happy anniversary poem

A really bad poem about marriage

It's been nine years ago since I got hitched, and my life sure has been enriched We were young and full of dreams, and not yet bogged down with routines … [Read More...]

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Enraged parents hit back at screen time survey results

A recent survey, aimed at finding another way to make parents feel guilty, has revealed three in five parents let their kids spend more time in front … [Read More...]

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Kids aged from 4 to 8 are a whole new ball game.

Having kids that scrap like feral cats defending their territory is really starting to yank my chain. I yearn for the days when I had toddlers, at least they couldn't spit vile and abusive comments to their siblings, or worse, accuse each other of … [Read More...]

sky jump las vegas

On leaping off the 108th floor of a perfectly good building.

Nothing says Las Vegas on your sister's 40th like jumping from a 108-story building when you're severely hungover. Oh and did I mention I had to wear my weight on my wrist for the entire world to see. Thankfully any shame I had has gone AWOL since … [Read More...]

How I thought I looked...

What I did the day before I left Las Vegas

How does one even begin to write about a 5-day whirlwind trip to Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas? Definitely not at the beginning, that's not a very good place to start - sorry Sound of Music musical composers but it's not. I'll … [Read More...]


I’m on my way to Las Vegas… today! 

Yesterday I was a stressed out mumma bear watching her kids frolick in the unpredictable ocean and today I'm flying to Los Angeles and then on to Viva Las Vegas! Well technically my sisters will meet me at LAX and then we're road tripping to the … [Read More...]


Breaking news rocks microphones of podcasters across globe

In a move that's bound to rock the microphones of podcasters across the globe, bloggers Kirsten and Co. and Have A Laugh On Me have announced they're about to start a podcast. While Kirsten has fashion and style sense, Emily from Have A Laugh On … [Read More...]

Zeiss DriveSafe lenses

Could you be putting other people’s lives at risk?

 This post is brought to you by ZEISS Australia While my hearing is often selective I have perfect sight, well except when it comes to dust, as far as I’m concerned that stuff is transparent. But both of my parents wear glasses, my dad from the … [Read More...]


7 greeting cards Hallmark should make.

Nine times out of 10 I am disappointed with the greeting card I buy. I always spend 15 minutes picking up and putting down cards while more decisive folk whip in and out within minutes. I envy those people. Nay, I despise them and their smugness. … [Read More...]

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Mum warns about perils of drinking and parenting

A dusty mother of three has spoken out about the dangers of drinking and parenting. Her warning follows a series of unfortunate and expensive events that happened to her the day after she forgot she was a parent and drank substantially more than … [Read More...]

Feeding Time Tips v2 SM

Something had to give and I vowed it wouldn’t be my mind.

This post is brought to you by Heinz I wasn't blogging when my babies starting to eat actual solid foods, which is just as well because I was a ridiculous stress pot about the entire affair. Back then I foolishly got advice from those horrific … [Read More...]

minecraft video

On trying to embrace suffocating love

As we 'speak' my three children are on the iPads and I am holed away in my office with the door shut working. Okay, I'm actually writing this blog post, but once I've done this and proofed it 12 times and found no mistakes only to find many after … [Read More...]