A sunrise is good for the soul – Wordless Wednesday

When your kids wake before 5am you can either accept it or fight it - I've tried fighting it and I'm the only one that suffers. So over Easter when were camping resort-style I got my gorgeous trio up and dressed in time to see the sunrise. The … [Read More...]


The art of nagging successfully!

Husbands, partners, hand brakes, whatever you call your significant other, they play a huge part in your happiness. Once kids arrive, sleep … [Read More...]

Yes it does appear that her hair looks more green than yellow but shitburgers how was I to know?

Never make a promise you can’t keep.

Smart parents know to NEVER tell a young child about an exciting event until they're in the car en route to said event. WHY? Because things change, … [Read More...]


Do your fears hold your children back? Wordless Wednesday

Less people are letting their kids get on a flying fox or climb a tree in case they hurt themselves. Some even refuse to take them to playgrounds with fireman poles just in case they should fall and break a limb. But shouldn't we let children take … [Read More...]


Why a hug from Mrs Woog has ignited a fire in ma belly

I'm soaring really high right now - yep at about 37,000ft. I'm also tired, slightly dusty, and sitting near the noisy wing of a plane admiring the drinks trolley magnificent clouds on approach to the Gold Coast. My short and sweet trip to the … [Read More...]

Introducing three pieces of my heart!

Mum to three wearing King Gee – Laugh Link

Last month I wrote a sweet poem to my gorgeous daughter on her 6th birthday. The quick-witted Mark over at Full Half Glass asked me for: "a tongue-in-cheek version in the Have A Laugh On Me style". I thought I'd write a poem about being a mum to … [Read More...]


Awesome Arrowroot Easter Eggs – ‘baking’ for lazy people!

Are your kids nagging you to do something Easter-ish this weekend? Maybe they want to make or bake something? For those of you who hate mess and cooking I have the perfect solution and there's no effort involved and even better, NO COOKING … [Read More...]


A hospital visit, Voices 2014 and the dreaded mummy guilt

Today I'm in Sydney being inspired by some of Australia's most successful bloggers! After the three-hour masterclass I'll either have a spring in my step or I'll feel like I'm a fish out of water. If you see me today and I look haggard well … [Read More...]


Why we should be careful what we say to our kids

As parents we are privileged to have the complete trust of our children - when they are unsure or scared they look to us to comfort them. We have such an important role because kids believe every word we say, well until they're six and then they … [Read More...]


How to REALLY make a splash – Wordless Wednesday

A year ago if you had told me my son would be leaping into our pool with reckless abandon I would have laughed my head off. Up until a few months ago he used to be a step-dweller only, his fear holding him back from the joys of water. But just … [Read More...]


The Digital Parents Blog Carnival – March 2014

It's been my privilege to collate 43 blog posts on a variety of subjects for the March 2014 Digital Parents Blog Carnival. Listed below is the crème de la crème from a variety of bloggers, from foodies to funnies and everything in between. Please … [Read More...]

Look at that gorgeous fake smile ready for the camera!

Are we creating photo-obsessed children?

If you're anything like me you take at least 30 photos a day from your phone. And I say phone because these days a smartphone now doubles as a watch, alarm clock, calculator and most importantly a camera. Very rare is the person with an actual … [Read More...]


Top 7 truths about kids no one dares tell you – Laugh Link!

It's not all raindrops and roses as a parent, but very few will admit this. Most only speak to their child-free friends about the love, joy and laughter that their offspring bring them. But others, such as myself, believe that in the interest of … [Read More...]