My lazy kitchen and why dining out with kids is not for the faint-hearted!

Right now kitchens across the globe are abuzz with preparations for Christmas Day. Mine - not so much ;) It's just chillaxing, blissfully unaware of how lucky it is to have me as its owner. If someone else were in charge it would be battered and bruised, hot and bothered, and sticky with … [Read more...]

What it means to have a baby a week before Christmas!

I just told the Husband that I've been getting heartburn recently - it's like really weird as I haven't had it since I was pregnant! He innocently and instantly replied: "Yeah I get that sometimes when I'm putting on weight" - not a word of a lie, this is what he said. Welcome to my world, … [Read more...]

The season when people get vicious with trolleys, tongues and tempers – Writers Reveal

I've been asked to write about what I think is really important for children at Christmas. It's in the context that some people spend $1000 on presents for each of their kids. While I'd love to be in a position to do this, I'm sure not it would actually make me a better parent or strengthen … [Read more...]