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Two Chatty Chicks podcast – Episode 2

You know when you open your mouth before consulting with your brain and get a disastrous result? Like this one time I innocently told a friend that their brand new diesel car sounded like a tractor - it wasn't until the words spilled from my … [Read More...]


I taught my son to tie shoelaces in 5 minutes!

Yesterday I was that mum who went to a cafe with her son and let him take a sachet of raw sugar to smash back in the car on the way home. … [Read More...]

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Will we ever not cringe at how we look?

As I recorded one of those Facebook Live thingees yesterday I looked at myself and thought 'will I never not cringe when I see myself?' Actually I … [Read More...]

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On cooking dinner every night even though everyone hates it

My kids totally lost their shit at dinner last night because I had the audacity to serve them devilled sausages with mash and veggies. Lucky for them I didn't make it as spicy as it's meant to be and I refrained from dishing them up the soggy … [Read More...]

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The day I almost drove off the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Brought to you by People’s Choice Credit Union. The day cockroaches the size of my thumb ran across my feet while I was driving my fiancé’s bile-green Subaru across the Sydney Harbour Bridge was the last time I ever set foot in that car. It was … [Read More...]

Two Chatty Chicks

Podcast is LIVE – Two Chatty Chicks – Ep 1

Big news today, our podcast Two Chatty Chicks is live and it's fabulous! … [Read More...]

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Much ado about nothing at all

And just like that we're nearly half-way through the freaking year. It has crept up on me like my favourite pair of size 12 knickers that I just can't bear to throw away despite they being no match for my current girth. If you've been following … [Read More...]

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A juicy convo overheard from the pointy end of a plane

During a rare but enjoyable flight at the pointy end of a plane recently, I was privy to quite an astonishing convo between some dudes about a recent divorce settlement. If only I didn't hate reality TV, or actually read gossip magazines instead … [Read More...]

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How becoming a mum changes you

The second you become a mum your entire outlook on life changes. It's not something you consciously do, it just happens. Yesterday I had a whirlwind trip to Melbourne for a workshop thanks to Bupa, I left home at 9am and plonked my weary body in … [Read More...]


My pledge to eat the same rations as Syrian refugees for 7 days 

It's no secret I love my food, coffee and 'adult' beverages - but to raise money and awareness for Syrian refugees who have lost everything I'm giving them up from June 19 to 25 and will only eat the same rations as a Syrian refugee. All I'm allowed … [Read More...]

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Patient lashes out at doctor’s empty stomach instructions – a news report

A patient has lashed out a doctor's prescription instructions saying they were so strict she struggled to find a time to take her antibiotic. The mother of three, who scored herself a mean lymphatic infection through a seemingly harmless … [Read More...]

Crying yet?

A day of tears, guilt and unbridled joy.

You'll never guess where I am at 10.30am on a Saturday morning! In bed.  … [Read More...]

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7 funny reasons why screens rock + $300 giveaway

Unlike most parents I have a love/love relationship with screens, they are THE  best way to get my kids to do things. This is probably because I starve them of the devices during the weekdays, usually, so they are like large blocks of hazelnut … [Read More...]