Who knew that getting a child’s haircut could be so horrific?

Who knew that getting a child’s hair cut could be such a drama?

I suppose it’s up there with not knowing that babies don’t know how to sleep or breastfeed and that toilet training doesn’t happen overnight!

Our third born has always had a great fleece, in fact our sonographer could see it during one of our scans! However, our first two children were born with just a smattering of hair and didn’t really need haircuts until they were more than two years old!

Here's our middle boy, nearly one-year-old! Photos taken by Photography By Aroha

Here’s our middle boy, nearly one! Photos taken by Photography By Aroha

Yes I know - check out her mullet!! It was my fault, I got her fringe cut - WORST MISTAKE EVER, it took years to grow out!

Yes I know – check out her mullet! It was my fault, I got her fringe cut – WORST MISTAKE EVER, it took years to grow out!

I am one of those parents who sees a first haircut as a milestone, especially if it’s taken years for a child’s hair to get to that stage.

I’d heard about a place that had cars and horses for seats, DVD players and you got a certificate with some locks of your baby’s hair.

I was sold, mainly because I’m too lazy to do a baby diary or book so this already-made keepsake was the next best thing.

This is the first time BOTH of my boys got their hair cut - together! My baby was about one year and big brother more than two years old! And this was before the cutting started!

This is the first time BOTH of my boys got their hair cut – together! My baby was about one and his big brother nearly three – and this was before the cutting started. Looking at this I can’t believe I waited so long to get our baby’s hair trimmed!

I came with lollipops and bribes but with a fire truck and bell to amuse the boys I didn’t really need to.

I took a thousands photos, they watched TV and it was over kind of quickly.

Slightly concerned but no tears!

Slightly concerned but no tears!

The next time we went my baby was two and he did not want a bar of it!

There were tears, screams and hair EVERYWHERE! Luckily because the place I go to is just for kids I didn’t have to care about disapproving glances from old farts getting their hair set or single blokes getting a short back and side for their weekend of boozing!

But I just held him down, yes literally and our lovely hairdresser went about her business of sprucing him up.

Thankfully my nearly four-year-old took his brother’s screaming in his stride and loved his experience!

A very happy chappy right here!

A very happy chappy right here!

Doesn't a haircut make SUCH a difference?

Doesn’t a haircut make SUCH a difference?

My point (yes I do have a point) is that we often underestimate our children, we focus on the big stuff, whereas in actual fact it’s the small stuff they often sweat about.

It’s the fear of the unknown, or new places and faces that can be freaky.

I’ve never taken my kids to any other place than Ziggetty Snipits because it’s a space dedicated to making haircuts stress free!

Yes there's even a fenced play area - BOOM! A happy boy after the event.

Yes there’s even a fenced play area – BOOM! A happy boy after the event.

There is no judging, no dirty looks, just a place where screaming, sad and frightened kids can get their hair cut by someone who is used to a children wriggling, crying and lashing out!

And as parents don’t we have enough stress to deal with?

The lovely owner of the Ziggetty Snipits Franchise cut my boys’ hair. We spoke about how crazy life is as a mum and she offered to give one of my awesome readers a Kid’s Haircut ($16.50) AND a Kid’s Mega Cutie Upgrade ($45).


To enter all you have to do is dye your child’s hair a crazy colour and send me a photo! Just kidding.

Just head over to the Have A Laugh On Me Facebook page and ‘like’ it (but I’m sure you already do ;)) and then leave a comment on this post*.

Talk about keeping it simple stupid!

Are haircuts a drama at your place?
Did you mistakenly give your young girl a ‘fringe’ and now regret it big time?
Do you need a haircut?

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Competition closes January 3, 2014 at 3.33pm. The winner will be posted or hand delivered TWO Gift Vouchers that are redeemable at one of three salons across the Gold Coast and there is also a salon in Charlestown, Newcastle (NSW). I must add that you have until April, 2014 to use it and by then there might be a franchise open near you! A winner will be chosen by random draw and notified by email, twitter (where applicable) and published on this blog. One entry per person only. Open to Australian residents only. Prize not redeemable for cash. No money was offered to do this giveaway, in fact I even turned down a free haircut package, that’s how unbiased I am. All opinions and bad jokes are solely my own.


  1. We all just had haircuts the other day and we have a mobile hairdresser now. I looked at this place before we went down this path and it looked awesome! But we decided that with my husband and Mister 3′s hair growing so fast it would mean very outings anyway! So now we all get done at home and the stress levels are much reduced :-)

    If I had a daughter I would be particularly excited to take her to a salon like that. What fun! Thy boys look like they had a great time too :-)

  2. I gave my daughter a fringe, and I have a fringe. You’ve just made me extremely paranoid…Fringist!

    • Ha ha – It’s a personal preference but my daughter just didn’t have the hair line for it and caused problems! Hard to keep tied back too! Love me a funky fringe – I don’t have the face for it! Have I dug myself a deeper hole?

  3. Wish I knew about this place when I lived in Newcastle, but since moving back to Melbourne I’ve found a good kids hairdresser, How much more relaxing is it?!! Its awesome, your little cuties look adorable.

  4. Confession: Ive never brought Lil Pumpkin to a hairdresser before hehe.

    But I do believe that getting a good and trustworthy one is very important. I’ve been going to mine for the past 5 years since I moved back to SG. Will not change unless he dies (or closes shop) :p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. What a brilliant idea! My three year old has had her hair cut once and it went pretty well fortunately. My one year old has a massive mop of curls already, so I can tell we’re going to have to get her a mop chop in the very near future. The girls have wavy hair, so a fringe is not practical. I on the other hand was given a fringe by my mum when I was a kid and it was beyond horrendous. It was crooked and looked like a mullet. BTW I think the correct term for a child mullet is a chullet ;) Another brilliant idea my sis told me about recently is a dentist that dresses up as a fairy. You get a photo with her and a dvd. Brilliant. My sis lives down your way, so let me know if you want me to give you the deets.

