Four years ago today, my life changed irrevocably

Back in October 2012 my life was absolutely chaotic. Some noticed, in fact a few people raised concerns about the state of my mental health, I just fobbed it off. … [Read More...]

15 perfect mum thoughts I had before motherhood

I was such a freaking perfect mum before I had kids, in fact I was the BEST MUM EVER! You should have seen my halo; it was delicious, circular and … [Read More...]

I’m not great at ‘playing the game’ & other confessions

Time flies when you nearly slip up over your child's spew in the hallway at 1.30am. It also races by when you can't stop saying yes to work because … [Read More...]

Date night before and after kids

It's fair to say my husband and I were the only couple on 'date night' at Yum Cha earlier this week. We were nearly seated next to a table of six 20-something women laughing and chatting so I asked to move to a quieter table #oldfart. … [Read More...]

A life-changing breakthrough I’ve had recently

Hello possums! Wow, what a crazy few weeks I've had. Talk about baptism by fire, I've had some incredible awakenings recently. And they were WELL overdue. I won't get into the deeply personal ones yet (you know I'm all about short and sweet) … [Read More...]

Why you MUST write an autobiography

Apparently we've all got a book in us, and I believe it should be an autobiography. For starters I'd be crap at fiction because instead of making up characters I'd probably base mine on people in real life and get done for defamation. … [Read More...]

Elusive blogger makes comeback – a news report

One of the Gold Coast's most useless elusive bloggers has launched herself back into the blogosphere. … [Read More...]

An open letter to jealous bitches

It's come to my attention that jealous bitches are getting out of control. Just recently two incredible women, one a dear friend of mine and another one of Australia's most generous bloggers, have been shot down by other women. … [Read More...]

On being one of those annoying busy people

These days it's not the done thing to say how busy you are, so let's just say that recently I've been permanently on assignment. Yes apparently people who always say they are always busy are annoying and there's nothing great about being busy. I … [Read More...]

Why you should ask for help

I put out an SOS on Monday and the next day help arrived in the form of my marvellous mumma! With chocolate bars and a tray of 15 strawberry punnets in hand (a score at just $5 for the lot) my babies were delighted to see their nanny. They … [Read More...]

What did you steal from the pantry as a kid?

I found a sliver of chocolate on the bench as I made my morning coffee this am. My suspicious brain sprung into action - what was it doing there? You see I'm one of those annoying people with a deliciously suspicious mind, it's both a curse and … [Read More...]

Feelings of excitefear about speaking at ProBlogger

What a slack blogger I've been recently, particularly since I'm due to give a presentation in a few weeks about how to write a better blog. Isn't it ironic, don't you think. Yes that's right the esteemed ProBlogger team have trusted me with … [Read More...]

Why I can’t cry right now

I'm sitting in the sunshine of Wellington Airport's picturesque international lounge, looking out at the sky of my beloved New Zealand. I can't cry, not because I care what all the other travellers will think, but because I haven't got any tissues … [Read More...]