Urban Dictionary  vasectomy

To snip or not to snip.

Nothing says I love you like a vasectomy, don't you agree? … [Read More...]


Love the photos your kids take of you!

On a day when I thought my head would explode from work stress I escaped the insanity of my life to lunch with one of Australia's favourite bloggers. … [Read More...]


On being diagnosed with hypertension at 37!

We all joke about our blood pressure skyrocketing from time-to-time, like when the kids stuff play dough up their honker and end up in … [Read More...]

sick kids

Why I won’t be trying this idea at home.

Nothing says school holidays like a three-kid symphony of coughing, sniffing and the noise of tissues being pulled out of a box only to be used to wipe one drop of snot and then turfed on the floor. … [Read More...]

taking stock

Taking stock + disturbing photo from inside my body.

A sneak peek into what's happening with me today as I take stock. Warning: there is a gross photo of the inside of my body in this post. … [Read More...]


You know you’re at your parents house when…

Nothing says you're visiting your parents like bedside lamps, antique doilies and copious amounts of tea and home baking. Every time I drive up to see my parents I berate myself for not doing it more frequently, I'd be here once a week if I could! … [Read More...]


Normal transmission expected to resume tomorrow.

My sons are playing 'hide and sink', my daughter has rediscovered loom bands and I'm outside typing away. I'm always trying to make my kids play outside so I can work in peace but it's just clicked there is one foolproof way to ensure this … [Read More...]

queensland fire and rescue

Firefighters paid us a surprise visit for all the wrong reasons.

I'm a sucker for a man in uniform - it's just a shame the ones I met yesterday were there because my car decided to become incontinent down a steep hill. There's nothing like a massive hose to amuse young and old - and for the eye candy - YOU ARE … [Read More...]


Asbestos in imported crayons but DO NOT PANIC!

In light of the recent crayon asbestos scare I'm stoked my kids are snobs when it comes to colouring and only use felt-tip pens or textas as Australian's call them. Earlier this week the ACCC put out a notice warning about traces of asbestos in … [Read More...]

wax on apple

Stink eye and waxy apples! 

My eyes were almost sealed shut this morning, not from tiredness but from a gift my kids have given me. … [Read More...]

how to make a digger cake

For your viewing pleasure…..a VLOG.

What a crazy 24 hours it's been, I've become 'the best birthday cake maker EVER', another Prime Minister has been sacked by his own party and I already regret buying this for my son... … [Read More...]

beach byron

The gift that keeps on giving.

I never want my kids to grow up but then on a daily basis I yearn for them to be self-sufficient. Today I celebrate one of the best gifts I've ever got - it's one that keeps on giving and is here to teach me patience and resilience. … [Read More...]

nerang markets

What to do when you’re kids are early risers!

Chucking a hissy fit when the kids wake before 5am has never made a lick of difference to their wake time. Today instead of working myself up into a frenzy because once I'm awake I'm awake, I decided to do something different with the kids. … [Read More...]