What it means to have a baby a week before Christmas!

I just told the Husband that I’ve been getting heartburn recently – it’s like really weird as I haven’t had it since I was pregnant!

He innocently and instantly replied: “Yeah I get that sometimes when I’m putting on weight” – not a word of a lie, this is what he said.

Welcome to my world, it’s honest, cray cray and there’s never a dull moment!

Just so you know, there is no way that I could be upduffed – snip snip snip!

Anyhow – today our middle child turns four – well he isn’t officially four until 6.08pm – but his ‘birth’ day is today, December 17, just a day shy of a week before Christmas.

Just to shake it up a little - instead of me, here is a proud dad cuddling his son!

Just to shake it up a little – instead of me, here is a proud dad cuddling his son!

Okay, so I can’t resist, here is one of my beautiful baby and I just minutes after he was born.

Where his love of 'boobies' first began!

His love of boobies started from a very young age!

She's laughing because she is holding the needle and thread - ouch doesn't even cover it!

She’s laughing because she is holding the needle and thread – OUCH doesn’t even cover it! And yes that is my leg in that stirrup (far right)!

Being born a week before Christmas has its ups and downs, as those of you who were born or gave birth around this time will know.

I have to say I feel a tad sad for our boy, his big day really is overshadowed by all that comes with Xmas.

However, thanks to a lot of advice from my AWESOME blog readers and friends, instead of a party I am taking our boy out for a special day, just him and I!

We’re going to a water theme park and he’s allowed to pick a gift from the HUGELY overpriced gift shop AND have a $25 ice cream.

It just also happens to be his daycare Christmas party and I have it on good authority that Santa might be visiting, in fact he’ll probably even know it’s my boy’s birthday!

I’d usually feel guilty that I wasn’t hosting a party – but this year I don’t.

I think that it’s because as a mother of three I very rarely get any one-on-one time with just one of my darlings, so when I have the best excuse ever to do so – I will take it!

I really can’t wait to devote my every thought and word to my precious boy.


We’re still having a family dinner – I even made brought from the supermarketa cake that he can smash.

In saying all this, I have made a promise to myself that next year, his fifth birthday, I will have a HUGE party in November so that he doesn’t miss out on smashing a pinata and pass the parcel!

My gorgeous boy just eight days old!

My gorgeous boy just eight days old!

Just a few months old!

Just a few weeks old!

It’s hard having a birthday a week before Christmas, don’t you agree?

Were you, or one of your children or siblings, born around this time?

How do you get around it?

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  1. Happy birthday to your little boy! My brother’s birthday is in December, and yes, it is always overshadowed by Christmas. I like how you’re celebrating. Enjoy the day together.

    (And whatever you got for your hubby for Christmas is now ALL YOURS after that comment. No present for him!!)

  2. Aaawww so adorable! My kids were both born a little before summer so my problem is a little different from yours. I stress out because many a moms throw big pool/beach parties around this time and you know how kids can sometimes brag about their parties and I worry if my kid will think his party is not as great as the others. But so far so good, he hasn’t complain once, thank God!
    I think your birthday date with him sounds nice, I’m pretty sure it will make him feel all the more special that it’s gonna be just him and mom.

    Happy Birthday to your not so little, little man! :)

  3. Have a very special day with your beautiful boy Em, sounds like a lot of fun………can I come?

  4. Happy Birthday to your little one! It’s my sons 2nd birthday today too and I know exactly how you feel. I remember being so worried we wouldn’t make it home from hospital before Christmas because he was in special care because he came early, we got home Christmas Eve. I’m taking him to the train museum today with his friend, I try really hard to separate it from Christmas. Love the photos, they bring back my memories!

  5. Ah yes – and this will continue well into school years – I have had to email all the relevant people for their return dates to see when we can host son’s party – it is now going to be in FEB. Ahhh.

  6. and brave lady re the stiches photo!! Ha!

  7. I’m beginning to think there was something a foot forty weeks before Christmas four years ago – this is the third little man I know of having his fourth birthday today!

    Have a blast Em x

  8. Happy birthday to your little man! He is totally gorgeous just like his Mum! My birthday is in January so at least Christmas was always over, however I rarely had parties as a kid because a lot of friends went away on holidays at that time. A niece of ours just had her third child last Saturday and her middle child is a December girl too! So she’ll have two birthdays on top of Christmas! My boys birthdays are well spaced through the year, March, July and November. I didn’t plan it that way but I’m glad it turned out like that.

    Enjoy your day with your boy. xo

  9. My niece turns 1 on the 20th. If she were still up here we’d be having a huge party with NOTHING at all resembling Christmas! Will be interesting to see how we (and my sister and BIL) handle it in the years to come, with presents, etc. Happy Happy Birthday dear H. Love you lots little man, have a great day with mummy (and Santa!) xo

  10. My best friend’s birthday is Christmas Day. That’s hard. I always try to call her and wish her a happy birthday without a mention of Christmas …. and never ever wrap birthday gifts in Christmas wrap.
    My son’s birthday is early January … that is also tricky for arranging parties …. but it can also be super exciting for him because parents can then use me as their daycare facility for that day so he gets an 8 hour party!
    Enjoy the day with your boy!

  11. Aww so precious! Happy birthday to your boy and have a wonderful, 1-to-1 time with him!! :) Looking forward to seeing the pix!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  12. My middle son will be having his birthday a couple of days before Christmas. If we have a have a party it usually around early December so everyone can make it. And send out invites early!! Merry Christmas to you & your family.

