Why I Am Throwing Away My BUSY Crown!

Like a blow to the shin bone from a metal bed frame, it dawned on me recently that I am WAY tougher on my first-born. I seem to nit pick, nag and be a grumpy mole way more to her than my other kids. Which isn't fair as they are equally annoying as her at times. So while you might think that … [Read more...]

If Your Baby Was Named After Your Pregnancy Cravings

Being told I should eat for two by an old-fashioned midwife was almost more exciting than finding out I was pregnant. What wasn't so exciting was the 28kg I put on during my first pregnancy. Not a typo. I was basically carrying around the weight of a Doberman or an overweight Dalmatian. (thanks … [Read more...]

Every Day I Fake Body Confidence For My Kids

As I stood on my stand up paddle board in swimmers I smiled outwardly to my three children who were looking on, but inside I was cringing. You see every day I fake body love and confidence for my kids, especially in public. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate my body, it's a tough nut that's … [Read more...]