It’s time re-discover my old mates – Willpower and Motivation.

It's funny when I look at this pic I can't believe a wee babe was in there waiting to hatch! (No.3 was born 2.5 weeks after this was taken).I've just realised that I need to make my body my temple - instead of using it as a work horse.I need to make sure I'm putting in enough of the good stuff in, a … [Read more...]

Mums and bums

I'm super lucky to have a mum who lives a few hours away and visits when she can.When she is here my life is less hectic, for many reasons.I love my mum and here's just a snapshot of why..* She takes over as official bum wiper when she's here. * She makes the best quiche and always does my dishes. * … [Read more...]

Don’t call my daughter stinky!

I promised myself a wouldn't be a helicopter mum - circling my offspring like they're prey, keeping a close eye on their every move.But if you call my girl stinky, me and my tuck-shop arms will come flapping in your direction.It's not the act of name calling in itself, because let's face it every … [Read more...]