  13. Happy birthday to your little boy (and to you – mums should totally get to celebrate the birth day, you did all the work!). My niece was born on the 22nd which is so hard, my sister always tries to do something separate from the Christmas madness but it’s not always easy!

  14. Summer’s birthday is Christmas eve. It doesn’t bother her now but it did as a kid. She used to have parties on her half birthday, but i think that felt a bit second best.

  15. The Christmas and New Year birthdays are sometimes the forgotten birthdays because they are overshadowed by Christmas and new years parties but you can’t predict or plan when you fall pregnant. And I agree with the comments above that extra effort should be given to their special day so it doesn’t get wrapped up in Christmas festivities. Your son was a beautiful early Christmas present. I hope he has the best day today with you and hope you have a great dinner tonight!

  16. Happy birthday to your little fella! Oh my gosh – it *nearly* made me clucky looking at the photo’s of him as a new bubba. What a dear little man…and he is a gorgeous boy at 4! I had my twin boys at 36wks on 19th November. I remember Christmas that year – thankfully my family did everything and I could just look after the bubba’s. I was a very, very tired mama that Christmas! xo

  17. Oh those pics make my ovaries flip out – he is so scrummy! Not so much the stirrup one, but thanks for sharing. ;)

    I had all three of mine in September (in different years) so two of them will always be during school holidays. But we bring the parties forward to be before school breaks up, which seems to work well.

    I have a friend whose birthday is on Christmas Day and she is MENTAL about it. You can’t wish her a merry Christmas – you can only say happy birthday. She’s totally not fun to be around at this time of year. (Luckily not a blog follower!)

  18. My husband is 4 days after and his sister a couple of weeks before. They always said it was due to the date their fathers birthday falls on!!!!

  19. Oh happy birthday to your boy! It would be tough having a birthday around Christmas, but I’m sure you will both have a wonderful time. And those pictures – oooh so gorgeous!

  20. Ah birthdays around Christmas are hard. My brother was born the 29th which was an awesome Christmas present for everyone but maybe not so great for him. We always make sure he gets his special day just like everyone else. I’m a January baby and that is far too close to Christmas as well when it comes to having to think about more gifts.

  21. What a gorgeous little boy! Happy 4th Birthday!!! Have a great day together, that sounds like the most perfect way to spend a birthday xx

  22. Oh, these baby pics are killing me – such a handsome bub.
    I agree, having a birthday so close to Christmas is hard, especially for children. My dad’s birthday is the 23rd and I have always made an extra effort to make sure he gets special presents and so on for his day but I’ve always felt bad for him.
    I hope you’ll share pics of his cake smash – I love that! My hubs is so against it!

  23. What beautiful pictures Em! Huge Happy birthday to your beautiful boy! One of my closest friend is born on the first of January… She never gets to celebrate her birthday but she likes that there are always people she loves around on that day.

  24. He is seriously the cutest kid!!!
    Thankfully we have no birthdays around this time. The closest is the MIL who is the first week of January, and its just far enough a way to do something for her that’s not still tied to Christmas.

    Still, as far as Christmas presents go, you can’t get much better can you? :)

  25. I always felt for a friend of mine who’s birthday is Boxing Day! It would be such a hard time. Born in June, I quite like it…6 months and presents, 6 months and presents… but then I would whinge that it was always cold and miserable on my birthday and it more often than not fell on school holidays which meant no party… :(
    I think a day out just you and him sounds lovely!

  26. Ahhh he is such a gorgeous creature and those photos of you and him are just lovely. A day with just you and him sound perfect and much better than a party. Happy B’day little man.

  27. Happy Birthday little man!
    I now have a son that is born in early January. I haven’t even started thinking about his birthday yet and it is his FIRST!!! ARRHHH.

  28. My middle boy’s birthday is the start of January and I made sure last year and will again that all the christmas stuff is packed away so the day is his. Its a toughie isn’t it. Great pics em.

  29. Ahh Happy Birthday gorgeous Boy. I love that idea of a day with just you and him I am sure he will love very bit of his $25 ice cream all over his face. A gorgeous post that made me smile thank you ;)

  30. Wow he is so beautiful Emily. One on one time is so precious. I rarely got that with my boys being twins but appreciate it when I do because they different without each other around. I hope you have a wonderful Xmas! Cheers, Tanya xx

  31. That last photo is so beautiful! The photo of the surgeon also looked pretty pleasant, until I read your caption. Ouch! Hope you had a lovely day with your boy on his birthday.

  32. My son is turning three in a week and his big day is on December 25th Christmas day itself! Talk about stealing thunder, poor kid. He’s not bothered by it at all at this stage. I organise for him to have a special celebration at his day care a few weeks before Christmas so he gets to feel like a superstar among his friends. But I also like your idea of having a special one-on-one date for the occasion. Very meaningful… especially as they get older.

  33. My birthday’s on the 28th December. When I was young my parents took great care NEVER to give me joint presents etc – cos it meant I missed out on the birthday specialness – but it did mean my friends were always away and I couldn’t have parties – plus everyone is tired and jaded.

    Now that I’m older it’s still a bit like that, but… my parents often gave me joint pressies which is fine now cos they can give me BIGGER and more expensive things!


  34. One of my friends daughters birthday is Christmas Day and they have always done the birthday presents in the afternoon so that she has separate presents.

    Happy Birthday to your boy!

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