On Having Lippy Kids

My kids are really hating on me right now, not for anything in particular, just because I'm a killjoy who won't let them rule the roost. What they don't realise is that it's not a popularity contest and they can hate me all they like. I don't care … [Read More...]

Movie World’s New DC Rivals HyperCoaster Packs A Punch!

Hurtling through the Gold Coast skies at 115kp/h in the dark on a roller coaster is not many people's idea of a good time - BUT IT'S MINE! Last … [Read More...]

Oscar The Orangutan: An Ethical & Allergy-Friendly Chocolate + GIVEAWAY

When it comes to sweet treats it’s usually my hubby who dishes them out. I’d love to but we have a thing going on in our house where I have to be … [Read More...]

How To Get Your Child To Take A Blood Test – Without Losing An Eye

I try my hardest not to be a helpful blogger, because nobody likes a smarty pants. Also, that job has already been filled by countless others. However, as I grow and get duller by the day I realise that I do have some helpful tidbits of info … [Read More...]

13 Funny Truths About Your Fitness Band

As I reached to grab a piece of fluff stuck under the door of the loo, my fitness band flashed in all its glory! WELL DONE, it said (flashed) then it was followed by the numerals 10,000. And how did I finally get to reach utopia that day? … [Read More...]

Home Alone – For The First Time In A Decade

Not even kidding, for the past 24 hours not one person has asked something of me. Well that's not quite accurate, yesterday afternoon my masseuse asked if the pressure was okay. Not even kidding about the masseuse either! #treatedmyself Do you … [Read More...]

My baby boy – one of the top three gifts I’ve ever received!

It doesn't seem right not to write a little birthday message to my precious baby who is 6 today! Mainly because he's some of the reason why I started blogging. When he was one I decided that since I was isolated and working from home with three … [Read More...]

15 Ridiculous Reasons Your Kids Hate You

Being hated by your kids is a rite of passage for most mums and dads. If you're not one of them then don't feel bad, you're probably just a perfect parent. And for that I feel sorry for you, because it means you shall never know the hilarious … [Read More...]

Writer refuses to talk about lack of blogging – A News Report

Despite being MIA for an unfashionably long time, a Gold Coast writer is refusing to write a blog post explaining why. To make matters worse, she's even refusing to follow protocol and tell her 4 readers (Hi mum, dad and sissy and Cat) that she's … [Read More...]

Mum Caught Wearing Active Wear – A News Report

A woman who prides herself on NEVER wearing active wear in public has been discovered doing just that. Reports have come flying in from fellow school mums about the mother-of-three and her change of school drop-off attire. Further accusations … [Read More...]

An Exciting NEW TOY Your Kids Will Fight Over!

Brought to you by Warner Bros. Consumer Products Australia My 'girls can do anything' heart sings whenever I watch my daughter tackle an activity traditionally dominated by males, one of these is skateboarding. Hubby started longboarding a few … [Read More...]

Why I’m Proud To Be Married To A Tutu Wearing Man!

I nearly burst with pride as I watched my hubby trot off to the supermarket in a bright blue tutu followed by his son in a dazzling green ensemble. What made it even more special was my son actually put his green tutu on to enter the grocery … [Read More...]

That Time I Was Reckless & Lived To Tell The Tale

This post is brought to you by The NRMA Once upon the 90s there was a girl who fancied herself a little bit of daredevil. As such she thought it a good idea to actually try to get her granny blue Ford Escort air bound over a hill in true Dukes of … [Read More...]