A silly sign, a creepy hand and one lonely chair – Wordless Wednesday

1. Be warned, if you use the Gold Coast’s new light rail on your bike without a front wheel then you’re going to fall off. Thanks for the warning transport authorities.


2. Check out the creepy hand on my knee when I was saying good luck to my daughter who started Grade One this week. Yes it’s actually mine – UGH!

maddi and I

3. At the new Gold Coast University Hospital there is one big lonely cream chair amongst a sea of small red ones. I know it’s probably very useful for larger bottoms but why make it a different colour – rude much?

big chair

4. I won this awesome pack from Trish @ My Little Drummer Boys – the kids were over the moon! She has heaps of great giveaways so if you want free stuff don’t forget to follow her.


Have you got big chairs are you local hospital?
Isn’t a one-wheeled bike a unicycle?
Why aren’t you following Trish?

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  1. You wanna know a secret? Moms evolve that’s why we have long and lanky arms 😉
    Kinder eggs! My toddler is obsessed with them. She would use the tablet and watch kinder eggs unwrapping videos every single day. No lie. And would ask if Santa would give her some. P

  2. I love the hand one. Why does that look so weird? (I know your actual hand doesn’t normally look weird) Is it the angle?

  3. Laughing so loud, one of the children just stumbled out of bed. Gee great, thanks Em!!

  4. lmao Ems, what did you do, activate your go-go-gadget arms to give her a cuddle?!!? hahahahaha! awesome prize – well done! save a surprise for meeeee! 🙂

  5. You’re funny …

  6. LMAO brilliant all made me laugh the first one with your caption is hilarious 😉

    Have a bigchairtastic week 🙂

  7. Poor lonely chair! Though if one eats all those kinder surprises they might just need that chair! x

  8. Creepy hand, big bum chair and winnings – noice!

  9. I think all moms are meant to have long arms. We have to be able to hug a lot. 🙂

  10. When I see signs like this one I often wonder who is the person that approves such things and where is his head at.

  11. LOL the tram sign – that’s nearly as good as the “Wild Animals” sign up the road from my place 😉 … and funny how your arm looks creepy in that pic, like you have mega long arms or something! All in the perspective I guess – now how do I make my legs look mega long in photos???!

  12. The hand photo made me giggle, sorry love 😀

  13. Lol I had to look twice at the hand on the knee, it does kind of look photo shopped in. Bizarre.

    My Words on Wednesday linky post is now up, although now that I’ve started calling it Words on Wednesday it is surprisingly rather wordless this week.

  14. That hand on the knee is very creepy! Are you sure it’s yours? 🙂 I seriously needed that chair at my hospital appointment yesterday. 24 weeks and MASSIVE! x

  15. I’m with you the chair should be red like the rest! That sign made me laugh…I had an incident on a seat that lifted back up when you stood up. When I sat down it wasn’t there…imagine dress, heels, busy tram! I needed a sign like this one to warn me 😉

  16. YOu have got some seriously long arms lady!!

  17. Holy shit Em your hand does look freaky! And I love the tram sign.

  18. Haha! Love your captions! I will be sure to be very careful next time I ride a bike without a front wheel 🙂 My mum always used to tell me to put my hands behind my back for photos because ‘hands look big in photographs’. Now I see what she meant! LOL

  19. That cream chair in a sea of red is classic. I notice stuff like that too all the time. But I’m always self conscious of getting up to snap a photo of it in front of every one. How do you do it? What do you say?

  20. I can’t believe how creepy your arm looks in that photo. You made me smile and laugh. I haven’t been blogging as much or doing wordless wednesday because I’m still getting ms and feeling like crap. Hoping it subsides too! I love Trish’s giveaways too!

  21. That is one weird arm angle! Hope your daughter’s first day in Grade One went smoothly xx

  22. Your chair commentary made me snort. Your big hand made me a bit scared for your children. But I would love my thigh to look exactly like your thigh. x

  23. What was going on with that hand? Hilarious!

  24. My boy would kill for that Star Wars pack!

    The hand photo looks like someone has been edited out of the pic just leaving the hand, love that you shared it!

  25. That hand photo is just weird! Cool prize, my kids would go nuts if there was a whole tray of KS in the house.

  26. Once again. Thanks for the giggle love the hand!

  27. Love the idea of a bigger chair, but yes… conspicuous much!

    PS. You must have long arms! 😉

  28. Obviously your arm has stretched so you can hug all three of your bubbas at the same time. And how dare they make my chair a different colour!! 😉

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