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Parenting regrets, I have a few + Win $200 Hip Kids voucher!

This post is brought to you by Hip Kids Now that I'm three children in, there are so many things I'd do differently if I was a first-time mum again. First of all I wouldn't give two honks what other people thought about my parenting decisions and … [Read More...]

Two Chatty Chicks

On dropping my bundle – Two Chatty Chicks podcast

I actually drop my bundle in this week's podcast AND reveal something that shocks Kirsten. It has to do with the police, the bottle shop and mobile … [Read More...]

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You can’t change your kids + Giveaway

One of the biggest shocks I got as a new mum was that babies don't know how to sleep. Well sure they do during those first few weeks but once they … [Read More...]

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Another hefty dose of perspective

I'm just going to cut to the chase. Sometimes it's really stupid and ignorant to tell people to "make sure that you find the time to have 'you time' and look after yourself". Yes I get that we must all do little things just for us to ensure we … [Read More...]

5 things parents SHOULD feeling guilty about!

7 things parents ‘should’ feeling guilty about!

So if you haven't heard you're not allowed to have any guilt anymore, it's so 2010. In fact on a daily basis we're told to ditch it, kick it to the curb and many other unmentionables. Poor guilt, I bet it's just gutted and sad and hiding out in … [Read More...]

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Join us for a live show? Two Chatty Chicks Episode 9

It won't come as any big shock to you that I'm not at the cutting edge of fashion. In fact it would be fair to say that my daughter and mother are both a lot trendier than I and indeed show me up on many occasions. I do like to dress up … [Read More...]

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Why you must be your child’s advocate at school

The parent/teacher relationship can be fickle or fabulous or a combination of both. But just recently I've had to step in and be my child's advocate after they were treated unfairly. I would have preferred not to but sometimes we have no … [Read More...]

A Night With Our Rafikis.

I’m blowing this popcorn stand for A Night With Our Rafikis

In a few hours I'm blowing this popcorn stand and zipping down to Byron Bay for A Night With Our Rafikis. I can not wait to be in a room full of people who are there for one purpose and that is to celebrate all things Rafiki. … [Read More...]

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Who I really am – Part 1

It's been close to 4 years since I started hurling words at the world through this blog and back then my life was incredibly different to what it is now. My 'Who is Emily' page is a bit shit really and some of it was written in sleep-deprived … [Read More...]


Funny podcast alert: Two Chatty Chicks Episode 8

When you work from home all the time just picking the kids up from school is a social event. I'm sure the other school mums see me in their peripheral vision and do their best to avoid me because they know I just want to TALK! … [Read More...]

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19 things I should not be proud of.

I am that person who... 1. Has lost 2 Fitbit chargers in the past 6 months. 2. Lost 3 hands-free ear devices in a year, back in the day when they didn't make iPhone headphones with a microphone. 3. Is yet to write in a nifty book she bought … [Read More...]

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What I’m concerned about as I age.

As I age I'm less concerned about wrinkles and double chins as I am about my wonky eye. Wonky might not be a terribly accurate description, it's probably more like a lazy eye or dopey eye. It's my right, or when you are looking at me your … [Read More...]

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On taking drastic measures to deter a little thief

My parenting style is best described as bloody firm, a little kooky but exceptionally fair. Yesterday I was in the unfortunate position where I had the chance to teach my youngest a harsh life lesson about stealing. … [Read More...]