Forget my bucket list here’s a ‘fucket list’

Before I cark it the list of things I want to do and see is virtually endless. Seriously there is almost nothing I DON'T want to do, so instead of sharing a traditional bucket list I thought I'd reveal my fucket list. According to the Urban … [Read More...]


Is this the best kid’s bus shelter ever? – Wordless Wednesday

I remember our school bus shelter as a kid, it was full of spiders and I hated having to sit in it when it was raining. The one we spotted in Colac … [Read More...]


Is it time to get over ourselves?

Not every comment on a person's Facebook page or blog is meant to insult or offend us personally. But for some reason we seem intent on taking … [Read More...]


Here’s 5 ways I annoy people! – Laugh Link

People like me don't just quietly live their lives, somehow we seem to offend, upset or mortify others without even knowing. And by people like me, I mean those who speak their minds, wear their heart on their sleeves and usually call a spade a … [Read More...]

fairy's toothbrush

How to find a fairy’s toothbrush!

The best thing about being a child is believing in magic. Kids have such open minds and the world is full of incredible possibilities. One of my favourite things to do is to encourage them to dream, imagine and discover new things, especially … [Read More...]


Why you should NEVER touch your phone while driving.

We can all get a bit complacent about cars and our phones. Nearly two years ago I was on my way to a kid-free night with my sister and it cost me nearly $400. Here's how it went down back in 2012.... In hindsight, telling the policeman who … [Read More...]


A rant from a crazy cat lady!

If comparison is the thief of joy then what is envy? I've had one of those days when all I have seen on social media land is so many happy farking people. UGH. We're all smiling, happy and so grateful and yes I'm tired and cranky but when … [Read More...]

new abode

On randomly adopting two RSPCA cats!

Yesterday I went shopping for air beds and came home with two RSPCA cats! We've been talking about getting a cat at some stage to help our boys develop a love and compassion for animals, as you've probably read they are both scared of dogs. Anyway, … [Read More...]


Touching snow is a rite of passage – Wordless Wednesday

Thanks to the Disney movie Frozen my kids didn't realise that snow was actually freezing cold! In fact they were quite shocked when they touched it, I think they were expecting fairy-floss consistency. Seeing snow for the first time is a rite … [Read More...]


What I really think about mummy bloggers!

I started this blog as a place to vent my frustration about the crazy world of parenting and working from home. Like most women that left work to have babies I didn't want to continually bore my friends with my daily whine so I started publishing … [Read More...]


Hey parenting ‘experts’ – stop labelling us! Laugh Link

When will 'experts' stop trying to find new labels for parents? We've all heard about cotton wool and helicopter parenting but now there's a new label on the block - the 'lawnmower parent'. How do they come up with this crap? Are lawnmower … [Read More...]

Here's to being yourself

Friendship is a fickle beast.

I've had an epiphany about friends and friendship. Over the weekend I spent the morning with one of my boarding school chums, our friendship is nearly 25 years young. Conversation was easy, silence wasn't awkward and our strong-willed … [Read More...]


The day I told a huge lie to my kids.

It's a tough old world out there. If you've been following along with my baby bird saga you might be wondering how Hiccup is doing. After rescuing it from our pool on Thursday and obsessing about whether I had interfered with Mother Nature's … [Read More...]