The phone call that put things in perspective at the ProBlogger Training Event

Ring me URGENT – this was the exact text message I got from the Husband last Friday.

It was during the first session of the ProBlogger Training Event. I stood up, braced myself for what was to come and left the room.

My hubby doesn’t make mountains out of molehills – in fact I’ve only seen him cry once.

I knew it was serious.

Last week on the blog I flashed back to when I was living in New York during the September 11 terrorism attacks.

But this week the hurt was much closer to home.

My caring, precious and loving dad had had a heart attack.

Here he is walking me down the aisle, I was so proud to have him by my side that day.

Here he is walking me down the aisle, I was so proud to have him by my side that day.

He isn’t a newbie when it comes to heart problems – but I’m a newbie to those horrible feelings of being out of control :(.

The fear of not knowing, the fear of hoping you still have more time.

After a few reassuring phone calls I tried to carry on learning all that I could from the plethora of amazing speakers – because my dad is passionate about me being all that I can be.

But through it all – I had a heavy heart.

My awesome dad epitomises the essence of goodness – he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body – regardless of the rather unfair cards he has been dealt.

His life hasn’t been easy, but despite this he (and my amazing mumma) have dedicated their lives to making sure their children’s lives were AMAZING!.

I am one of three girls – and my dad has devoted his life to making sure we have always been happy, safe and secure.

I could not ask for a better dad and granddad for my three children.


To my loyal and amazing readers, I know this isn’t what you’d usually expect want from me to read from me.

BUT – if it gives you just a tiny bit of perspective then I’ll be stoked – because you know I’ll always deliver piss takes of my life funnies!!

Life isn’t always a ball – it’s a hard slog most of the time – we just have to make the best of a bad situation.

For everyone with a dad or a father figure still alive, please embrace them today.

Life is short, tell them what you are thinking – what have you got to lose?

You might think they know how you feel, but they probably don’t.

(I just have to add that I have some uber awesome ProBlogger Training Event insights to share – oh and the fact I lost my shoe 😉 )

So I’ll be back soon with some PB dirt – I PROMISE!

Do you have dirt on me after ProBlogger? Go on – WHAT DID I DO?
Do you know anyone living with a serious heart condition??

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  1. Em – I hope he is doing much better now. I so remember that shock when my Dad had a heart-attack at 53 – holy hell, where did that come from! It was fun sharing the event with you and I hope (read know) that you were able to let off a bit of stress on Friday night once you knew things were going to be OK. See you soon.

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Thanks lovely – yes he’s got a few options and hopefully after a few weeks they might be able to address the root of the problem. Lovely to have a night out with a big mandarin , ha ha you totally didn’t look like one 😉

  2. Glad you got more time – show him the post, it’s lovely.

  3. This brought back so many memories. Not good ones. I hope your papa is going to be ok and that you still have many many years with him. If there’s anything I can do let me know xo

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      He’s has a fighting spirit and the love of so many of us so that’s a fantastic indication that we’ll have him to cherish for much longer xx

  4. Oh Em – I am so sorry to hear this. I can say that I know how you feel because my own father had a heart attack in 2000. Bypass surgery and a slow recovery followed. I wont sugar coat it – it was a tough time. However it came to be a “blessing in disguise”. He quit smoking and gave up a job that was sucking the life out of him. Thirteen years later he is happy and fit. He plays golf several times a week, coaches touch football and tutors kids. He and my Mum have just come back from their third European trip.
    I know your Dad’s situation is different but medical science is amazing. An active fulfilling life is very possible after a heart attack. Your family is in for a difficult few months but keep the faith. I wish you guys all the best of luck.
    Loves Brenda

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Thanks Brenda, I appreciate you sharing your experience, that must have been hard on you. My dad actually had bypass before he even had a heart attack some 18 years ago, a fit active farmer who has never drank or smoked and eaten healthy all his life. This latest setback is as a result of stents to replace old valves. He’s got one of the best working on a treatment plan and I just spoke with him and he’s in good spirits. Love me xx

  5. All the best for him Hun! Lovely post. Plenty of time for laughs from you so take care of what matters at the moment. Looking forward to your PB tales too – loved the FB pics you posted in the meantime 😀

  6. Oh lovely that must have been awful for you. You are so right about making the most of your parents while you can. I lost my dad four years ago this October. All I can say is make every moment count. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you and your dad lovely lady. I hope he makes a speedy recovery

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Yes sometimes we just need to be reminded of what’s important in life. I bet you miss him every day – hugs to you Rhi x

  7. Oh Em! What beautiful post and tribute to your Dad. He sounds like an amazing father. I’m so sorry to hear about his attack and send you all oodles of love and get better soon vibes. I had just moved to the uk when my dad had a heart attack. It really does put things into perspective.

