Two Chatty Chicks

On being an overachiever – Two Chatty Chicks – Ep 7

It's a tricky business this achieving, some days you feel like you're nailing life and others you barely managed to make porridge without it spewing everywhere. Then there's the little matter of overachieving, something that Kirsten and I discuss … [Read More...]


One of the funniest apps in the world

There's something about spending time with your siblings that just brings out the inner child in you. My older sister, who is also my bestie, is … [Read More...]

what's your relationship with food

What stops you from eating all the food?

All week I've been harping on about something as trivial as food and not being able to eat much of it, well at least anything that doesn't taste like … [Read More...]

Two Chatty Chicks

Why I’m struggling & Two Chatty Chicks – Ep 6

I was a bit of a smarty pants yesterday morning when I smugly claimed to someone that I was doing well eating like a refugee. It hit me like a tonne of bricks last night as I ate lentil soup and rice porridge for the third consecutive day. I know … [Read More...]

road rage mother

News story: A mum’s shocking road rage incident on the Gold Coast’s M1

A hangry woman has lashed out at critics who say she acted like a 'pork chop' when she was stuck in gridlock traffic with her daughter in the car. Yesterday afternoon the Gold Coast's M1, the state's main road that connects Queensland and NSW, was … [Read More...]

act for peace refugee challenge

Curse you comfort food

It's a miserable and overcast day here and usually I'd be drinking lashes of coffee and eating comfort food. But alas it's Day 1 of my ration challenge where I eat only what Syrian refugees do, eg rice, lentils, flour, chick peas, tuna and some … [Read More...]

Two Chatty Chicks

A big reveal today – Two Chatty Chicks – Episode 5 – Botox and Detox

On the Two Chatty Chicks podcast today I reveal something that I haven't written or spoken about on the blog or social media yet. I'll give you a clue, I thought I'd feel a million dollars about now but I only feel like a cool $100 grand. … [Read More...]

act for peace ration challenge

A Mystery Box Challenge that would stump Jamie Oliver

So come Sunday I'll be living on rations, literally. Yes I'm taking part in the Act for Peace Ration Challenge where I'll be consuming what Syrian refugees do for 7 days. This means no … [Read More...]

why it's okay to be anti-social

Why it’s okay to be anti-social

Before I had kids I used to put a lot of time and effort into friends and friendships. Ridiculously I also trusted a lot of people who actually weren't my friends and just didn't have the decency to be honest with me. … [Read More...]


A little perspective

Every day this week my dear friend Amanda has trotted off to hospital hoping for a miracle. Another close friend has a heavy and fearful heart as the love of her life and the father of her two girls faces surgery and possible chemo. … [Read More...]

Two Chatty Chicks

Newsflash: iTunes hosts Two Chatty Chicks podcast – Episode 4 live!

Despite having a face for radio and a voice for television, podcaster Emily Toxward says she's buoyed by news that Two Chatty Chats is now available on iTunes. The hilarious and unedited podcast she records with Kirsten Smith of Kirsten and co. is … [Read More...]

southern gold coast

A place I’d like to call home

I'm a massive fan of holidaying at home, eg where you holiday in your own backyard. Well not literally in the yard alongside the trampoline and cat poo, that would just be all sorts of wrong. … [Read More...]

southern gold coast

Good things come to those who wait (on a sand castle)

If you're anything like me you take HEAPS of photos but never do anything with them. … [Read More...]