27 Lies Or Statements Every Parent Has Heard

As I struggled to verbally wrestle my 5-year-old out of the car at school this morning, two teenagers lolling around waiting for the bus got quite a show. My crime? I had parked at the rear entrance instead of the front one for a change, because it's a lot closer for his older siblings. Truth be … [Read more...]

What’s REALLY Been Going Down In Emily Town

HEELLLOOOOO - is anybody still reading? Gosh I've totally fallen off the wagon in recent weeks in regards to my humble blog. They say if you REALLY want to do something you'll find the time for it. But then again 'they' also say that eating doesn't make you happy, idiots. So what have I done … [Read more...]

Cranky Mum Slams Slime YouTubers – A News Report

A woman has lashed out at reputable YouTubers after she failed miserably to make slime with her daughter this weekend. She made a record 10 attempts to create the slimy, gooey stuff but each time the slime did not resemble the YouTuber's finished product in the slightest. As such the outspoken … [Read more...]