I hate thinking up blog post titles. 

This morning I opened up my brain and these observations, anecdotes and inappropriate remarks fell out. Happy Monday and if you can't be good then be good at it! 1. The kids weren't joking this morning when they said there was a … [Read More...]


This Anzac post I wrote has been viewed by 500,000 people.

Last night I got an adorable email from an 84-year-old who is the daughter of a WWI survivor. She thanked me for telling the story of her late … [Read More...]

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A study has confirmed that I’m sick of reading about the vaccination debate.

I can not begin to explain the hatred I feel every time I see the word 'vaccinate'. It makes me want to vaccinate myself against all the annoying … [Read More...]


The day I failed my son.

Sometimes you get it so dreadfully wrong as a parent. Last week I thought my son was responsible for a little girl breaking her arm at the trampoline park. You see I saw him bounce on the same trampoline as the girl before she fell awkwardly … [Read More...]


To the guy who slid off his motorbike in front of me wearing a singlet top.

Copping an eyeful of your shoulder bone wasn't how I envisaged starting my Saturday night out. Sure it's probably cool to show off your great rack by wearing shorts and singlet on your flash motorbike but it's very stupid. Why the hell weren't … [Read More...]


Why I had a breast ultrasound.

There's nothing like having a breast ultrasound to give you a little perspective. I was almost 99% sure there was nothing to be worried about but it's better to be safe than sorry I say. My doctor suggested the procedure because while she … [Read More...]


This photo has outraged some parents.

Take a good look at the image below, notice anything different? Yes these $120 an hour babysitters now take PAYPASS! For $2.24 ( the .24 is a surcharge for using your credit card) you can amuse your kids for 2 minutes and then spend another 30 … [Read More...]


Why I’ll never be a stylish exerciser.

Arms were flapping in the rear-view mirror but I couldn't hear the kids fighting because the radio was on full tit. Someone had touched someone or whispered something and now there was fisty cuffs in the back seat. It's a shame this morning's … [Read More...]


If I ran a parenting course… 

If I ran a parenting course, as each attendee arrived a child would spew, poo or vomit on or near them. After they'd dealt with that everyone in the room would ignore everything they said before throwing themselves on the ground and chucking a … [Read More...]


When strangers tell your kids off!

There are two sorts of old farts who go to a kid's movie during the school holidays. 1. Grandparents who've been roped into taking Sally and Sam and are hoping like hell they don't wee themselves during the film, the grandkids that is, not … [Read More...]


27 posts I’m too scared, lazy or nervous to publish.

Sometimes I open my mouth and bullocks just falls out. Other times I fart around for ages thinking about exactly what I'm trying to say. Then there are times I write posts, then decide against publishing them or I write headlines for posts I … [Read More...]


What will be the strangest thing you do today?

Buying fish Valium is not even the strangest thing I'll end up doing today. I've already inadvertently flashed people in a hot air balloon that drifted past my house, stopped the cat from devouring the fish and got on my knees and begged my son to … [Read More...]


A touch of shameless spruiking!

I'm not going to sugarcoat it, this post is all about me flogging my business so I can have an overseas holiday or two. I'd like to introduce you to Write Styling - words with impact - it's not new to me but it might be to you! Before the end … [Read More...]