I’m away to blow someone away!

If all goes well by the end of today I will have hopefully completely blown someone away. Not literally of course, murder is not my style, I'm more of a drag-out-the-pain kind of person. I'm planning to surprise someone with cunning plan that has … [Read More...]


How to make trick-or-treating a scream!

If you're against knocking on doors for free chocolate then block your eyes. We get into trick or treating at my joint because I REALLY wanted to … [Read More...]

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How much should kids eat?

I think I'm guilty of trying to overfeed my kids. In fact ensuring my trio eat enough veggies is a constant source of angst for me. We've got … [Read More...]


How to embrace your ordinary life – Wordless Wednesday

Not a week goes without something extraordinary happening in your life. If you think about it, in the past 7 days there's been some big changes in your world. Big things such as a rain on parched soil or small wins like your child learning … [Read More...]


The funny things we ALL do!

Hands up if your husband came home with a pair of shiny new disco balls last week? Really? Am I the only one? Pffft you don't know what you're missing. Anyway it got me thinking about things in life that we do and whether others do them as … [Read More...]

toilet training

Tips to help you survive toilet training – Laugh Link

Nothing can prepare you for the hell that is toilet training. It's up there with when your child learns to read and they can't seem to remember the word 'the' even though they've read it 561 times! You'd think a toddler would prefer not to walk … [Read More...]


Are you struggling to be a calm mum?

My daughter told me off the other day for muttering under my breath that she was being a 'little shit'. This taught me two things, apparently I can't mutter quietly and that it's time I rebooted the way I parent. For awhile there I was pretty … [Read More...]

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Have a laugh at my lip sync attempt #edenland

I have minor head/neck injury not from strenuous exercise or sleeping funny but from head banging. I've never been a major head banger but yesterday I unleashed my inner bogan and banged my head like a champion. Why? Because I accepted … [Read More...]


My blog is two and to celebrate I’m…

And just like that I have been blogging for two years. This is my 474th blog post in 730 days which means I've average way too much bullshit in the past two years. It would have been nice to be able to reward you, my 6 readers, with a gift of … [Read More...]


Forget my bucket list here’s a ‘fucket list’

Before I cark it the list of things I want to do and see is virtually endless. Seriously there is almost nothing I DON'T want to do, so instead of sharing a traditional bucket list I thought I'd reveal my fucket list. According to the Urban … [Read More...]


Is this the best kid’s bus shelter ever? – Wordless Wednesday

I remember our school bus shelter as a kid, it was full of spiders and I hated having to sit in it when it was raining. The one we spotted in Colac Bay was quite different to this; it was fun, cheery and clean. I bet the kids who hang out in this … [Read More...]


Is it time to get over ourselves?

Not every comment on a person's Facebook page or blog is meant to insult or offend us personally. But for some reason we seem intent on taking comments to heart and then often we proceed to start a shit storm. Don't you agree that we are all … [Read More...]


Here’s 5 ways I annoy people! – Laugh Link

People like me don't just quietly live their lives, somehow we seem to offend, upset or mortify others without even knowing. And by people like me, I mean those who speak their minds, wear their heart on their sleeves and usually call a spade a … [Read More...]