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Thanks Ren, that would have been UBER hard not being in the same country. I hope he’s fighting fit now! And yes my dad is a special soul that’s for sure x

  8. Such a lovely post. I feel the same way about my dad. Hope he’s ok and you are too.

  9. Oh dear Em, I am sorry to hear .. I hope he is on the mend now and you have som more precious time with him… That would have been so hard not being there and also wanting to carry on learning at PB… good on you for getting through it.

    Some massive things happen for us to put everything in perspective hey… wishing you and your lovely dad many more years of joy. xxxxxx

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      I knew that he was in the best place, hospital and that I couldn’t do anything for him so I tried to channel my worries into the conference, like he would have wanted. I saw him this week and gave him a big hug and kiss, I appreciate the visit x

  10. Emily, I’m so sorry to hear of your Dad’s illness, I so hope he recovers swiftly. My Papa too has had oodles of heart issues, its a biggy thats for sure. You are so amazing, I saw you bobbing about Problogger with a constant smile. What incredible strength you have, amazing strong woman. Wishing you and your family loves of love and good health x

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Wow that is very sweet of you to say Emily, I think I had two options, crumble and waste the opportunity or be smart and realise that there wasn’t much I could do to change things. I have to admit I was on my phone a lot those days checking on him and visited him as soon as I left PB. 🙂

  11. Sorry to hear, Em. I hope he is on the mend. Life has a funny way of throwing the unexpected at you at inopportune times, doesn’t it? But is there ever really a right time? Apart from the circumstances of course, I love the fact that I came here today and your post threw me. Unexpected. But the funnies can wait. X

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Yes the funnies are just HANGING to get out but this needed to flow first! I’ll start with the one about the shoe – eg how I lost one and rang the Hilton asking after it!
      You are right – there’s never a right time 🙂

  12. Praying for your dad. May he get well soon!

  13. Sending you and your family big hugs Em. I too love my Dad so very much, we have a very close bond and I would be beside myself if he was ill. xoxo

  14. Seeing some of your pix from PB, I would never have guessed you received such horrendous news. My colleague’s mum passed away from heart problems last week. You’re right to remind us to always treasure the time with our loved ones, because tomorrow may never come.

    Anyway I love this post 🙂

    Ai @ <a href

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Thanks sweetheart, I did enjoy my time at PB, despite this in the background, but I try to make the best of every situation. That is sad for your colleague, best wishes to her, so sad, in fact too sad to even consider x

  15. Seeing some of your pix from PB, I would never have guessed you received such horrendous news. My colleague’s mum passed away from heart problems last week. You’re right to remind us to always treasure the time with our loved ones, because tomorrow may never come.

    Anyway I love this post 🙂

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  16. So sorry to hear. I wish him a full recovery and pray that you have many more years together. I think this is just what I needed to hear today as my own parents are both wonderful and supportive to me and my kids. I also need to take my own issues with having high cholesterol seriously. I’ve been slacking off in my quest to quit cake. Anyway, big hugs to you and hope your Dad is okay. xo

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Yes the naughty cake – but at least you are aware of it lovely! Thanks for nice thoughts. Dad is happier now he’s out of hospital and has a treatment plan 🙂

  17. Lovely Em, the time between receiving that message and phoning home must have seemed like years! I’m praying that all will be OK with your dad.
    Sending much love and hugs to you all, and yes, tell them how important they are.
    BTW, both your parents have a lot to be proud of, looks like they’ve done an awesome job!

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      I bet they loved to read your comment, they just saw the post today because they no longer get it due to blog change! I need a makeover like your blog it’s divine!
      And I appreciate your constant support of me and my life Lease, you ROCK x 🙂

  18. My dad had a severe heart attack a few years back but he is fit & strong and he pulled through more stubborn than ever. Gave us all the fright of our lives. Wishing him all the best x

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      I’m glad to read that your dad is as fit as ever – bet it was a scary time – thanks for the well wishes 🙂

  19. Oh feeling for you Em. Hope your Dad is ok. xx

  20. I hope he is continuing to recover each day !!! It was great to catch up with you at PB – thanks for taking the time to say hullo and chat.
    I hope you have a great day !

