How I met a smoking hot firie featured in the 2014 Firefighter Calendar

Whenever I decide to put my hair up instead of washing it – I run into a hottie.

Seriously, what is up with that?

Just recently I had my three kids in tow, and was on the way to the supermarket when I spotted this hunk stand!

Who could say no to this lovely person?

Who could say no to this lovely fundraiser?

Being the shy and very reserved person that I am 😉 I sprinted towards him and asked for a photo calendar.

I have to admit I was taken off guard when he asked for my name, I spluttered…Emily.

He smiled wistfully, grabbed a pen and scribbled on my calendar – crap – I didn’t think I had asked for his phone number?

It wasn’t until after my kids dragged me away kicking and screaming we left the stand that I realised I had actually stumbled upon Mr October – and he has signed my calendar for me – BOOM!

Just in case you can't read it says  "Emily - You are my perfect rescue - Ty"  SWOON!

Just in case you can’t read it says “Emily – You’re my ideal rescue – Ty” SWOON!

And as I was leaving I may or may not have said: “I have a thing for men in uniform”.

And he may or may not have said: “Well, we have a thing for mums”.

I nearly fainted!!!

Selfish with Ty - BOOM!

My selfie with Ty – BOOM!

Anyhow, I went about my boring, mundane mum/wife duties, but halfway through searching for cereal, loo paper, and washing powder, I realised that I had just missed a golden opportunity.

What was I thinking?

These amazing, hawt hardworking and selfless men pose in these calendars to raise money for a great cause and I should be plugging it on the blog!

Recent sales of these calendars have raised $750,000 for the Royal Children’s Hospital Burns Centre and provide vital funding for research to help children battling burn injuries.

In addition to this, those who support this cause also assist firefighters to compete in emergency services competitions such as the The Firefighters Games, which gives them a leading edge in competition and fire service techniques.


Talk about a win-win people!

So I skipped back walked slowly back down the mall to see the lovely Ty, who is actually a QFS firefighter based in the Gold Coast, Southport in fact.

I asked if I could take some more photos, for this post of course, and he agreed. He also asked if I could take some of him with his camera – SEE – I wasn’t just being a desperado afterall ;).

This is just gorgeous - the prayer of course!

This is just gorgeous – the prayer of course!

Isn’t buying one of these calendars such a great perve cause?

For just $10, the price of two takeaway coffees, you will be helping to relieve the pain of children who are suffering from burns!

What are you waiting for? A sneak peek? Okay, here it is!

I can't stop looking!!!

I can’t stop looking!!!

And here is October through to December with my ‘friend’ Ty featured on the left – SWOON!!

It was a labour of love hard job writing about this calendar – but SOMEONE had to do it.

It's a hard job promoting good causes, but someone has to do it!!!

It’s a hard job promoting good causes, but someone has to do it!!!

To buy a copy, or find out more visit or email [email protected]

Go on – take one for the team and buy a calendar ;).

(I wasn’t paid to write about these calendars, I just believe in supporting a good perve cause – it’s the journo coming out in me!)

What have you got to lose?
Do you own a firefighter calendar?
Would you have bowled on up to firefighter Ty and said “Hi can we please have a photo with you”?

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  1. Booooooom!! The sacrifice you made em should be recognised, what a tough thing you did! I shall be asking santa for a calender, it is for charity! Loved loved loved this, thanks for thinkingof me. Xx

  2. Go Ty – he’s well equipped and he has a silver tongue 😉
    We could do with some of that action down in Sydney right now. I mean really – you’ve probably heard that the joint is on fire.

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Yes he appears quite the package in firefighter terms of course! Lucky you’re close to the water if things get too hot there xx

  3. Thank you for this public service announcement ….
    Now… What was I doing??

  4. Love your work, Em! Thanks for bringing the goods to those of us a little too shy to do what you do xx

  5. Go you!
    No I don’t own the fireman’s calendar (would make Husband feel inferior)
    Yes I would bowl up to him and get my photo taken. If he was ridiculously good looking and was all “glossy”.

  6. Totally grinning from ear to ear reading this post… you should wear your hair up every day ahahahah ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. Omg that calendar is all my Christmas at once. Thanks Emily it’s going under the tree – a present for me 😉 I especially love that image you’ve got there of the firemans prayer. That little poppet is just adorable – he is of course divine.

  8. PMSL – you always make me laugh – except the post about your son nearly drowning – I didn’t laugh at that one !!!!
    I often live vicariously through you because I am the person who gives them my $10 says thank you and walks away – as much as I would love to interact the way you do – I just couldn’t !!
    Have the best day and thanks for sharing those hot bods to perve over !!!

