Every Day I Fake Body Confidence For My Kids

As I stood on my stand up paddle board in swimmers I smiled outwardly to my three children who were looking on, but inside I was cringing. You see every day I fake body love and confidence for my kids, especially in public. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate my body, it's a tough nut that's … [Read more...]

What I REALLY Got On Valentine’s Day

Your news feeds will either be awash with flowers, chocolate, homemade cards  or posts bemoaning how Valentine's Day is commercial. What you're unlikely to see is a photo like this, one that I took this morning after I nearly fell face first on the tiled floor in my hallway. … [Read more...]

The Day An Ugly Duckling Got Flowers At Boarding School + Giveaway

Having a birthday on the 15th of February used be quite the coup for me at boarding school. You see my godmother is a florist and February 14 is THE busiest time of the year for such professions, well that and funerals. Just saying. … [Read more...]