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Yes it was lovely to see you, albeit briefly and mainly when I was stuffing my face with all that yummy food. My dad has a plan in place and we’ll know in a few weeks how things are tracking x x

  21. So sorry to hear about your dad, it’s always a struggle to get those calls when you’re so far from home too.

  22. Beautiful post. Hope he’s doing much better now! x

  23. Oh Em – how scary for you! I really hope he is doing well now! I know how you felt when you received that phone call. About a year ago, I had a phone call from my mother telling me that my also gorgeous, precious, caring dad was in hospital after having had a stroke. I didn’t handle it well – I sobbed and sobbed. I was overcome with fear. Thankfully, he recovered and is doing well now. I hope your dad recovers and is well again soon too. xoxo

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      That must have been hard, a stroke can be so debilitating, glad to hear he has recovered. My dad is on the mend, well getting there. Thanks for kid words and sharing your experience Min x

  24. Oh Em! How scary for you and your family. I hope he is recovering well. Your Dad sounds like my Dad. He is always calm and never says a bad word about anyone. A heart of gold. And I always wonder how and why as he has been through so much heartache.
    A few years ago I asked him to write his biography. For a couple of reasons, firstly he is fairly old 84 this year, so I wanted something to remember him by and something for my girls too. He was also feeling lonely and always wanted to write a book. Needlessly he jumped straight into it and revises it every year, giving me a new copy each time…just in case. Having him write it for me opened up so many doors of conversation that we would not have had and I feel I know him so much better.
    Treasure every moment, wise words. We just never know. x

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      I would love my dad to do that!! I wonder if he would, even if it wrote a page every day – I might hit him up on it, well I’ll give him a few weeks to recover!!! My dad has some wonderful stories to tell I’m sure.
      Thanks for this lovely response Jodi, you are very sweet 🙂 x

  25. I am sorry that your dad was going through this at PB, I didn’t know either 🙁 I hope that your dad is ok. Hugs

  26. Oh Em. 🙁 I can very much relate. 🙁 hope he is doing better. xxx

  27. You could have written this on my behalf for the past several months. It was not long ago that our family was called in to say goodbye to my Dad. Luckily for us, he pulled through, but ended up back in hospital again a few weeks ago. He is still fighting the fight, but we know there is more to come.
    We have lost more family members than most and the thought of losing him is something I cannot think of.
    I am guessing your Dad is a bit of a fighter just like my Dad. I hope he has a full recovery and you have many, many more years ahead of you.

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Oh Becc it’s hard isn’t it and my heart goes out to you and your family. Losing lots of loved ones is just so unfair 🙁 I hope your dad keeps fighting, mine is and here’s to both of us having loads more time with our precious fathers. xx Hugs to you hun

  28. Oh, Em…it was so heartbreaking to hear about your dad. I do hope he’s okay and recovers well. Keep us updated, ok?

    But on a lighter note? It was a pretty classic Em moment when you dropped your dessert in the middle of a crowded room and then looked up at the ceiling when everyone looked at you as the culprit. Man, did I have a belly laugh…even though I got some of the chocolate on my spanking hot pink shoes 😉 xxx

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      I will keep you updated, he’s at home, with a treatment plan and mum to care for him!!
      I forgot about the goo on shoe incident – CLASSIC, wish I had taken a photo!
      MUST blog about that xx

  29. Love. Cuddles. Hugs. Scary enough, but when you’re not there it’s even worse. More love and cuddles and hugs x

  30. Emily you amaze me!! I was sat right next to you when you got up and walk out to take your call and I really wish I had given you a bigger hug when I learnt what had happened. You stood tall, you had fun, you learnt, and worried heaps of course – but all in all you did exactly how you have just described what your dad would have wanted you to do. I’m sure is he very proud of you. Thanks for putting life into persecutive for the second time this week and I am SO pleased that he is on the mend xxx (P.S. Gorgeous picture on the farm)

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      You were such a great support Rob – it was like I’d known you for ages – thanks for the kind words, the support and offers of help. Oh and for having a few celebratory drinkies!!!! x

  31. P.P.S. On the ‘dirt’ front can you tell us the story of the shoe??

  32. Oh Emily I’ve been through a similar thing with my mum. I wish him all the best for a speedy recovery and many more years of being a wonderful dad. Well done for soldiering on through the conference – as you say, it sounds like that’s what he would have wanted you to do. Life throws the nastiest of curve balls some days eh? Take care x

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      It sure does hit you with a sledgehammer when you least expect it that’s for sure. I hope your mum is okay, and thanks for the lovely wishes Lara 🙂 x

  33. Mrs Mop, would you STOP making me cry… my father-in-law died a few weeks ago… of cancer in the end but he almost died of a heart attack last year, he’d had a bad heart for 20 years.

