Nothing like a shit show to start the day – An oldie but a goodie!

Right now I'm lying in a hotel bed relaxing - all by myself! Here's something I wrote a few years ago when I was in the midst of toilet training hell!   Why is it that whenever you REALLY need to get something done by a certain time … [Read More...]

write styling

Today I launch my new website – Write Styling!

So today my new website is due to go live and I'm VERY excited! I present to you  Write Styling - words with impact. For the past few years I've … [Read More...]

skydiving featured

Don’t be afraid to haggle with insurance agencies!

This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Youi  I'd like to think that I'm not an overly cautious person, in fact I walk under ladders … [Read More...]

butterfly neck

Strike a pose – Wordless Wednesday

Like most bloggers I'm not adverse to taking the odd selfie or 20, but posing for photos for someone else is another story! Earlier this week I had to get some head shots done and thankfully a friend offered to do them for me. She owns Little … [Read More...]


Should I encourage my girl to stay away from big kids?

Is it just me or do you worry that your young kids are playing with older ones at school? Quite often during break times my daughter hangs out with kids that are a few years her senior. She doesn't know any personally but has met a few because … [Read More...]


How to go clothes shopping like a boss – Laugh Linkup

A fashion and style guru I am not, however when the occasion calls for it I can frock up with the best of them! Well that is what I tell myself, whether or not it's true is another story. Anyway this week I have a luncheon, an evening … [Read More...]


Some days being a mum just isn’t enough for me.

What I'm about to say might not sit well with lots of people. But this isn't about how anyone else lives their life, it's about my life, my journey, my happiness. So here goes: There are days when being a mum just isn't enough for me. I … [Read More...]


Parenting would be a breeze if… An oldie but a goodie!

I guarantee that right now you are thinking about the next thing you have to clean, cook or tidy up? Well if you aren't then you are now - sorry about that. If you're anything like me then I feel sorry for you domestic duties are a constant … [Read More...]


Top 5 things I’m loving & hating right now!

The five things I'm hating right now are: 1. Celebrities. I don't care what they wear, eat, fall over, shag or say. I've never been a fan of stars, yes I love perving at hotties such as Hugh Jackman and yes I used to collect Lady Diana books … [Read More...]

Is there a doctor in the house, check out his dorky fridge! Mental note NOT to go back to the same hairdresser as last time!

Vampire kids, a big moon and a cute doctor – Wordless Wednesday!

My iPhone was starting to feel unloved so this week I'm sharing some snaps from it. Well three of them - I'm sure you can pick which ones. What exciting things have you done or seen in the past week?Every Wednesday I … [Read More...]

Katrina Springer meet

My interview with Kat from The Organised Housewife!

Being a journo/writer gives you a free pass to interview some incredible people. Take Katrina Springer from The Organised Housewife for example, a fellow Gold Coaster and arguably Australia's most successful and popular parenting/lifestyle … [Read More...]


A never-fail recipe for Surviving Parenthood – Laugh Linkup!

A recipe from the Have A Laugh On Me kitchen of chaos! Surviving Parenthood Ingredients: 1 large cup of pick your battles. 2 eyes at the back of your head. A dash of cranky pants. A generous serve of patience, this is often in very … [Read More...]

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How you can change the world of one person – Rafiki Mwema

At 3am this morning I was helping my six-year-old battle another hour-long coughing fit. Rain was falling softly for the first time in months helping to ease the drought affecting most of Queensland. But as I was rubbing my girl's back to … [Read More...]