Do we trust our small kids too much? Or is play dough up the nose part of growing up?

There’s nothing like play dough up a nose to ruin your day.

I suppose it’s better than a marble – but worse than a pea, which I’m told usually breaks down quickly.

All smiles waiting to be seen by doctor!

All smiles waiting to be seen by doctor!

I'll be sure to keep this to show his wife and kids in 20 or so years time!

I’ll be sure to keep this to show his wife and kids in 20 or so years time!

Quite frankly it never entered my mind that my three-year-old would shove it up his schnoz (yes this is an actual word now according to the dictionary!)

I thought he was content enough to have the occasional lick or nibble, which I often turn a blind eye to, especially if it gives me 30 minutes peace.

Taking 100s of photos of themselves - I bet this has happened to most of you!!! Something else that occurs when you  think your child is playing nice and quietly by themselves!

Taking 100s of photos of himself – I bet this has happened to most of you!! Also something that happens when you think your child is playing nice and quietly by themselves!

So I was packing for a weekend away when the incident occurred – I can’t even remember saying yes to letting him use the play dough.

In my defense, I was pretty preoccupied, he could have asked me for a pack of cigarettes and I would have said “yes my darling”.

The Husband said he saw him picking his nose – nothing new here – but also pushing something up the other nostril.

He proudly told us he had put play dough up his nose and despite my frantic attempts to remove it with tweezers I couldn’t.

I suppose I should have realised he was in a bad mood - check out this face a few hours before the incident - and my house doesn't usually look like a hoarder's house - I was packing - truly!

I suppose I should have realised he was in a bad mood – check out this face a few hours before the incident – notice how my kitchen looks like it just spewed?

Hubby took him to doctor who referred him to the ED because he wasn’t sure he could was too scared to remove it!

We got there after walking 20 minutes in the dark and were both starving and thirsty.

(not to mention is was 5pm on a Friday – my tipple time).

Never too sick for a selfie!

Never too sick for a selfie!

The result was he had to get an outpatient appointment because ED doctor was not keen to dabble in the nose area – best left to the ENT specialists.

This suited me, I just wanted to get home and pack for my camping trip the next day! (mother of the year)

The whole incident got me thinking about how we trust our small kids a lot more than we should – well I do anyhow!

But then I suppose if I followed them around all day they’d start to hate me more than they already do.

Not to mention I’d start to morph into a helicopter mum and be obsessed with their every move!

They would also become a lot more sneaky than they already are – which is VERY sneaky!

My schoolie is banned from going to the tuckshop until she starts eating what we eat without a fuss – so she snuck some of her pocket money to take to use instead.

While I quietly applaud this resourcefulness, it scares me to think what she’ll be like a teen.

I have to agree with this - my husband is living proof! Image source

I have to agree with this – my husband is living proof!
Image source

But I suppose it’s about taking calculated risks.

For example, I leave my five-year-old girl in the bath for a few minutes while I do a quick tidy up – but I make her sing the whole time so I know she’s okay.

That’s probably why she’s so good at singing Gangnam Style – whoop whoop!

(As an aside if you want a PC version for your kids – why not teach them to sing – “Heeyyy chips and gravy whoop” must more appropriate for a five-year-old than Heeyy Sexy Lady me thinks).

I will also let my 21-month-old climb on and off the trampoline while I hang out the washing.

For me, it’s about having to let go or else I’d go silly stressing about them every second of the day.

However – there is always a downside.

Here is your answer! SMASHED EGG - and just before this he was poking finger in butter container and eating it!

This is what happens when you spend 10 minutes extra in bed – my ‘baby’ helped himself to stuff in the fridge – he also dipped his fingers in the butter!

Bet you’re glad you didn’t have to mop up that egg at 6am this morning – GROSS!

Moral of the story:


What has your child put up his or her nose?
Are you a heli mum/dad or someone who let’s them learn the hard way?


  1. I’m with you about the helicoptering, Em. If I thought about it all too much, I’d go nuts!
    I’ve always tried to let Bell try things by herself, but keep a wary ear out. Love the idea of singing in the bath, you can never be too careful with water, and I don’t think “Chips and Gravy” from a distance is too bad 🙂 xx

  2. We had a Lego head up the nose the other day. He then took about half an hour to explain the whole story before pointing out that it was still in there! Kids!