    Bloody hell…. all the grandads of my kids are gone now, we’re the old ones. And I’m going to cry for me too because my old Dad wasn’t really a good Dad and wasn’t dedicated to his three daughters and he really, really damaged his only son. In many ways I have completely make my peace with all that, he couldn’t look after himself, how could he care properly for us… but some days I see what we lost and it does make me so sad…

    Big hugs to you and to your Dad, he sounds a real battler and a lovely man. XXXXX

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Oh precious Seana my timing wasn’t great I admit, hugs to you – and it’s sad to think your kids don’t have grandies, I appreciate mine so much as I had none growing up really – well that’s not quite true I did help nurse my grandad who lost his battle with cancer.
      It must be hard thinking back to your dad and what he missed out on, and I’m glad you have made peace with that but I’m sure the sadness will remain. HUGS. My dad is a gem, a gentleman and has the biggest heart I know – thanks for lovely words xx

  34. Big virtual hugs from me to you. Life sucks sometimes. I hope your okay and I wish your dad a speedy recovery xx

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Thanks Jo – BTW I just signed up via email so I can read more about your funny adventures, you have my sense of humour and MEH attitude – LOVE IT 🙂

  35. Ah Em, So sorry to hear you’ve had such horrible news – and at such a ‘high’ moment – the clash of the two emotions must have been intense. So beautiful to read about your love for your dad. Lucky man AND lucky daughter. Sending your dad strong ‘get well’ vibes and you and your family love. Pip xx

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      It was quite overwhelming I have to admit, at times I wasn’t sure where to be or what to say. The second day I was more grounded, but cried a lot more when the speakers spoke, as did the rest of the bloggers I suppose.
      Loving the vibes and wishes, thanks Pip x

  36. Sorry to hear about your Dad, trust he is on the mend!

  37. Glad he’s on the mend Em. Look forward to reading your account of the shoe loss. I wonder if our recollections will match up? Thanks for being so much fun this weekend, despite of what must have been going on in your head. xx

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      You were the best roomie to have, and thanks for putting up with me and my warblings!
      And yes I can’t wait to see how our shoe recollections match up – FUNNY!! I can’t wait to write it 🙂 Hugs lovely lady x

  38. I will call my dad tonight and tell him I love him. You are right, these things really provide perspective on the things that are really important – family. I hope he continues to recover – thinking of you Em x

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Aww bless good girl Kirsty – Thanks for the thoughts and I hope you are going okay since the start of your gluten-free life – hugs x

  39. How did you carry on in such a positive way. I loved your updates and it was yours I went searching for. I wanted to be your roommate!

    I really hope your Dad recovers because he sounds pretty awesome. My grandparents have heart issues with my Pop having a triple heart bypass. Amazing all the things they can do these day!

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Ha ha it was quite a funny weekend. I am a glass half full person naturally Annaleis and once I was fully aware of the facts, I had to know EVERY detail then I knew he was in the best place and I could do more than love him from afar. I visited him straight after PB. Dad is a trooper, he had a 5-way bypass some 18 years ago and this recent concern is from stent after these x

  40. So sorry to hear this! I hope he makes the speediest recovery! Lot of love and good vibes your way XX

  41. Oh darling. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. It’s the most gut wrenching feeling to get that call. Sending you hugs from Melbs. Sounds like you had fun at Pro Blogger. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Pssst FB message me, gotta tell you something x

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      I did have fun despite the emotional turmoil going on inside! I appreciate the support – 🙂 x p.s just messaged you

  42. So sorry to hear about your dad and hope it all goes well or him.

  43. You are a credit to your beautiful Dad. I hope he reads this and knows what a great job he has done in raising you. (Except for the shoe – lady, how did THAT happen? :))

    Hope he is on the mend and is back on his feet in no time.


