I don’t want to cark it on the operating table – an irrational post.

I'm trying be a nice human bean today, but PMS mixed with 4 hours of broken sleep is not helping my cause. Neither is the skink-laden cat spew I just had to clean up or the fact I wrote something on my light box with a bad spelling mistake and … [Read More...]


On going under the knife and what to tell kids. 

The human body is a weird and wonderful thing; wonderful that it grows babies, weird that it grows things it shouldn't. Next week I'm having … [Read More...]

sewing machine

Why I’m winning at parenting this week!

Apart from the fact my 3yo found an empty red wine bottle in the recycling bin this morning and drank the last drop to make his siblings laugh, I'm … [Read More...]

Haircuts for the boys = boring weekend

An open letter to The Weekend.

Dear Saturday and Sunday. I'm sure it comes as no surprise that there's a ginormous amount of pressure for you to be amazeballs. I agree your gig is tough but take comfort in the fact you're not Monday, 90% of the population dread this sucker. … [Read More...]

Where's Wally

Sunday morning funny fiction – Part One! 

She lay in bed watching the dark clouds start to suffocate the pale blue sky. A plane flew overhead, birds chirped as they rustled about their morning duties and the neighbour having his midlife crisis started up his bike. … [Read More...]


The day I found it hard to like my kid.

Despite the unconditional love I have for my kids some days it's hard to like them. If you can't relate to this then do yourself a favour and stop reading because this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. … [Read More...]


Why I didn’t lose my nut at a rude mother.

Without sounding like a 90-year-old, the world's turning to custard because everyone thinks they're more important than everyone else. Take the rude mother who stole my appointment at the ENT specialist the other day, I wanted to bop her in the … [Read More...]

moby on taj mahel

Top 10 ways cats are like husbands.

Brought to you by Frontline Plus Being watched in the shower doesn't creep me out nearly as much as it used to. But then again that's because my shower perve has four legs, loves playing with his jingly balls and is usually too busy licking … [Read More...]


Newflash: Conference attendees dropping like flies.

Sometimes I miss writing hardcore news about shit that matters. But then I remember that when I was a journalist I couldn't walk around with my shirt tucked into my daggy trackies and I had to brush my hair every morning. Today I'm going to see … [Read More...]

E.T movie

E.T phone home.

As I mopped up spilled milk and soggy cornflakes from the floor this morning the irony of the situation didn't escape me. You see yesterday I was checking out of the hotel I had spent three nights at for a blogging conference when I bumped into … [Read More...]


And the winners of my wine competition are….

Commitment is blogging at 8am in the morning after a 12am bedtime. But I'm nothing if not committed to you my lovely readers. So I'm just popping in to say hi and let you know who won my wine giveaway! Thanks to Taltarni I had two $144 cases to … [Read More...]


It’s okay to be a glow stick.

Who knew I'd miss my kids after only one day away?  It's like I've been yearning for some me time and now I'm yearning to be wanted, cuddled and loved by the three most precious things in the world to me.  I'm at a blogging conference … [Read More...]


Chinese whispers in the waiting room.

Going out in public with extremely friendly and honest kids is always amusing*. As we burst through the door of the doctor's waiting room I search for an area big enough for the four of us and a stroller. I spy a row just under the television, … [Read More...]