Well just look who I have in my arms!

I'm in the car writing this as the hubby and I head to a movie. He's doing some bad smash poetry to a kid's book The Big Red Bath...and I'm trying VERY hard not to criticise his driving.... Anyway last night we had night off from the joys of … [Read More...]


Watch out schoolies I’m on a mission to hug Hughesy!

If my little sis can meet Richard Branson and my older David Attenborough, surely I can find a way to hug Hughesy! Watch out schoolies* and … [Read More...]


Don’t forget to listen to your kids!

Today I was desperate to get the kids out the door but now I just want them back in my arms! It's a hectic work day for me Thursday but as I sit … [Read More...]


Why my iron made a cameo.

It's been about two years since I've used my iron. No that's a lie I can't remember when Iris last had an outing - such is my loathe of ironing. My 3-year-old asked what is was when I retrieved from the dungeon it resides in. I told him it was … [Read More...]


What was I thinking buying this?

There's a white elephant in my house. Okay it's more beige and has 4 fake mice swinging from it but you catch my drift. I've nicknamed it the Taj Mahal because it's very fancy and a place I would love to hang on if I were a cat. But it's … [Read More...]

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On parenting kids who know it all? Laugh Link

Everyone is our household is a freaking know-it-all right now. It makes parenting tough when everyone is an expert, it makes it ever harder when we're all stubborn! The most common thing you'll hear my kids say is "I already know that" or "You … [Read More...]

toilet roll hanging

Forget Russian warships, Putin on toilet paper divides masses.

Forget Russian warships, it's how people are Putin loo paper on the roll that is dividing the masses*. Gone are the days when I report on high-profile court cases or try to decipher the facts from the spin after an interview with a greasy … [Read More...]

Sept to November, HB trip 1544

Google thinks I’m a cranky mum!

I've been a bit of a stink blogger recently because I haven't divulged lots of personal stuff. But I wonder whether I'm boring you talking about myself all the time, it's not like I'm that interesting. Right now I'm particularly cranky in … [Read More...]

Sept to November, HB trip 1503

A few funny sayings to brighten your day!

I'm a sucker for a silly or funny sayings, some people have such sharp minds. My used to be reasonably sharp but it's become quite blunt over the years...must work on that. Enjoy these and share with friends that might need a smile today or … [Read More...]

featured1 kate hudson side boob

Forget the side-boob let’s embrace the low boob!

Forget about the side-boob I'm bringing back the low boob! If you aren't abreast of current fashion trends and all that jazz then you might not have read about Kate Hudson and her friendly side-boob. I'll summarise it for those who don't have … [Read More...]

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Drink bottles leak & linen cupboards suck – Laugh Link

Drink bottles will always leak and linen cupboards will always be a shit fight. These are just two of the 100's of truths that I have figured out since I had kids and became more boring. While I'm peeved some science geek hasn't invented the … [Read More...]


This is your captain speaking…

Good morning I'm Captain Wing It and it's my pleasure to welcome you aboard flight Shit You're In For A Shock to Parenthood. The weather at your destination is completely unpredictable but will include confusion, frustration, tears, unconditional … [Read More...]


Where I escaped to – Wordless Wednesday

In case you haven't heard I abandoned my family over the weekend. Yip I took leave without absence and surprised someone I have been friends with since I was 12. Here's where I escaped to - not a bad spot eh? Have you taken a few … [Read More...]