From gumboots to swimming in pirate ships in one day – Wordless Wednesday

Doesn't he look like one of those old dudes in those westerns with those one-piece outfits?

Doesn’t he look like one of those old dudes in those westerns with those one-piece outfits?

Then there were three!!

Then there were three!!

And just five hours later - we were doing this!!!

And just five hours later – we were doing this!!!

My boys keeping each other company, and happy!

My boys keeping each other company, and happy!

Getting some love from the best nanny (and mum) EVER!!!!!

Getting some love from the best nanny (and mum) EVER!!!!!

A selfie with my precious girl!

A selfie with my precious girl!

A long day deserves some long drinks!!

A long day deserves some long drinks!!

Waiting for dad to pick us up!

Waiting for dad to pick us up!

A family stack - our specialty!

Nup – can’t wait any longer for dad – we’ll do a family stack – cos that’s just how we roll!

We were so fortunate to spend an entire weekend with my parents at a family-friendly resort in Surfers Paradise.

They chose to stay at this one because of its great amenities for our children, and considering all that they have been through recently, how amazing are they?

I’m so grateful and honoured to have such amazing parents and grandparents for our children.

What is the best thing about your parents/grandparents?

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  1. You can’t half tell that your mum is your mum Em! You can sooo see the family resemblance there. What great parents you have. My mum is the best because she looks after my girls so I can work which means I save on daycare costs. The girls have a great relationship with their grandma too which is lovely and priceless!

  2. Looks like the kids had a ball! Such beautiful piccies. The last one sums it up x

  3. Great photos, your cherubs are adorable. What fun too.

  4. The kids look so adorable in all the photos! Glad you got a good break with your family. Your parents are indeed amazing. 🙂

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Yes my parents are very selfless people and I’m so proud to have such great role models for our children – thanks for stopping by x

  5. That reminds me of Auckland – four seasons in one day! I’m so glad you had an enjoyable weekend with your parents, and it looks like your dad is feeling much better, that must be a huge relief!

  6. Great pics em. I am a little disappointed there is no firies!!

  7. Are you sure you didn’t get some Melbourne weather? Great to see your parents are doing well and having fun with your kids. Stacks on!

  8. He looks like a clown pirate!!
    You make three kids look like fun. I’m going to go and scrub my brain of that right this second 😉

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      He actually does you are so right!
      And yes looks can be deceiving in regards to the frivolity of three – SCRUB HARD GIRL 😉

  9. Em, that first pic is priceless!! What a wonderful weekend with your folks. I’m so glad your Dad is on the mend. xx

  10. Your kids are such little spunks, Em! Great photos and looks like so much fun. I haven’t been to Surfers for years – has it changed much since the 90s??

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      We actually don’t live in town but it’s still quite dated, they are doing it up – and I’m sure it has changed by being a Kiwi who lived in Sydney and only moved here 6 years ago – I’m not quite sure I’m the best to answer 🙂 Thanks for visit

  11. Family stacks are the best type of stack. If you made the first picture black and white. Then added a silent film sepia style filter, it would look like a classic western. hehehe.

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      LOL – maybe – although I’m sure the trampoline but stick out a little 😉 Thanks for stopping by lovely x

  12. Looks like you all had lots of fun in your photos.

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Thanks Tamara, I tried to find a place to comment on your blog but I couldn’t!! But great shots of the winning hockey girls!

  13. I think I saw on FB or Twitter when you said the kids were playing in the rain, and I was hoping we would get it too – NOPE. No rain. The grass is so dead here!

    Your kids are so lucky to have such wonderful grandparents xxx

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Yes it was isolated showers to parts of the GC, I’m glad it wasn’t raining by the time my parents got here because they are DESPERATE at their place for rain, as is a lot of those place around Woodford/Kilcoy xx

  14. Some pictures very funny, I like to see their tender faces full of happiness!

  15. What a lovely way to spend the weekend! Guess the kids had fun in and out of the rain!

  16. Looks like a great day. As you say, the Grandies are worth their weight. And where do they get all that energy from? Far out man I’m gone by the end of the day and my mum is still going!

  17. Looks like a great day out with the grandparents-hope your kids slept for you that night because they don’t look tired in those photos xx

  18. Wow, you are very lucky indeed. That pool looks amazing! We once went on a holiday in the Blue Mountains with my in-laws. They got to the holiday house first and graciously decided that we would not want to sleep in the bedroom with the “dodgy old waterbed” so instead gave us the room with the double bed. Our room ONLY fit the double bed in it… it was THAT small. And waddayaknow? Not only was their water bed a king size, their bedroom also had an ensuite. How terribly generous of them. Rant over. At least they are always keen to look after the boys when I need them to, so I cant complain.. much.. 😉

  19. I love these photos Em looks like you had a fabulous weekend. How lovely to spend it with your parents too. Glad to see your little one is not worried about going back in the water too. X

  20. Man, I would LOVE to just chill with you guys at the pool! That’s the life! 😉

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
    Join in: Wordless Wednesday Linky Party

  21. Gorgeous pics. Love that last one! And love the tummy in the second one. x

  22. We saw my Dad walking today while we were in the car on the way to kindergym. Izzy said, “He’s so funny”. He makes the girls laugh, he is so generous and I am so grateful to have him and my Mum so close to us and the girls and Jake have them.
    That looks like one awesome day, and yes, he looks like someone from a western, he needs a cigar. Do they still have cigar lollies?! xx

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      I used to love those spaceman ciggie lollies! And yes we are very lucky to have our great dads and mums!

  23. They are so gorgeous, seriously beautiful kidlets you have there.

    My parents/in-laws are awesome grandparents, always have lots of time for the girls, especially Punky and absolutely delight in spending time and playing with them. It’s a joy to see.

  24. what a great day – I love Surfers Paradise!

  25. How great are holidays in kid friendly places. It’s so much better for the kids and its so much easier to exhaust them, hence bringing wine o’clock on that much earlier!

  26. They’re awesome. Looks like you had a great time. Just what you needed, I’m guessing 🙂

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