Top 5 things I’m loving & hating right now!

The five things I'm hating right now are: 1. Celebrities. I don't care what they wear, eat, fall over, shag or say. I've never been a fan of stars, yes I love perving at hotties such as Hugh Jackman and yes I used to collect Lady Diana books when I … [Read More...]

Is there a doctor in the house, check out his dorky fridge! Mental note NOT to go back to the same hairdresser as last time!

Vampire kids, a big moon and a cute doctor – Wordless Wednesday!

My iPhone was starting to feel unloved so this week I'm sharing some snaps from it. Well three of them - I'm sure you can pick which … [Read More...]

Katrina Springer meet

My interview with Kat from The Organised Housewife!

Being a journo/writer gives you a free pass to interview some incredible people. Take Katrina Springer from The Organised Housewife for example, a … [Read More...]


A never-fail recipe for Surviving Parenthood – Laugh Linkup!

A recipe from the Have A Laugh On Me kitchen of chaos! Surviving Parenthood Ingredients: 1 large cup of pick your battles. 2 eyes at the back of your head. A dash of cranky pants. A generous serve of patience, this is often in very … [Read More...]

featured 9_5640073960061728918_n

How you can change the world of one person – Rafiki Mwema

At 3am this morning I was helping my six-year-old battle another hour-long coughing fit. Rain was falling softly for the first time in months helping to ease the drought affecting most of Queensland. But as I was rubbing my girl's back to … [Read More...]

Woogs special guest

I’m chilling over at Woogsworld for the day, come visit!

Don’t kids say the strangest things? I nearly choked the other day when my daughter said very loudly to her teacher that “even my mummy uses bottom cream”. The way I saw it I had two choices..... CLICK HERE TO VISIT WOOGSWORLD  AND FIND OUT … [Read More...]

problogger angel's

On losing a shoe at ProBlogger – An oldie but a goodie!

"Good afterno...morning - um - have I got the Hilton Hotel? Yes. "Phew, I was just wondering if anyone has handed in a black, high-heeled shoe - I was there last night for a blogging function and I'm missing a shoe." Is this a joke? "Umm … [Read More...]

maddness featured

Is it just me or has this week been shithouse?

I know that no one likes to read grumpy, cranky posts, well except for me. There's nothing more refreshing than someone being honest enough to whine for no good reason. Yes we all have so much to be grateful for but right now I'm in a bad mood … [Read More...]

brothers in arms

Boys will be boys! – Wordless Wednesday

Boys are busy and boisterous but they are also tender, caring and sensitive. The key to getting the right balance is to 'run them' - in other words whenever possible let them jump, leap, stomp and burn off their insatiable appetite for … [Read More...]


Top 10 tips every first-time ProBlogger attendee should know!

The countdown is on for the highly anticipated ProBlogger Training Event in my home town, the Gold Coast, on August 29-30. Seasoned attendees are semi-prepared but newbies are no doubt slightly unsure of what to expect. I went last year and was … [Read More...]


The winner of the $150 hamper from The Body Shop is….

A few weeks ago I  wrote a post urging everyone to not ignore their pelvic floor. As an added incentive I provided this scrumptious piece of eye candy to further push home my message. I was also giving away a $150 hamper from The Body Shop … [Read More...]

Danger -2  June 2013

It’s time to bring back common sense! – Laugh Linkup

Has no one got any common sense anymore? I casually flicked through the manual of a kick-ass juicer that I won and some of the warnings and instructions are just REDICK! Does anyone actually think putting a digit anywhere near a blade is a good … [Read More...]


Who do you take for granted?

It's so easy to take people for granted. I was speaking to a Kindy mum and she told me about a girl's weekend she had planned. She was about to drop off her children to her mum's place and then get on her way. I told her I was extremely jealous … [Read More...]