21 Things Only Lego Parents Know

I'm a sucker for Lego, you could say I'm obsessed but then that would just be weird (but also accurate). As I kid I grew up making all sorts of 'rad' creations, so it makes sense that I encourage my three kids to catch the Lego bug. Much has changed in 30 years, Lego has been made pink, aqua … [Read more...]

Parenting: Calling It Like I See It

I completely dropped my parenting bundle this morning as we scrambled to look half-way decent for school photos. Which, I might add, are a complete rip-off and next year I'm planning on sending in a drone to take some shots to save myself a cool $100. Today's hoo haa was about hair and now I … [Read more...]

I Have VERY Exciting News To Share

So you know how I've said that I would NEVER have another child because I am already far too unhinged and have three wonderful cherubs already. Well, you'll be very excited to find out that there WILL be a new baby in my life. … [Read more...]