Parenting: Calling It Like I See It

I completely dropped my parenting bundle this morning as we scrambled to look half-way decent for school photos. Which, I might add, are a complete rip-off and next year I'm planning on sending in a drone to take some shots to save myself a cool $100. Today's hoo haa was about hair and now I … [Read more...]

The Ugly Truth About Working From Home

I've been working from home for seven years now, and when I wrote this post in October 2012 I was knee-deep in kids. Much has changed since then, but not the parts about what it's like to work from home! So for your reading pleasure, the ugly truth about working from home. Working from home … [Read more...]

7 things parents ‘should’ feeling guilty about!

So if you haven't heard you're not allowed to have any guilt anymore, it's so 2010. In fact on a daily basis we're told to ditch it, kick it to the curb and many other unmentionables. Poor guilt, I bet it's just gutted and sad and hiding out in the corner crying because no one wants to have it … [Read more...]