? Awake. It’s why both have a portable fan going in there room basically 24/7, 365. For noise mitigation. That, and I read once that circulating air in a room reduces SIDS risk. And I can’t go to bed without checking that both girls are breathing, I just can’t. If I forget to check and then get in to bed then I have to get up again just to check.

  7. I’ve actually always wondered how the summer / winter ceiling fan thing works. I actually thought it was just a gimmick!?

  8. My hubster was like that when our kids were younger! My current parenting obsession is trying to make sure Mr 19 and Miss 17 eat decent meals – and not crappy takeaway. Seems they are always out these days and for some reason like takeaway better than Mum’s home cooking, which can’t be good for them …

  9. I used to fuss about my boys having blankets on them but now I’ve got to the point where I let them kick them off. The oldest two always fought to get their arms out of being wrapped/coddled even when they were babies so they obviously prefer it that way.

    The only thing that Mick and I are very pedantic about is school pick ups and drop offs. Even now that Mr 12 is in high school and could catch the bus we still drive him because we think about Daniel Morcombe. I guess that’s different because that’s more of a safety thing but we do seem to worry about it more than some.

  10. Its so long ago that my guys were little. Nowadays I avoid their room – you don’t want to sneak into a teenage boys room unannounced 🙂 When they were little though, even inside my tummy, I was always paranoid about one of them dying. I used to wake up several times a night to check they were breathing when they were babies…it wasn’t hard because I always seemed to be feeding them. I think there is nothing wrong with your obsession…it shows how much you love them! 🙂

  11. Dyllan runs hot so while I may be cold and have a doona on, he is sweating and kicking it off. So it’s hard for me to determine how comfortable he is because we don’t have similar body temps. Although at the moment the biggest drama I am having is keeping clothes on him! I dread winter.

  12. I’m usually so tired that I don’t wake up to check on the kids much these days but I ensure fans or air-con are off in the kids’ rooms at night so I don’t have to worry. They are all restless sleepers so getting up to adjust blankets would be pointless anyway!

  13. I like having moving air when I sleep, even if it’s not that hot I still have the aircon on so there is circulation – stillness is stifling. We bed hop, sometimes on the couch by myself if hubby snores or camping out with the boy if he’s complaining about not wanting to sleep. Sometimes I share the guest bed with the girl and the boy can sleep with dad or vice versa, whatever it takes really. I’ve found having the kids in the same room works well, we woke up this morning to find Zoz cuddled up with Bodes in his single bed, too cute for words.

  14. My obsession was making sure they ate something healthy every day. Now it’s knowing whether they’ll be home for dinner before I do the shopping and buy enough for seven when only one turns up!

  15. I can’t seem to get my own room/bed/body temperature right so I have no idea what I’ll be like if I ever have a baby! I imagine myself to be similar to u!

  16. Two of my kids sleep on top of the blankets and one sleeps underneath the blankets. My kids are always calling out in the night for me, so I know if they want something they will tell me, so I haven’t given too much notice to room temperature. My parenting obsession at the moment is getting them to flush the toilet after number 2’s…yes, it is as yukky as it sounds to walk into that which been floating in the loo all day…sorry just realised a big overshare but you did ask! (haha)

  17. I obsess about everything when it comes to the kids sleeping 🙁 Temperature, blankets, air ventilation, noise etc. I am so glad I am not the only one.

  18. Mine is the blanket. I make sure that are covered and I wake up several times in the night to do this but they always kick it off, thus I cover them up again and they kick it off again. It’s a crazy cycle. Pffft!

  19. YES! It started the night I brought my daughter home from the special care nursery, and burst in to tears at 2am, because I didn’t know if she was too hot or too cold. I clearly remember sobbing to my husband “I don’t what to doooooooooo!” She is three now, and I still obsess about what to dress her in at night, a singlet or no singlet? Long sleeves or short sleeves? And don’t even get me started on socks!!!! 😉


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