  6. The little man is quite good with haircuts, his first haircut was at place similar to ziggetty’s when he was 6 months old. These days he knows the drill, and copes really well!

  7. My daughter is three and I have never got her hair cut. I asked my hairdresser if this was bad and she said no because the first hairs don’t get split ends. We will be needing a hair cut soon though because her hair is getting really long and I think if it was shorter it would be easier to manage. Having said that, I would love to cut her locks off and donate her hair for kids that lose their’s fighting cancer.

  8. That place looks awesome Em!
    I had Bell’s hair cut into a bob with fringe when she was one, and have had to keep getting it trimmed every 6 weeks since. Definitely not going to get my calculator out for that one……I hate to think what I could have spent all those haircuts on!! x

  9. What cute photo’s and haircuts! Your kids are such cutie patooties! As you know, my kids are big kids now so I won’t enter your comp … but geez louise I wish there had’ve been a salon like this around when mine were little! x

  10. I cut all my kids hair now. So much easier for all of us!

  11. I took my little guy to a similar place for his first hair cut too. They are the best places ever. My almost 3 year old has these gorgeous locks and I haven’t had the heart to cut it yet. She will lose it when I do decide to do it. How freakin cute are your kids! Whilst looking at the pics I wanted to reach through the screen and grab those gorgeous little cheeks….yep I’m one of those mums! :) x

  12. My son used to have epic meltdowns upon arrival at the hairdressers. Some had to give up because it got too dangerous trying to cut his hair with his tantrum. It was a truly painful experience for everyone who witnessed it. I can’t remember when he outgrew his hatred of hairdressers…but we are thankful he did! (and we didn’t have any cute cars or similar for him to sit in back then)!.

  13. Oh my goodness, my big boy absolutely HATES having his hair cut… He just screams and keeps saying ‘all done’ ‘all done’. We live just north of the gold coast, but I think a trip down will be worth it, if it means fewer/no tears and he ends up with an even haircut instead of the chop job I end up doing. Thanks!

  14. I kept a handful of my son’s hair from his first haircut. We also went to a fancy salon for kids and he loved it!
    My 2yo little girl is another story, she has curly hair and we are lucky if she will allow us to touch it once a day to make her look human. She has not gotten a haircut yet!

  15. We had dramas for like the first FIVE haircuts…and it was always DOUBLE the DRAMA at the hairdresser’s. We got very adventurous getting their haircut in Indonesia…OMG…I didn’t think we’d come out of that place alive.
    Mullets ROCK!!! :)

  16. My nephew went through the terrified of haircuts stage. Funnily enough his favourite book at the time was about a sheep who needed a haircut!!!!

  17. My mum loves to tell the story of my first hair cut. She said I was super excited about it all..until I saw the scissors. Mum said it was like a scene from the exorcist. I went from calm to screaming banshee as soon as I saw the scissors in the hairdressers hand. I of course don’t remember it and think she must be making it up ;)

  18. I used to cut our daughters hair until Hubby said ENOUGH! She loves getting her hair cut because they straighten it for her and give her a lolly pop!
    She has a fringe but she loves it and won’t grow it out.

  19. Gosh I would have loved that salon when I was a kid. I was a screamer for my first haircut haha. My kids were okay except the boys would never sit still. I remember coming from work when my ex was looking after the boys (they were about three) and Cameron had cut his beautiful long eyelashes off! I was so cranky that he could have poked his eye out…but he did look rather hilarious and they took ages to grow back :)
    Lovely photographs of your kids Emily! :)

  20. My daughter is almost 3 and still hasn’t had a haircut! She has the wildest ringlets, I can’t even get a comb through them, good luck to the hairdresser that gives Fez her first cut lol :)

  21. So cute!

    My big girl has been to a couple of pamper parties at our “local” ziggety snippits and they did a wonderful job. Very glamourous for seven-year-olds!

  22. You have some cute kids there!! I remember we gave my nephew his first haircut in an empty bath and he thought it was great for about the first 2 seconds and then cracked it… ever since then he has gone to an actual hairdresser!!! xx

  23. If only we could work out what little ones are thinking when something different happens to them!! That hairdresser’s looks incredible….I have never thought to take my boys to one when they were little, wished we had :)
    And yeah our boys have a fear of the unknown, which is why sometimes we have to go some where on a regular basis for them to feel comfortable! Other times they are “go with the flow” – love those moments, wished they happened more often.
    Love how you had to hold your little one down for a haircut…brings back some memories for me!!

  24. I’ve never heard of that hairdresser. What a fab idea :) Would ya look at those happy little spunks of yours!! Dora is so wiggly and loves tilting her head to one side when looking in the mirror – tricky for the hairdresser :)

  25. I’m definitely behind the times, I didn’t even know hairdressers existed exclusively for kids. My almost 2 year old needs a haircut badly so this could be perfect…and we live on the GC! Your photos are adorable, love the spiky after do :)

  26. I gave my baby girl a fringe too back in the day. I just kept cuttingit shorter and shorter until it was even…but..it was so so terribly short! I told myself it was very EUROPEAN and like Amelie in the movie, but I think it was AWFUL. People were quite polite about it at the time. Poor kid!

  27. I used to have to cut Jake’s hair while he was asleep, up until he was about 3. It’s one of the reasons he wears a LOT of hats in many of his baby pictures. He still hates it, aged 16, but at least he no longer tries to flee.


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