Why you should go to a high tea with a hangover!

So this past weekend I rocked up late to a high tea birthday party for a gorgeous soul I have known since I was 12 - we went to boarding school together! I can't blame my tardiness on the fact I was very dusty hungover from the day/night before, in fact I felt quite amazing considering I had … [Read more...]

The funny and eerie similarities between kids and thunderstorms

As another storm hits our place something strange occurs to me. Storms and children have quite a lot in common. For starters they can both scare dogs and old people with the horrific noise they can make! Other similarities between a thunderstorm and a child include: 1. They make a … [Read more...]

A sneak peak into my amazing workspace at home – Wordless Wednesday

Here is my home office... Just kidding - here it is... Wordless Wednesday and I link with three great bloggers: Trish at My Little Drummer Boys Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye Ai at Sakura Haruka … [Read more...]