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Housework not kids is why motherhood is so bloody hard!

Despite the fact that I wrote this two years ago NOTHING has changed! You know I've just figured out why I find motherhood so bloody hard; it's all the housework that comes with it. Truly I shit you not, I could put up with the fights, shits, … [Read More...]


A message for parents with shy children.

As a young girl I vividly recall crying when someone I didn't know looked at me. I hated having to speak to strangers and even hated having to say … [Read More...]


Are you a conversation hacker?

I finally found the time to get the caterpillar removed from above my eyes. Yes I had an eyebrow wax. I was lying there wondering if my breath … [Read More...]


The reality of having kids sleep in your bed.

Ignore everything I have ever said about kids sleeping in your bed - I WAS WRONG! Yes it's not often I fall on my sword and admit that I stuffed up but when I do I mean it. Like a fortnight ago when I wrote: "I’m happy to be the person my … [Read More...]

good or bad egg

On knowing when someone is a good egg!

Do you know how you can tell that someone is a good egg? They only look for the positives in you. A few months ago Mr HALOM and I escaped for one of our overnight stays away from our children. We do this about four times a year to ensure we … [Read More...]


He used to be shy boy!

For weeks I have been worried about how my self-confessed shy boy will cope at school. But today he completely blew me away. There were no tears, he seemed reasonably confident and came home with a spring in his step. I asked him and his … [Read More...]


A message to Tony Abbott from an ‘electronic graffiti’ artist.

Hey there fellow electronic graffiti artist, what ya doing? Me? Well I'm getting my tits in a tangle about some ridiculous comments made by Australia's Prime Minister in defence to his decision to give Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and … [Read More...]


Things no one bothers to tell first-time parents!

Sending your child to school is a bit like tearing out a piece of your heart, putting a backpack on it and hoping for the best. I honestly believe it's harder on the parent. Most kids can't wait to start school and learn to read on the first day, … [Read More...]

card collage

Why I wrote in my own card!

This greeting card has been floating around our house for nearly two years! I'm fairly sure my daughter told my husband to get me a card for Valentine's Day or my birthday. So he got one for both, I was born the day after V Day. For the … [Read More...]

He used to have a snazzy road bike when we met, I'm so glad he no longer rides one!

16 things I’ve already learned this year!

So we're just 23 days into 2015 and already I have learned so much! And you know what 'they' say - knowledge is power. 16 things I have learned this year. 1. It's better that your husband has a midlife crisis and trades you in for a long … [Read More...]


A man’s disgusting tirade in the car park!

I was *this* close to telling off a foul-mouthed man in the car park. My son and I braved the masses to jostle for stationery with lots of other back to school slackers! On our walk from Africa to the shops I noticed two people were in a car … [Read More...]


What I will and won’t miss when school goes back!

Can you smell it? It's the sweet aroma signalling that it's nearly back to school time! On Monday I lamented the end of school holidays because I was enjoying just chilling with ma homies. Some very astute people questioned my sanity, my sobriety … [Read More...]


Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

Escaping from reality is often the only way to help you embrace your every day reality. Over the holiday period we escaped to the Sunshine Coast for our first ever family holiday. It was amazing. Apart from having sand in every orifice for a … [Read More...]