    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Meeting you and getting to experience your fantastic dry and witty sense of humour IRL was a highlight Lisa – truly!
      And that shoe thing, there will be a blog post.
      Dad at home and has treatment plan in the pipeline xx

  44. Big hugs, I hope your dad is doing better this week and I’m glad you were able to make the most of the conference knowing that’s what he’d want you to do xx

  45. Aargh, this is the phone call I dread all the time – though Dad is pretty fit and healthy now, he’s also in another country and has long over-stressed himself and his body. I hope your dad is improving and I am so happy for you that you have great support no matter what testing times come your way.

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      I have everything crossed that you don’t get such a call Em – especially since he’s not here. And yes I am lucky to have lots of support, esp from my darling hubby x

  46. My dad is quite old (in his seventies) and has an aneurism in his heart. He won’t get it operated on cause the surgery would probably kill him, but the truth is he could just die at any moment.
    I don’t want to live in a world without my dad. As much as he can drive me bonkers, I love him dearly

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      This is similar to what dad has, a blood clot in one of his main arteries , they hope the thinners will clear it out and them maybe a re-stent. It’s a freaky thing that’s for sure x

  47. So your Dad is OK-ish?? My uncle lived through a five (two more than triple) bi-pass a few years ago. He is living the life he wants to live. And I had some pretty minor heart stuff. Hearts are scary ;/
    Big Hugs. xx

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      My dad had a 5-way bypass about 18 years ago but they only last so long, so he got some stents and complications are now what he is dealing with. Hearts are uber scary but my dad’s a battler. Thanks for visit x

  48. It sounds like your Dad is okay? I really hope he reads this post. It is a lovely tribute to him. What a scary weekend for you though. It is so hard to be away from home/ loved ones when something like this happens. I can really relate to that feeling of being out of control. Hope your Dad makes a full recovery.

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      He read it today Julie and then called me up straight afterwards, such is my kind-hearted dad. Thanks for thoughts and for stopping by

  49. I have no doubt how amazing your dad must be how did he have a daughter as awesome as you if he wasn’t. I’m so sorry to hear of what you have been through these past days- if you need to talk I’m a great listener and exceptionally great at making cheesy jokes which make people laugh even when they know they shouldn’t. Big hugs big love lovely lady xxx

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      That is a very sweet message to get, thanks Rach, I really appreciate that. Luckily I have lots of support around and kids who are uber crazy and busy so not much time to think x

  50. I’m so sorry to hear. My grandma had to be rushed to the ER with heart issues while hubby and I were on our babymoon a couple years ago. It was terrifying being so far away and not having any control over the situation. 🙁

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      That must have been hard, I hope she’s okay. I appreciate the visit and well wishes Heather – Emily 🙂

  51. Oh huni – lots of love to both you and your gorgeous Dad xx

  52. Oh, lovely, I hope he is on the mend now. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. This is a beautiful post and I do hope you’ll do as others have suggested and have him read it x

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Becky dad just called about two hours ago after having read it – bless. Thanks for nice words and for visit 🙂 x

  53. Sorry to hear this Emily. Hope he makes a speedy recovery x

  54. I hope your dad is doing ok now em.
    I wish I did have some problogger dirt, one day maybe!! Just quietly how did you manage to lose a shoe!!

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Don’t worry Ann I will be totally outing myself on the shoe bizzo.
      Dad has a while to got but we’re hoping things will work out x

  55. Oh and thanks for stopping by, we are all doing well thanks!!

  56. I’m so sorry to hear this Em and I hope your dad is ok. Sending best wishes and thoughts your way.

  57. Hey Em, sorry to hear this, that’s as tough as it gets. I’m sure he’s very proud of his girl who lives life with a smile on her face. All the best to you and your family, Matt.

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      What lovely words Matt, thanks. Dad actually called this afternoon after he read this post and was stoked to read all the responses. I know he’s proud and I’m also proud to call him my dad 🙂 xx

  58. I’m so sorry to hear that, Em. I hope he’s doing okay now. Thinking of you xx

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Hey hun, so yes and no, he had a five-way heart bypass some 18 years ago, and these aren’t new issues, but we’re working on it – thanks for the thoughts xxx

  59. Hi lovely, It was so AWESOME meeting you at PBEvent. I couldn’t believe the timing of this coinciding with the conference but as you say life can be a hard slog and dramas can happen at any time to any of us. I love my dad so much and I am always telling him how much I appreciate working with him. I don’t know how you concentrated on the sessions with this happening in the background. I hope he is recovering well. Don’t put pressure on yourself to do anything except what you need to and spend time with your dad. xo