  9. You have totally made my morning… I’ve been laughing and then getting all hot and bothered all at the same time!! You’re a true professional, my darling… thanks for spreading the news on these rather muscular young gents and their good cause. Good day for this post as we’re all in need of our fireys here in NSW.

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Anytime my lovely!!! This was too much of a gift horse to kick in the mouth!! Have a great weekend and stay safe x

  10. You are freaking hilarious

  11. It’s for a good cause….;)

  12. Oh he is yummo Em! I might have to take a trip to Westfield next week. Such a timely post- with firefighters fighting their guts out in NSW to keep our Aussies and their homes safe. Truly heroic.

  13. My ideal rescue? My heart missed a beat!

  14. Haha, you’re a cracker! This post is going straight to the pool room.

  15. *gad-unk gad-unk*
    He sounds like a lovely fellow! Love the calendar and the amazing work firies do.

  16. Oh yes most certainly thank you for this public service announcement. Good on you taking one for the team!

  17. I’m so grateful for this selfless act. I just don’t know how I would have gone on with my Friday without getting my perve on..ah I mean learning about charity.

  18. Oh. My.

    Did he really write “You’re my ideal rescue”?? Not quite the shy guy, is he?!

  19. Your dedication to this cause is awe-inspiring, Em. Truly.

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Yes there comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to makes sacrifices for the greater good! 😉

  20. Ooooh Emily … “I have a thing for me in uniform” as she bats her eyelashes and fans herself. Shocking! Just Shocking! LOL hahahaha

  21. Yep, I think this is the hottest post I have ever read in my life as a blogger! Thank you sooooo much for sharing!

  22. Of course Em, all in the name of good reporting … we believe you …

  23. You crack me up! I would have run away from his handsomeness – I am really rather flustered when I encounter attractive men!!!

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      I just couldn’t resist Kirst – not to mention the kids thought it was cool I was talking to a firie!

  24. You need to wear your hair up all the time, please, and take photos with all the hotties you meet! You did a good thing, by the way, raising awareness for this very good cause. 😉

  25. I have a friend who would go weak at the knees for this calendar. She loves a firey!

  26. Hahaha great post! Your blog name is perfect! You always make me laugh! I totally want that calendar!! Might have to out it on my Christmas wish list! xx

  27. Well helllloooooo Mr October! Spunk much??

    I love that they love Mums too. We’re in. Don’t ya think?

    Did you give his bum a little pinch too? 😉

    You’re a good lass for promoting such an amazing cause. These people are heros. The past week has really shown that, if not before.

  28. Em you are pure gold!! Oh how I laughed as I pictured your kids trying to drag you away!! It couldn’t come at a better time with all these horrible bush fires around. These hotties are real heros!!! I might just have to buy myself a Calender xxx

  29. It’s good to see you’re doing your bit of community service 😉

  30. Oh, you are incredible!!! I LOVE it!! And OMG…I get the feeling 2014 will be a smokin’ hot (geddit, geddit???) year for you 🙂 x

  31. Well you might have possibly just made my day Em. 🙂
    Bless your work. xo

  32. Ah the fire fighter’s calendar, a popular Christmas present in our family. So popular that I remember two people buying it for each other, neither one knowing the other’s plans. Now that was a fun present exchange.

  33. One of the first things I learned about Dave was that he was in the RFS and I was so excited. I have always had a thing for firemen and could not wait to get him in (and then out of!) that uniform. Fast forward almost 12 years later and sadly I am yet to see him in his uniform. In fact the one chance I did get I slept through as the neighbours house burnt down and he and his Dad and brothers went to their rescue and put it out. I woke up after it had all happened and he was already out of his uniform! One day…

  34. OH man, you have the best timing! HE is gorgeous….you lucky thing, having a picture with him and having your calender signed. And yes a Man in uniform is something. Not sure why but they make my heart do funny things 🙂
    Now to find a Fire man stand at a shopping centre….mind you not sure I would be game enough to get a picture taken with such a hunk!!!

  35. Good work, Em, you have done all us mums one hell of a favour 🙂 Thank goodness for all the rest of us that you’re not shy! He is one lovely looking calendar boy … and you are one frickin’ hilarious blogger. love your work.

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Make sure you have a good study of the lads… Just in case you should happen to stumble across one!! 😉 xx

  36. hmmm, why haven’t I come across this calendar sooner?

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