Escaping to the beach and Elf madness – Wordless Wednesday

I can’t seem to keep up with things right now – it’s one week until Christmas.

No presents are wrapped, no food has been bought for 25th and I still have work to get through.

The kids are feral – FERAL I TELL YOU, they’re overtired from parties, birthdays and carols.

However, last week I bundled up my three and did what any sensible person who had WAY too much to do would do…


Enjoy a spot of sand dwelling!

Enjoy a spot of sand dwelling!

Uh oh - here comes trouble....

Uh oh – here comes trouble….

Getting a bit of a surprise bath!

Getting a bit of a surprise bath!

It probably was quite nice because it was a hot day!

It probably was quite nice because it was a hot day!

I love her expression in this one!

I love her expression in this one!

She saw the funny side of it!

She saw the funny side of it!

Just chilling at the beach - as you do when you're on the Gold Coast

Just chilling at the beach – as you do when you’re on the Gold Coast

Kids were super excited to see this blue beauty!

Kids were super excited to see this blue beauty!

And for those who have been keeping up with Alvin the Elf on the Shelf…


Leaving a trail of nuggets... which the kids ate!

Leaving a trail of nuggets… which the kids ate!

Making angel shapes in flour!

Making angel shapes in flour!

It took the kids awhile to find this - they were sad thinking he wasn't coming back!

It took the kids awhile to find this – they were sad thinking he wasn’t coming back!

Have you got a trip to the beach planned soon?
Are you kids friends or foes when there’s sand and water involved?
How much more organising have you got to do?
Any spare Elf on the Shelf suggestions for me?

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  1. I knew your elf would get up to no good!! It is a feral time of year. Mine are out of control at the moment!! I have not wrapped a present yet either and don’t give a crap about food!! Merry Christmasxx

  2. haha she got punked by her brother!! your kids are so cute! :)
    don’t worry about the guest post.. enjoy the rest of the hols and send them over to me next month it’s fine!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
    Join in: Wordless Wednesday Linky Party

  3. 2 days after Chrissy we are hitting the coast and cant wait for beach time. I think time at the beach is probably just what you all needed to relax before Chrissy – all those jobs will get done

  4. Aw lovely I hope you can get through your work. I haven’t bought food for Christmas day either yet and I’m hosting!! The shops are manic even if you get there early! Heading to the beach sounded like a great option. We need to get to the beach soon because Esther loves it.

  5. Best thing to do when they are grumpy with exhaustion. Exhaust them some more! Lol. Merry Christmas :-)

  6. Love the beach pics!
    And cheeky elf leaving a trail of nuggets! He should have sent them to me :)

  7. love the beach photos!
    we haven’t been to the beach yet. Melbourne weather has been a touch random though… we will probably pack a picnic of leftovers and head to a faraway beach on boxing day.
    I still have all the pressies to wrap and still a couple of small things to buy!
    but only the fresh fruit and dairy for xmas day to buy food wise. I have the meat and all the sauces. very important. however work is CRAZY right now. there are no spare hours left in my day. I’m usually way more organised than this.
    gee, babbling much?

  8. Love the photo’s Em. Good luck catching up and getting everything done! Min xo

  9. Aha heading to the beach is a brilliant way to sort out the madness :D I am going to head to the beach myself for the year-end holiday. So can’t wait! Love the Christmas tree!

  10. I am soooo in denial that Christmas is a week away. Not ready at all. But I took a leaf out of your book and took my youngest two to the beach this morning…

  11. Perfect day for the beach, looks like you had fun! I was just telling hubster at dinner that we NEED to go down the coast at least one day after Christmas before he goes back to work (he has 2 weeks off).

    Alvin the Elf and his trail of nuggets made me LOL …

  12. Love the photos and i think you did the right thing and headed for the beach, exactly what I would have done if possible LOL

    Have a busytastic week & thanks for sauntering by :-)

  13. Beach looks like way too much work at the moment… especially all the packing. But maybe I will feel differently once I get there. Very cute Elf ;)

  14. Beach looks great. The only way to make everyone happy. Looks like that Elf’s as busy as you!

  15. Good luck with the next week!! My kids are FERAL TO – OMG the tantrums!!! I have to admit to wrapping my pressies the other night and I felt so smugly satisfied!! First year EVER I’ve not left it to Christmas eve!! Go me. Rob xx P.S> Love the pic of the three of them – too cute! xx

  16. We have a local beach day on the 23rd for mothers group christmas get together. After chrissie we are headed to western VIC for a beach holiday for a few days. I can’t imagine leaving our wonderful coastline at this time of year.
    You get to do it in your amazing golden coast!!
    Have an amazing christmas Em with your family xxx

  17. I finally found an elf at the mall and the little guy was being sold at 50% off how sad for him but happiness for me! He is staying out though because I forgot to hide him before my son arrived from school and he already saw the “made in China” tag so I guess he will remain a decor and not a naughty magical elf :D

  18. I meant he is staying put LOL

  19. oh I wish I lived by the beach sometimes…. :(

  20. I know how you feel, hence the lateness in chatting to you this week. Normally I have you at #ibot, but at least it didn’t go as late as #FYBF (yay for me!).
    I adore these pictures and have Wordless Wednesdays as a goal for me in the New Year. I don’t get out much so the pics may get very boring. Ah, but I need to change that too.
    Have a wonderful Christmas. You have a beautiful family and I am sure it will be filled with fun, frivolity and laughter. Lots of laughter.

  21. I haven’t wrapped anything or bought any food either. You’re more organised that I am – at least you have an elf and a Christmas clock! Great beach shots. Water always helps in dealing with feral kids, doesn’t it? Love the expression on your daughter’s face in the ‘surprise bath’ shot! It’s so different for me to see shots on the beach with city buildings in the background … a world away from the beaches near us :)

  22. You may not have food organised for the 25th etc, and your presents aren’t wrapped (at least you’ve bought them?) but your kids are obviously having a ball. Haven’t read your elf stories yet, but the photo of the angel shapes made me smile. He looks like he’s fallen 10 stories from a VERY tall Christmas tree. :)

  23. Fun times . Special memories.

  24. Put the ELf in tonka truck or run a zip line across the room.

  25. What a beautiful day at the beach Em x

  26. I can’t wait ti get to the beach. I bought a cozzie to fit my baby bump today! Yay!

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