  3. Thankfully I have been saved so far from anything in the nose or ear. I wonder if that is a girl thing more than just good luck though? touch wood I never have to find out. I am not an helicopter parent, and I have had some horrid messes to clean up because I couldn’t face getting out of bed. The worst part is you want to yell and scream and let it all out but then remember that it was because you were too lazy so yelling is really quite pointless

    Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #TeamIBOT

  4. I’m with you on letting them learn the hard way except that sometimes it does make more work for you !!!!
    Have the best day and I hope your camping trip went well !

  5. Helicoptering with all ours? Heaven no… I always figured cleaning up was part of the fun – once the kids learnt that Mum expected them to help clean up messes they made… they almost stopped! Win!
    As for playdough… ick, never touch the stuff myself so any insertion into orifices would have had to have been sorted by childcare staff. Oops! 😉 xx

  6. OMG – just what you need at vino time on a Friday avo and whilst packing to go away!! I assume they got it out? I can’t remember anything stuck up noses with my three when they were little but we still had plenty of doc and hospital visits – oh and some broken bones and some stitches!! I’m with you – I used to take that extra time in bed wherever I could!! Hope the camping trip was fun! Min xo

  7. My son got a ball magnet stuck down his throat & was in hospital for 3 days before they operated to get it out. The dr used opposing magnet from his daughters set on sterilised fishing line to get it out – he was very excited by his inventiveness.

  8. Priceless, luv. My kids haven’t put anything up their “schnoz” but my brother shoved a 2 cent piece up his “schnoz” when he was about 4, which got stuck in his nasal cavity and had to be surgically removed by a doctor at the ED. Reckon it’s affected his sense of smell ever since (or maybe that’s just him pretending it wasn’t his fault if someone cut the cheese). Kx

  9. Got a story to top that – you know those REALLY strong magnets? DON’T LET YOUR BOYS PLAY WITH THEM IN THE BATH! A workmate of mine had to take her son to Emergency because they were stuck on either side of her son’s willy! True story!!!!!

  10. I think we went to the same parenting school…. i believe in a bit of tough love and letting them learn for themselves…
    My biggest neph, he’s nearly 25, stuck chalk up his schnoz when he was a tot. That was an ordeal and a half….

    Thankfully all this happened pre-tipple and not post…

  11. Ouch and eew! I think I am anything but a heli mum. I’d tell you all the things I let my kids do but then I may have the authorities knocking on my door! (joking of course…or not…Yes of course!) 😉

  12. My rule is, will it kill them or cause them permanent damage? If yes, then I helicopter them. If no, then they can learn the hard way. (And I’m pretty flexible with the permanent damage definition. eg a broken arm will heal!)

  13. Well we have had a piece of lego up the nose before. Let me tell you, -that- was fun. I also have butter fiends and any chance they get they are into it, or the food colouring (no idea what the attraction is, tiny little cute bottles I guess), or rice, yep that one was fun.
    At least you can go camping!

  14. Not a heli Mum. I like my sleep too much 🙂

  15. Ha ha! Hate waking up to a mess like that, which happens far too often!
    I’m so glad weve never had anything up the nose yet.

  16. Only one question Em – is it out yet? Or is it starting to grow flora and fauna???? 🙂 Thanks for the giggle. x

  17. Lol! Totally relatable 🙂

  18. Up the nose bit ….. my son did a rolled up small ball of Alfoil – why? Guess because he could. A few hours in emergency later and it was removed but cut all the inside of his nostril. Hence Alfoil was banned in the house for many years. Then I have also had what can I fit in my ear episode – but will save that for another day.

  19. Thankfully Punky is not at the shoving stuff up her nose stage yet but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. I do remember my little sister Kate sticking a piece of chalk up her nose though an that was hilarious watching Dad try to figure out how to remove it. In the end he had to go next door to K, who was a nurse and had those super long tweezers and she got it out. Fun times!

    And while I do agree that strict parents create sneaky kids, my mum wasn’t overly strict but I was a super sneaky kid and I am seriously scared about what kind of stuff Punky is gonna get up to!

    • Ky – I agree, my parents weren’t too strict but I was still a little shart. I think this applies more as kids get older, and are not allowed to go out and be teenagers etc x


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