The Ugly Truth About Working From Home

I've been working from home for seven years now, and when I wrote this post in October 2012 I was knee-deep in kids. Much has changed since then, but not the parts about what it's like to work from home! So for your reading pleasure, the ugly … [Read More...]

Is Your Child School Ready?

I have not one single doubt that my child is ready to start school, not just because he's the youngest of three but because he'll be nearly … [Read More...]

21 Christmas Gift Ideas For Teachers That Don’t Suck

As kids zombie drag themselves through the last few days of school, we parents get to fret about what to buy teachers this Christmas. Not just for … [Read More...]

Wheels haven’t fallen off, they’ve exploded!

At the all-girls boarding school I attended at the end of the year we all turned feral. We picked fights, started mistrusting each other and generally turned into nasty bitches. Except me of course I was a complete angel - oh look! A flying … [Read More...]

A Book To Help Children Realise That ‘Even Mummy Cries’ + Giveaway

When I lose all composure and cry out of sheer frustration, I'm sure my children wonder what on earth is going on with me. I can see their little faces riddled with concern about my behaviour. Usually I'm quick to reassure them that I'm just tired … [Read More...]

Was The Grass Greener?

I was tidying up my office a little bit last night and came across so many things from the life I lived years ago. An obituary, a handwritten card from a friend who has now passed away and then a surprising photo of myself just after I skydived. … [Read More...]

Adulting – it’s overrated

As I was chasing my 5yo down the hallway with the TV remote, fearing he was about to flush it, I thought.... Adulting - it's SO overrated. Then last night when I had to get up at 2am (for the fourth time this week) to convince one of my … [Read More...]

Nothing Says Awkward Like….

Brought to you by GroupTogether Nothing says awkward like getting caught trying to adjust your high-waisted body-slimming knickers so it tucks up over that pesky back fat that your bra can’t cover. It's also wildly awkward when you’re in a hurry … [Read More...]

A sight that haunts me to this day

This post is brought to you by Bupa Australia The first time I entered a neonatal intensive care unit I nearly fainted, in fact I had to be taken outside by staff for some fresh air. It wasn’t just the heat of the room; raised for little bodies … [Read More...]

Why someone in our house is now wearing a bell

I'm sure it would come as no surprise to you if I said that one of my boys was now permanently wearing a bell. In fact you probably wouldn't bat an eyelid if I told you it was my cheeky 5yo. … [Read More...]

Four years ago today, my life changed irrevocably

Back in October 2012 my life was absolutely chaotic. Some noticed, in fact a few people raised concerns about the state of my mental health, I just fobbed it off. … [Read More...]

15 perfect mum thoughts I had before motherhood

I was such a freaking perfect mum before I had kids, in fact I was the BEST MUM EVER! You should have seen my halo; it was delicious, circular and unbreakable. My kids were ridiculously amazing and everyone adored them so much. Then I had to go … [Read More...]

I’m not great at ‘playing the game’ & other confessions

Time flies when you nearly slip up over your child's spew in the hallway at 1.30am. It also races by when you can't stop saying yes to work because you... … [Read More...]