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I just got a little weirder + giveaway!

*This hilarious post is bought to you by Kneeplay Just when you thought I couldn't get any weirder I'm about to drop another doozy. I'm a cricketer! I was in my high school's First XI as an opening batswoman and I was the best silly mid off on … [Read More...]

This is on my bucket list!

Don’t give boring presents this Christmas!

*This post is brought to you by Shop A Docket Are you flapping around like a blue arsed fly trying to get everything done in time for the … [Read More...]


You MUST read this if you’re self employed!

*The post has been sponsored by CareSuper. A 101 Ways To Cook With Potatoes will be your go-to recipe book in old age if you don't start sorting out … [Read More...]


On falling in love with a blue-eyed boy 5 years ago!

'Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the hospital Many tired and weary mothers were feeling inhospitable. Newborns were snuffling and crying out loud. But one mother felt nothing but proud. She clung to her newborn son with tears in … [Read More...]


The day terror walked through Australia’s front door.

Yesterday the fabric of Australian society was torn irrevocably. Two innocent lives were lost in the Sydney siege and many more were injured physically and scarred emotionally. The person responsible for this act of terror was an unhinged man … [Read More...]

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Now that’s karma!

My daughter just asked me how to write the word virgin and my heart skipped a beat. Too many seconds later she followed it up by asking me how to spell Australia. Phew. I've never been so excited to help a child fly a paper plane in my entire … [Read More...]


Happiness is accepting you have no control over others.

The sooner we realise that we have no control how other people act and react the happier we will be. It's not as easy as it sounds, in fact it's frustrating, infuriating and often heartbreaking. So while everyone else is busy working on … [Read More...]


This post might make you feel better about your day!

It's only 10.30 and already I have bought and downloaded 4 new iPad apps. My son just told me he, aka the dinosaur he is pretending to me, just ate a man! My daughter then screamed at me because supposedly I love her brother more because I have … [Read More...]


A funny Christmas present for men!

Mushrooms will start growing out of my carpet it's that humid and wet at the moment. Sadly not the magical type, I could do with a little laughter as I divvy up 20 doses of medicine to three kids every day. Quick medical update, two kids are … [Read More...]


It’s time we talked up our kids more!

Having to rip myself away from a scared, screaming and frightened boy was one of hardest things I have had to do. But I had promised my daughter I would be there when she woke up from her tonsil surgery. I left my son, who had woken up hysterical … [Read More...]


On mistaking a child’s anxiety for tiredness.

My son is sick with worry right now. Today he and his older sister are getting their tonsils removed. Over the weekend he was complaining of a sore tummy, acting up and generally misbehaving; I put it down to tiredness. Yesterday he peeped his … [Read More...]

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How to pick your battles with kids – Laugh Link.

When I saw my son eating leftover pizza at 5.30am I had two options. I could have scolded him for helping himself to food from the fridge or I could walk on by without batting an eyelid. I chose the latter. And then went back to bed. This, … [Read More...]

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Help! My 6-year-old has morphed into a teenager!

The air in my house is thick with the attitude that flows from the pores and mouth of my 6-year-old. It's unlike anything that I've experienced before, she's morphed into a teenager and I swear I saw part of her brain when she last eye rolled … [Read More...]