What I REALLY Got On Valentine’s Day

Your news feeds will either be awash with flowers, chocolate, homemade cards  or posts bemoaning how Valentine's Day is commercial. What you're unlikely to see is a photo like this, one that I took this morning after I nearly fell face first on … [Read More...]

The Day An Ugly Duckling Got Flowers At Boarding School + Giveaway

Having a birthday on the 15th of February used be quite the coup for me at boarding school. You see my godmother is a florist and February 14 is … [Read More...]

On Picking Up The Pieces

My heart nearly broke in two during our most recent holiday to the Sunshine Coast, and sadly I have my beloved ocean to blame for it! Fossicking … [Read More...]

It’s Time I Conformed…

It's time I conformed and joined the rest of the world in Moderationville. You see for the past few months I've gone rogue and been living it up large in Excessconsumptionland. What a blast it's been, but my time there has resulted in some … [Read More...]

7 Ways Parents Who Aren’t Into Kid’s Games Can Connect

Written in collaboration with Bupa I've finally made peace with the fact that I’m not the kind of mum that plays for hours with my three kids. … [Read More...]

Exciting News For Harry Potter Fans + Giveaway

Brought to you by Warner Bros. Consumer Products It goes against every ounce of my being to see a movie before I've read the book. As for the world's most popular wizard, Harry Potter, I have to confess I saw the movies first. In fact I've only … [Read More...]

The End Of An Era, And Taking A Lover!

My husband just told me that I could now get a boyfriend. … [Read More...]

The Bicycle Seat That I REFUSE To Use!

Don't fall off your couch, bicycle, throne (no judgement), pool lounger - or wherever you are reading this post from.... I, Emily have taken the time to sit down to my much neglected blog and say HELLO POSSUMS! We've spent the past few hours in … [Read More...]

Why My Family Is A Dysfunctional (Yet Awesome) Team

This post is brought to you by Bupa Australia I like to think of my family as a team. Sure it’s quite a dysfunctional one with lots of infighting, wrinkly uniforms and a coach who has a tendency to yell more than she should, but I wouldn’t have it … [Read More...]

9 Skills You Must Possess To Survive As A Parent

Written in collaboration with Upskilled Taking a roast out of the oven without burning my thumb is not a skill I possess. But I do have a fabulously massive gap between my big toe that enables me to collect items off the floor … [Read More...]

Why You MUST Return To Dreamworld Despite The Recent Tragedy

It's time everyone returned to Dreamworld, the Gold Coast theme park where four people died in tragic circumstances in October. My three children went today and I didn't have any reservations at all. In fact I was thrilled to be able to support it … [Read More...]

A No-Craft Christmas Scavenger Hunt Kids Love

Because of my dislike of all things crafty, there's no toilet roll angels or glitter-soaked baubles in my joint at Christmas time. So you might think my kids get a bum deal, but this is far from true. Instead each day in the lead-up to Xmas my … [Read More...]

When Emotions Are Running High

Nothing says 'emotions are running high' at Christmas like a frumpy woman crying into her dim sims at the local shopping centre. This was me over the weekend when the kids and I left a hung-over dad at home and visited the library to return an … [Read More...]