The day my daughter and I got locked up!

Check out how big her feet have got?

Check out how big her feet have got?

Suitably sad about being locked up!!

Suitably sad about being locked up!!

This woman certainly looks like she's in the right place!

This woman certainly looks like she’s in the right place!

Life on the Gold Coast isn’t all theme parks and beaches, well okay maybe it is, but only during the school holidays!

I miss having my girl around now school is back 🙁

Five is such a great age – don’t you agree?

And while I shouldn’t wish years away, I can’t wait to see my boys at this age!

A Wordless Wednesday post and I link with three great bloggers

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  1. M has some mad photography skillz there! Great pic of you! 5 is mostly an awesome age. But think this is the age that makes people say boys are harder when younger, girls are easier. Let’s compare in another 10 years! 😉

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      So the boys are driving me up the wall as we speak!! I bloody hope they get easier ONE DAY! xxx

  2. Oh, this brings back such memories 🙂 I have pictures somewhere of my kids in those stocks 🙂

  3. I love that last pic of you behind bars!

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Thanks Adeline and for stopping by – I asked her to take lots of pics but they were all great – wish I had known that then x

  4. Looks like exactly the right place for you!! Great pics Em.

  5. I miss Dreamworld, we haven’t been since 2009 🙁 Looks like you had a great day!

  6. LOL I think we have photos of all of us that are almost identical!!! Yay for Dreamworld!

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Wow so they haven’t change their stuff in like 30 years?! ha ha just kidding lovely xx 😉 x

  7. I’m looking forward to that age too. I expect a little less work and chaos? Maybe?

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Well I’ll have to answer that when the boys get there, but yes for girls, 5 is WAY easier than 3/4 and I hope boys will be too – but I think we’re shit outta luck lovely, from what I’ve seen from my nearly 4 year old, they just get more boisterous!!! xxx

  8. It’s so much fun to get out and do stuff with a five year old.
    We are hanging to try all the worlds on the “Gold Coast”

  9. I would go so far as missing the Big Sister, it’s only the second day back! The Little Sister was missing her yesterday.
    I am enjoying five, but I’ve said that every year so far! 🙂

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Ha ha – try having two boys that are 3.5 and 2 and I bet you won’t ‘enjoy’ that age! EVER! Talk about challenging – Maddi was NEVER like that EVER. However I’m assured boys get easier and girls don’t – I suppose I just have to make hay while the sun shines 🙂 xx

  10. I miss those one on one days out too. My big girl is almost five and it’s like having little mini proper conversations these days – too cute! x

  11. aww she’s really looking like you day by day!!! love these fun pix!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  12. any guesses where her sense of the dramatic comes from? 😉
    Looks like a fab day out. I love me a theme park.

  13. I need to take my kids to the Gold Coast before they are too old to appreciate it. As they are 10 and 7, I think I’ve still got a few years left to save up. Fun pics.

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Yes Shelly you have at least two years left before they don’t want to come – it’s also a great place for big kids xx

  14. Haha, we have those same pics! Your Miss M is one cute cookie x

  15. Funny, I love these pictures!

  16. Fabulous pics Em. Looks like you both had so much fun. When the kids drive me bananas I wish someone would lock me up and throw away the key. 🙂

  17. Great pics. She is so cute.

  18. Your daughter is so cute! I love the expression on her face in the middle photo … now I wonder where she gets that from! 🙂 I was looking through some old photos of my son from his fifth birthday yesterday and thinking exactly the same thing … five really is a great age!

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Yes it’s the age where they are not quite aware of the world and still ask questions and value what we say – LOVE IT! xx

  19. Great pictures! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  20. Ha ha… I don’t know where she gets her showpony/expressiveness from at all?!?! 😛

  21. Emily – you never fail to bring a smile to my face! Thanks!
    PS glad to hear that your Dad is on the mend!

  22. Oh you Queenslanders and your theme parks 😉 Cant wait to take my boys up there! I think having 5 year olds is going to be great, though I’ve loved every age so far, surely they can’t get any cuter! 😉

    Also, I’ve been reading your posts on your dad, what a horrible thing to go through. I hope he is felling much better now. I agree though, you have to be on your toes when you are talking to medical experts, we spent 3 months in hospital with two preemies, it was stressful and completely exhausting trying to make sure the right decisions were being made, it’s a terrifying situation to be in. Thinking of you. xx

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Yes Nat is hasn’t been easy for dad, and it’s made him very wary of things, which is hard!
      And the theme parks are great but we don’t get there as much as we’d like – life and work takes over!!!
      You will definitely have to let me know if you’re ever up this way!
      Thanks for the thoughts xx

  23. Great photos Em! Looks like you had loads of fun. Are those really her feet? 😀

  24. aww, looks like you girls had a great time.
    How did you guys hold up in the long lines?

  25. LOL love the photos and the look on your faces heheh

    Have a tanfastic week and thanks for bumburping by 😉

  26. Great pics, looks like you had a great time, may I just say you do have a certain look of Jack Nicholson in ‘The Shining’ in that pic! Just like the poster (except you are a laydee and don’t look like JN apart from the pose) keep digging Rhian! I’m gone before I get myself in trouble. 🙂

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      I am the queen of foot in mouth Rhi so no worries or offence taken here lovely! It’s a shocking pic of me I know but captured well by my moo!!

  27. Five is an amazing age! I was lucky enough to have care of two nieces through the first year of school, and my Miss Boo is rapidly heading toward it. They seem to develop in leaps and bounds every single day as the world around them opens up and reveals its secrets to them.
    Beautiful photos, looks like you’re both having a blast!
    Tara @ Hand Me My Sanity

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Thanks for visit Tara and yes 5 is awesome – my daughter was busy telling me that the reason we only see half a moon is because the earth’s shadow is covering the rest of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you had a nice time with your nieces – I hope I get nieces one day 🙂

  28. I love your expressions and photos.

  29. Ha ha yep, looks like you’re in the right place. Love that first shot 🙂

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