My child caught me getting frisky…

*this was my guest post over at Woogsworld in August 2014... Don’t kids say the strangest things? I nearly choked the other day when my child said very loudly to the teacher that “even my mummy uses bottom cream”. The way I saw it I had two … [Read More...]

Mothers Day Traditional 1

I’m a photo canvas addict + Giveaway.

Remember back in the day when it was a status symbol to have a large photo on canvas in your house? They took pride of place in the entry way or … [Read More...]


The place that guilt lives.

Watching a school mum who is pregnant with her FIFTH child waddle across the road I felt a pang of jealously. She held her toddler's hand gently in … [Read More...]


Top 7 signs you need to get a life.

I met a friend for coffee this morning and we laughed about our lack of lives. Okay maybe she was just laughing at me but let's just pretend we were on the same page. She was going to come over to mine and while my house is reasonably … [Read More...]

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Would you let your kids on this? 

A combo of being ridiculously unco and slightly chicken shit is probably why I never learned to do a proper flip on the trampoline. These days thanks to a dodgy undercarriage I spend as little time on the thing as possible, much to my children's … [Read More...]


I’m not everyone’s cup of tea + more

On Mondays I'm torn between wanting to do everything and do diddly squat. Usually the latter wins. There's a swag of weird stuff happening in the world right now, personally I'm WAY behind in work because last week I had a mini-breakdown. I'm … [Read More...]


All the little things. 

I've been alone in my bedroom room for five minutes and not one child has come to find me. They've either all been abducted by aliens or are playing nicely in their bedrooms.  Third option is more likely, my husband has given them the … [Read More...]


Why I hate gutter ‘journalism’.

I'm disgusted at what some online 'writers' consider newsworthy content. Quite frankly there's too many lazy people getting way too much freedom in regards to what they write and who they write about. Move over chequebook journalism hello … [Read More...]


On having a mini breakdown – yes it’s a thing.

We ran out of loo paper today and it was the straw the broke the tired mother's back. As I looked at a miserable pile of tissues (substitute toilet paper) on the window sill above the empty holder, I shook my head in disbelief. How can I get to … [Read More...]


I hate to sound like a psychopath but…

I hate to sound like a psychopath but I'd much rather saw my arm off with a toothpick than have plastic surgery. It's not as though I couldn't do with a bit of work here and there. Maybe a bit of lipo to reduce the size of my girth or a … [Read More...]


Stop telling your son to be a superhero.

Last week my son asked me to remove the nail polish he had on before going to school. He said he was worried about being teased, that his classmates might laugh at him. He's only 5. I told him they wouldn't but he said one of his little mates … [Read More...]


An open letter to idiot drivers.

Now that I have kids I stick to the speed limit*. But every day, especially on the way to school and daycare, I have cars who insist on tailgating me because they're late, or an a-hole, and it drives me bonkers! Here is a rant I wrote  back … [Read More...]


Why online friendships are often more genuine.

Sometimes in life you're surrounded by complete dickheads. Other times you stumble across rare gems that only exist on the periphery of your life but really add value to it. That is what blogging is for me. Across Australia and the globe I've … [Read More...]