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Lovely words Bec and so glad to hear you have that same nice relationship with your beloved dad! I wish I could just chill – but spent today writing 5 ghost blogs for a website and have 8 editorials due tomorrow – BOOM! But hey we need the money – my hobby (blog) will just have to wait – you know how it is lovely. Speak soon 🙂

  60. Oh Emily I hope yr dad is doing ok. He sounds like he has a strong heart, life does that to you. I don’t have a dad (left when i was young) but I know how important they are. I do everything I can to keep my daughter’s dad connected to her. Sounds weird I know, but not all dads know how to be good dads. Big prayers for yr family and extra hugs for you … and a hope that I find yr shoe – funny xx

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      I think you are SO doing the right thing for your girl, and I know what you mean, I have many friends with ‘dads’ who don’t quite play the role in the traditional sense of the world. Lucky she’s got such a down to earth and caring mumma. And yes dad is home, with a management plan in place, we’ll know more in 6 weeks, thanks for thoughts lovely Kim xx

  61. Glad to hear he is okay. We nearly lost my Dad to a heart attack some years ago and it was scary. Really felt for you, you did well to keep conferencing with so much going on!

  62. It’s so hard being away and hearing news of this sort, isn’t it? I hope he is better now. My mum almost had a heart attack a couple of years ago. I still remember my sister ringing me from India and crying on the phone. My first thought was that someone died. It turned out that my mum needed emergency bypass surgery as she had 95% blockage of her arteries. All this at the age of 52. I’ve never been more scared and helpless being miles away and knowing there was not much else to do but go on with my routine and wait. Wait to hear back. Mum’s on the mend now and on a zillion medications but it still scares me.

    It was lovely to meet you at Problogger by the way! 🙂

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Oh hun, that must have been REALLY hard, thanks for sharing I can’t imagine being so far away and not knowing, thankfully I’m within driving distance. My dad had the bypass surgery about 18 years ago, and this recent attack is from the stents not working, long story, but he’s on a medication plan. And yes, it was SO lovely to put a face to the name – and I appreciate the blog visit lovely 🙂 x

  63. Oh mate – what a horrible shock for you. Those sorts of phone messages just make your heart stop. I’m glad you still had a good time at PB, despite having so much worry weighing on you. I’ll be thinkign of you, and hoping your dad mends quickly. There’s a great deal they can do to manage his heart condition, and he should be able to live very well with medication and perhaps some surgery.

    Dying to hear about the shoe. I’ll be staying tuned. xxxx

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Oh the shoe – SHIT – bloody thing – don’t get me started! Ha ha.
      Yes dad has had heart problems since I was a teen, bypass surgery, and has lived an UBER healthy life since but sometimes bad things happen to good people. Thanks for lovely words lovely xx

  64. I hope you’re Dad is doing ok, I can’t imagine how scary that must have been to deal with, especially when you are somewhere you are trying to concentrate. I totally get your life is short sentiments, it’s definitely something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately too. Hugs to you and your family and best wishes for a super speedy recovery for your Dad, he sounds awesome!

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      You know lovely my dad is awesome, and it’s not til I have grown up that I realise how amazing he is, and all the heart ache he had as a young man 🙁 Thanks for wishes sweets xx

  65. I do hope, and pray, that your dad is better now? {{{{{Emily}}}}}

    I’ve spent my lifetime worrying about my dad’s heart, as he’s been through 3 major, and countless minor, attacks – and then mum joined in with heart problems of her own!

    I just treasure the times that we talk on the phone (we live 365 miles apart), and I pray each day that I’ll have yet another one with them in my life 🙂

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      It’s very sobering isn’t it – to think that we don’t have our parents forever, I don’t even like to think about it Katy. Dad had a 5-way bypass 18 years ago, meds, stents etc, and he had a treatment plan that will hopefully work… he battle isn’t an easy one but he has lots of support. I hope your parents are okay, and that they know how much you mean to them! I appreciate the visit! Have a great week – Emily 🙂

  66. Just catching up – my Dad WAS like your Dad and I miss him so much, and still remember the day we got the phone call that changed our life.
    I’m glad your Dad is doing okay.

    • Have A Laugh On Me says:

      Thanks Trish, his levels are slowly rising and we hope the clot in artery will disperse, otherwise they might try a third stent. He’s no newbie when it comes to heart stuff after having a 5-way bypass 18 years ago, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Em x


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