On Being A New Zealander After The Mosque Shootings

Like most Kiwis I've hit rock bottom over the weekend and can't fathom what has happened in Christchurch. There's been too many mass shootings in recent years, but the one that happened in NZ last week shocked me to the core. Why? Because it … [Read More...]

Instead Of A Facelift – I Got This For My Birthday!

Last week's birthday came and went without much fanfare, but I did treat myself to a little facelift. And by facelift I obviously mean for my HOUSE, … [Read More...]

Congrats Aussies – you’ve just survived the hottest January on record!

Like me you're probably either a sweaty Betty right now or have a scratchy throat from the air-con you can't bring yourself to turn off. That is if … [Read More...]

Just Not Today

It's been so long since I've written an honest, open and personal post, but I figure it's my site and I can do what I want. This morning I was searching through a FB page that often has work for copywriters and I discovered someone has stolen my … [Read More...]

Why you must BACK-UP immediately!

As we 'speak' I am waiting for a young computer geek to knock on my door. You see a few months ago my PC died, and I hadn't backed up in ages. Miraculously with the help of my bro-in-law I got it to work again. Then I backed up so fast I almost … [Read More...]

Nothing like PMS week to restart writing this blog.

Nothing like PMS week to restart writing this blog. That incidentally turns 6 in a few weeks. It's also raining rats and frogs and so far we've clocked up about 7 inches in the past week - makes for a fun washing situation. Oh boring, she's … [Read More...]

Participation Ribbons, School Camp and Banning Cartwheels

My son's permission slip for camp is glaring at me from a pile of 'things that I can do to avoid boring but necessary writing jobs'. And while my daughter has been on many 'away' camps, the thought of my 8-year-old going away with his classmates … [Read More...]

What I have achieved so far in 2018…

Years ago I would have bemoaned the fact that I hadn't actually achieved much in the five months since the calendar changed. But not now. You see, I can't get upset because I haven't actually make any effort to achieve grandeur, so I have no … [Read More...]

Where Have All The Blue Pens Gone?

I bet you're thinking I must have better things to do, after a week of being sick, than to be writing about something as trivial as pens. And you'd be right. However, as I was given two identical 'mum's pen' this Mother's Day (as a writer would … [Read More...]

The Travesty That Is Recycling and DUST!

I know I should be writing about the travesty that is occurring in Australia right now in regards to recycling. If you haven't heard, neither the Federal, State or Local governments wants to cough up any money to recycle all those things we … [Read More...]

The Look That Every Parent Dreads

This is a sponsored post for Blackmores  Sometimes being an over-sharer can really endear you to people. Other times it can make them wince and wish they'd never met you. At a park playdate last week I was talking to the parent of my child's … [Read More...]

When You Suck At Moderation

Hello my name is Emily and I suck at moderation. Come to think of it I have always been terrible at taking things in small doses, well except for that horrific cherry-flavoured antibiotic I had to consume for ear infections as a kid. For … [Read More...]

Let the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games begin! (tomorrow)

So tomorrow is the start of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games - did you know? Or care? I've been helping to build up hype with a few articles here and there - the city really is throwing everything it has at this event. Lots of locals have … [Read More...]