Mum Caught Wearing Active Wear – A News Report

A woman who prides herself on NEVER wearing active wear in public has been discovered doing just that. Reports have come flying in from fellow school mums about the mother-of-three and her change of school drop-off attire. Further accusations … [Read More...]

An Exciting NEW TOY Your Kids Will Fight Over!

Brought to you by Warner Bros. Consumer Products Australia My 'girls can do anything' heart sings whenever I watch my daughter tackle an activity … [Read More...]

Why I’m Proud To Be Married To A Tutu Wearing Man!

I nearly burst with pride as I watched my hubby trot off to the supermarket in a bright blue tutu followed by his son in a dazzling green … [Read More...]

That Time I Was Reckless & Lived To Tell The Tale

This post is brought to you by The NRMA Once upon the 90s there was a girl who fancied herself a little bit of daredevil. As such she thought it a good idea to actually try to get her granny blue Ford Escort air bound over a hill in true Dukes of … [Read More...]

Who’s The Haggler In Your Household?

If you're in the market for a red hot deal, never take me with you. Why? I just can't haggle. Sure it might seem odd considering I interview mostly strangers for a living and can churn out a pretty nifty Vox Pop when called upon. … [Read More...]

When The Chips Are Down

Those who follow me on FB will know I recently experienced toe trauma, and will probably lose my nail. Not such a big deal I know, but poking a needle into my nail to relieve the pressure was, but I did it. Oh the relief. Sadly it was … [Read More...]

Help? How On Earth Do I Not Binge Watch Netflix?

Breaking up is hard to do - especially if the other partner makes it hard and is so needy their behaviour borders on desperation. But I've been trying to make this break since February last year. Each time I just get sucked back in, maybe I'm just … [Read More...]

Every. Single. Morning.

As I walked slowly to my bedroom I ignored my fighting children and tried to shut the sliding door ferocious enough so they'd hear. Slamming a sliding door certainly does not have the same impact that a normal swing door does. But they got the … [Read More...]

A School Holiday MUST-DO Event – Little BIG DASH!

I'd like to consider myself a fun mum, although I'm sure my kids have an entirely different view of me. They probably consider me more of a poorly dressed drill sergeant who makes really lame jokes and silly faces that they laugh at because they … [Read More...]

27 Lies Or Statements Every Parent Has Heard

As I struggled to verbally wrestle my 5-year-old out of the car at school this morning, two teenagers lolling around waiting for the bus got quite a show. My crime? I had parked at the rear entrance instead of the front one for a change, because … [Read More...]

What’s REALLY Been Going Down In Emily Town

HEELLLOOOOO - is anybody still reading? Gosh I've totally fallen off the wagon in recent weeks in regards to my humble blog. They say if you REALLY want to do something you'll find the time for it. But then again 'they' also say that eating … [Read More...]

Cranky Mum Slams Slime YouTubers – A News Report

A woman has lashed out at reputable YouTubers after she failed miserably to make slime with her daughter this weekend. She made a record 10 attempts to create the slimy, gooey stuff but each time the slime did not resemble the YouTuber's finished … [Read More...]

Somebody call the WAAAAMBULANCE…..

For the past month I have been sick more than I've been well and quite frankly instead of soldering on as Codral insists I do, I have given in. Like Prince Philip I have no more fight left in me. I'm handing out my duties willy nilly and just … [Read More...]