Do you feel pigeonholed by your blog title? Or is it just me?

I feel pigeonholed by the title of my blog. Phew, I'm glad I got that off my chest - man that felt GREAT! I probably should have called my site "Have A Laugh On Me - but really, there's no pressure cos sometimes I ain't that funny". Or "Have A Laugh On Me - Occasionally" - that rhymes, … [Read more...]

You won’t believe what came out of my wardrobe – Wordless Wednesday

So the garage sale is this Saturday - have you got any tips for me? What should I NOT do and what should I DEFINITELY do? Wordless Wednesday - and I link with three lovely ladies: Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye Trish at My Little Drummer Boys Ai at Sakura Haruka … [Read more...]

Ten things that drive me up the wall – are you one of them? My best rant ever!

Strap yourselves in people - I've got my ranty sucky-in knickers on and it's not going to be pretty. Oh where should I start, etiquette during school drop off and pick up or the fact that I can no longer stand the sound of my own voice! To start with, what sort of blogger doesn't have a theme … [Read more...]