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Behold… the contents of my handbag!

Do you judge a person by what car they are driving or the clothes they wear? Looking at my daggy handbag you probably think that I had very little fashion sense and am rather dull. You'd be right on the first assumption. But it's what's … [Read More...]

Ahhhh the serenity.

Like a bird on a wire – Wordless Wednesday

No arguing, no negotiating, no nappy changing and most importantly no cooking for kids that moan through every meal I make. I had nearly 24 hours … [Read More...]

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Repeat after me – do not ignore your pelvic floor!

This is a sponsored post for the Continence Foundation of Australia Take it from a woman who has birthed three children in three and a half … [Read More...]


An interview that nearly ended in divorce – Laugh Linkup

This is quite possibly one of the WORST interviews I have ever conducted. The person was aloof, a bit rude and tried to end the conversation after just two questions. But like the professional I am, I forged through. I was inspired to … [Read More...]

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10 things men think but rarely say – An oldie but a goodie!

Learning when to hold your tongue is a trait many of us aren’t so great at. But in order to survive parenthood and marriage, many couples refrain from saying things they would LOVE to get off their chest. I recently I wrote a post about books … [Read More...]

The leaders of the future.

How do you quiet your fears of the future?

I'm not usually prone to worrying about things that I can't control or change but today I feel like I've been whacked in the chest. Another plane was shot down. I say another because it's my belief that this is what happened to the first Malaysian … [Read More...]


Tips to keep editors happy & get your work published!

As a rookie journo more than a decade ago my writing was often attacked by the dreaded red pen. My chief of staff would print out my lovingly crafted news article, lather it in red pen and then throw it back at me mumbling that it needed … [Read More...]

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A spider, a dragon and a princess – Wordless Wednesday

Like a deprived child in a candy store I crave taking photos with my DSLR. Everywhere we go I'm like a tourist, eager to snap up large at anything that catches my eye. I haven't figured how to edit photos and quite frankly I don't really want … [Read More...]

Your Best Year Yet -featured

This book kick-started my journey to awesome!

Watch out world because I'm about to get my shit together! In the past 48 hours I have made a weekly meal plan, YES A MEAL PLAN, booted my kids out of the playroom they don't use and started the process of setting up a website. Shit is about to get … [Read More...]


Six signs you’re a Harry Hoarder! – Laugh Linkup

Are you the sort of person that keeps the buttons you get with new clothes? You know the ones in a nice little baggie? I used to keep them, but not because I'll actually ever sew, because I have a habit of keeping things I don't need, like an … [Read More...]


Why Gen Y’ers will rule the world – an oldie but a goodie!

So if you haven’t heard Generation Y is going to come of age and rule the world! I’m a little miffed at this really – not being one of those born between 1981 and 1994. I recently interviewed a senior consultant for a global recruitment company … [Read More...]

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Do you tell people what they want to hear?

If someone asked you how you were right now what would you say? Would you give them the truth or tell them what they wanted to hear? I often censor my answer depending on who is asking, who they might tell, what they really want to hear and how … [Read More...]


Time with grandparents is precious – Wordless Wednesday

Nothing says school holidays like a trip to my parents rural property. An electric blanket makes it hard to get out of bed, the fog makes for gorgeous sunrise shots. But most importantly my children get to bond with their grandparents - now that is … [Read More...]