When I had to be a helicopter mum – Wordless Wednesday.

As soon as our son’s drains, needles and tubes were removed, he sprung back to life.

Less than 48 hours after major surgery he was keen to ‘show off’ his hospital surroundings to his siblings.

I was a helicopter mum for a bit there, worrying that he might overdo it, but thankfully he knew his boundaries.

This is the playground that is outside the children's ward - a nice big musical instrument right here folks!

This is the area that is accessed only through the children’s ward and the kid’s outpatient clinic, which we also frequent :(.

Baby brother loving being able to make lots of noise.

Baby brother loving being able to make lots of noise.

He wasn't allowed to run and jump alongside his siblings (and was also worried about the drain in his back, which you can see here) so played some music.

He wasn’t allowed to run and jump alongside his siblings (and was also worried about the drain in his back, which you can see here) so played some music.

And then freaked me out by doing this!!!!!!!

And then freaked me out by doing this!!!!!!!

Some great coloured walls that kept the kids amused

Some great coloured walls that kept the boys amused.

Big sister sussing out the surroundings!

Big sister sussing out the surroundings!

All tuckered out after a big day - notice the lovely bear knitted by the Red Cross. I told our son ththey were "pain bears" - they were there to help him when he was feeling sore.

All tuckered out after a big day, with balloon string in hand, also notice the lovely bear knitted by the Red Cross. I told our son that it was a ‘pain bear’ and that he was there to comfort and help him when he was feeling sore and uncomfortable.

Does your hospital have a great space for kids?

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  1. So lovely to see him up out and about and having fun.. Hope he is on the mend!

  2. I owe you a few comments em!!
    Our doctors has a whole kids area with heaps of toys and a tv, which is lucky as the standard wait time is at least 30 minutes. My kids love going there and I have to remind them we are not there for fun!!
    So glad your little man is doing ok.

  3. Good to see him up and about and having fun. Awesome hospital playground. Summer has a bear like that somewhere from our local hospital.

  4. That last picture? Best! X

  5. Seriously gorgeous family. Your little man is so brave and so are you.

  6. I have no idea what our local hospitals are like in the children’s areas – have been very fortunate and haven’t really spent much time there when my kids were small.

    I will be playing nurse mum myself in a couple of weeks – Miss 17 is booked to have a tonsillectomy FINALLY after many years and serious bouts of tonsillitis (eg ended up in hospital last year). It’s funny how they really don’t like taking tonsils out these days, we had to travel to the Gold Coast to find a surgeon that would do it and she will be going into a hospital down there too!

  7. Lovely photos. Great playground.

  8. So good that he’s on the mend Em! How lovely that he was able to show his brother and sister around.
    Our local hospital is absolutely wonderful, the amazing doctors and nurses have been there for us a few times. Bell had one of those bears given to her when she was little too.
    Hope you’re going OK too, mama xx

  9. I spy the drain too , he is a brave little champion. I hope all it okay for him and he is recovering well at home.
    Westmead Children’s has an awesome playground with a pirate ship and slide, swings and even climbing frame for toddlers.

  10. We’ve spent a bit of time in our childrens hospital and outpatients clinic, but in the paediatric ward there isn’t much playing going on as most of the patients are less than a year old. There is a play room for older kids but given she reacted to a shared toy she sucked on at mums group the other day we will have to be careful in communal play areas too when shes bigger.

  11. So important to have happy spaces in tough places. And love the Red Cross bears 🙂

  12. That is a great space for kids. great also for keeping siblings occupied instead of trying to keep them quiet and sitting nicely inside.

  13. He’s a brave little boy. I hope he’s much better now.

  14. Aww! what a nice story he looks well after having surgery looked like they had a lovely time considering …that last photo is so cute heheh!

    Have a good rest of week & thanks for sauntering by 😉

  15. Good to see him up and about! Hope he’s doing great x

  16. So glad to see your little man up and enjoying himself! I was thinking of you all and hoping it was going ok! xxx

  17. Your kids are adorable! I hope your son is on his way to a speedy recovery and home from the hospital soon. It must have been nice for him to get outside with his siblings. Hope you all have a great week! 🙂

  18. Beautiful kids x hope your little guy is feeling better today and so lovely his siblings can come to play in such a nice space. We frequent our children’s hospital and my kids love the aquarium, meerkats and sushi and ice cream!

  19. He sounds like he is recovering really well! But I would worry too if I was in the same position. Our hospitals do not have a special place for kids but I’m just glad the medical facilities are good.

  20. Thankfully I have no idea if our local hospital has a great space for kids because I have never had to find out and I hope I never do. Yours looks amazing though. Hope he’s feeling much better now,

  21. thankfully, we’ve not had to spend more time in Children’s Hospital to find out. He’s a real trooper and hope he recovers completely soon. I hope you realise how strong you are too to go through this with your kid. Big hugs xox

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  22. Speedy recovery to your little man. He’s a real trooper!


  23. Looks like you just can’t keep a good kid down! Glad to hear he is making a speedy – if somewhat nerve-wracking – recovery!
    I’m with Trish, the pirate ship playground at CHW is awesome, Mercedes loves it, and she especially loves the life-size chess and chequers boards. Our local hospital where she goes for inpatient care has a nice little fairy garden just off the children’s ward which she likes too.

  24. I remember wavering back and forth in my emotions as I watched my son play in the kids area at the hospital. Very mixed feelings watching them smiling and laughing through all the bandages, plasters and hospital stuff. But kids are so resilient aren’t they?

  25. Oh, hun. That last photo of him is just adorable.
    So glad to see him up and about. Sounds like he’s such a trooper – which doesn’t surprise me. He has you for a mum, after all x

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