Lego – love it or hate it – it’s here to stay – Wordless Wednesday

I grew up spending hours playing Lego with my sisters in the 1980s – we had quite the enviable collection!

Remember these trees, the opening windows, the green window shutters that clipped in, and those bloody awesome roof tiles!

Now that’s what I’m talking about – LEGO ROCKS!

Our kids started with the baby stuff by now our 4-year-old has big boy Lego and is just getting in to it.

It’s a shame his younger brother prefers to throw it across the room.

So many small pieces! I think a pile of Lego would make a great intruder deterrent!

So many small pieces! I think a pile of Lego would make a great intruder deterrent!

A little help from my chubby-handed friend and baby boy!

A little help from my chubby-handed friend and baby boy!

Getting a wee bit creative!

Getting a wee bit creative!

Looks much cooler in black and white!

Looks much cooler in black and white!

A joint effort between my daughter and I.

A joint effort between my daughter and I.

Are you a Lego lover or does it drive you up the wall?
Any advice for a newbie Lego mum?

*** Not a sponsored post – I just love me some Lego, it’s great for the imagination!

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  1. I love me some Lego!

    My kids are playing with Duplo now. Actually, Little Man can handle Lego, but Little Lady loves to put stuff in her mouth, so we’re sticking with Duplo blocks for now.

  2. My 4 year old is OBSSESSED with Lego. It drives me bonkers. I just don’t have the patience for it. My hubby on the other hand. When those two get together, look out. My little guy has it in his head that he’s going to send me to lego school so I can get better at it 🙂 x

  3. Yay for lego! I loved it as a kid, my nephews love it, the kids in my grade love it! It’s so good for fine motor skills and creativity. And it’s sort of addictive! xxx

  4. The lovely thing about Lego is that it’s ubiquitous and we all have some good Lego memories. I grew up in a government flat in the middle of a jungle of high flats in a less than salubrious area of Glasgow, Scotland, and my brothers and I played with Lego all the time. My kids are growing up in Qld and they also played regularly with Lego. Even though they’re too old for it now, we still have the big box o’ Lego stored under a bed somewhere 🙂 Now, if they just get rid of the embarrassing pink stuff that never existed until a few years ago, Lego will be the perfect toy again.

  5. I need one of those boards… bases is good. I reckon I could build houses and shit. Boy just likes planes. I made a plane for him recently and he said ‘That’s just wrong, Mama, try harder’.
    Pfffffffff, ungrateful.

  6. Another Lego lover – so much so after I vac it up I sort through the dust and crap to retrieve bits. Stepping on it is a killer though.

  7. I can’t stand lego BUT we do have a dustbin full of it !!!! A and K LOVED playing with lego – we have so much of it and I am loathe to get rid of it until I know we are not having any grandchildren !!!!!
    Have the best day !

  8. I love Lego, though I’m hopeless at it! I’m always in awe of those who can build amazing things out of it. Can’t wait for my little fella to be able to get started on it.

  9. I was a lego fan as a kid (also meccano – not sure how to spell that!!!) Of course by the time my niece was 1 she had more lego and duplo than my brother and I ever had combined. Love that it’s still around!

  10. I am a LL (Lego Lover) Meccano sets were popular when I was a kid Lego gradually to over heheh!

    Have a legotasticated week ahead 😉

  11. I LOVE lego!

  12. We are still playing with duplo at our house, although my hubby got his Lego collection out and Esther has loved playing with it on the dining room table. It’s the best universal toy ever. But yes it can be a pain to clean up if kids decide to throw it around the room!

  13. This is like a premonition for my future. I can see it now. Gawd, help me! (I’m not such a Lego fan) x

  14. Love your creativity. I do things like this when I am supposed to be ‘playing’ with Hayden. Sometimes my attention span is way shorter than my kids!

  15. Oh, I had the lego with the opening windows and the green window shutters back in the 80s too! Love how you got creative with your blog name. My son has got some of those complicated lego packs where you follow instructions to build a truck or a plane, but I actually prefer just letting kids’ imaginations go wild rather instead and letting them create whatever they want with it.

  16. Ha ha it is a huge hit in our house too. Both DD13 yrs and DS2 10yrs love it. Shhhh dont tell anyone because DD doesn’t want anyone to know.

  17. My boys are obsessed but now they are on to the big projects with lots of little pieces which makes me twitchy with a bub about to be on the move!! Love the lego writing that would make a very cool profile pic 🙂

  18. Lego is great at building visual-spatial skills! I encourage most parents to let their kids play Lego. 🙂 Having said that, I never really had the opportunity as a child (was more into building blocks) but I do enjoy it with the occasional client… 🙂

  19. My boys are LEGO nuts!! They are creating something new every chance they get, they have had to be very careful lately though because their 8 month old sister is continually trying to eat and ‘play’ with their creations.

  20. I remember those awesome 1980’s trees!! I think I was much better at lego as a kid. Nowadays when my son brings me his lego and asks for help, I’m pretty useless – I think I might need a degree in something to figure out some of those instructions. What happened to the good old house building??x

  21. I love Lego and hubby’s nephew is a big fan too. How sophisticated are they these days! Now you can have a whole city made with Lego cars, houses, people and even space shuttle included!

  22. My boy had heaps of lego and I enjoyed playing it with him. We kept the instructions for the sets in a folder with those clear envelope pages in it. My sisters boys have heaps of it and she keeps it in a fitted sheet in the playroom. My girls don’t have it as yet, just a tub of the big duplo stuff, I cringe when that gets tipped out let alone the little stuff!

  23. LOVE Lego!

  24. Clever play with Lego! It never gets old. My 3y.o. is now playing with the same Lego set his daddy used to play as a boy.

  25. We love Lego here. As a kid, my brother had tonnes but I was never allowed to play with it, so I am discovering the joy now. James has filled our walk in robe with his collection and the kids are nuts for it. Kahlei is able to sit for hours and carefully make her sets – it’s quite amazing as she can rarely give anything her complete attention for more than 5 minutes normally!

  26. I can’t wait till Will is old enough not to choke on it!

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