gwen stefani what you waiting for

Why I’m a horrible hypocrite.

As I ran past a big pile of fresh dog poo, it hit me. Not the poo, but the fact that for years and years I have posted anti-running memes on my blog and I was doing just that. Running. … [Read More...]

encourage a love of learning

I agree, the Australian education system is broken.

It's not often that I dust off my well-worn soapbox, but today I have polished it to within an inch of its life. I recently read this post from a … [Read More...]


A little white lie…

This morning one of my regular clients (that almost makes me sound like a call girl doesn't it) phoned as I was headed to the doctor for an oil and … [Read More...]

Austar Foxtel

A frustrating conversation with a fake man.

After a non-unanimous decision to cull Foxtel I finally got around to making a call to can it, it only took 6 weeks. Sure it's 'fabulous' having 200 channels of reruns from the 1990s and loads of reality TV shows featuring stupid people, but the … [Read More...]


I bet you wish you could do this!

I am in possession of some incredibly mad skills. For example I can detect which fart belongs to which child and know when my husband is telling me porkies. I can also do a mean 'feed the chickens' and 'sprinkler' on the dance floor. … [Read More...]

This setting is so worth fighting about right?

When you go too far.

Aside from the wire of a very expensive bra nearly stabbing me to death it's been a stellar week at my place. I somehow convinced my husband we needed a new outdoor dining setting to complement the newly-tiled alfresco and pool area. He was no … [Read More...]

Parenting is relentless

An open letter to all parents.

Dear Parents It's come to my attention that you might be feeling a tad frustrated and disillusioned in regards to the ongoing and relentless role of child rearing. Maybe your son packed a tantrum and refused to put on his socks because they … [Read More...]

foil crackers

On a slippery slope to crazytown.

You know you're on a slippery slope to crazytown when you reach for a half-opened packet of chippies only to find it's treats for the cat! … [Read More...]


The Secret Diary of Emily (Adrian Mole)

Dear Diary. I must confide in you the most terrible secret. It's been 2 weeks since I last wrote a blog post and quite frankly I'm not sure how to summarise everything that's happened to me in that time in a way that doesn't bore the bike pants … [Read More...]

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Nothing like a hospital stay for some Christmas perspective.

This time tomorrow Santa's gifts will have been opened, tears will have been shed and I'll either be on my second coffee or my first bubbly! I've made a deal that the kids can come into our room at 5am, no earlier. It sounds early but not when you … [Read More...]


The day I lost my voice and my Fitbit.

My face was a mixture of sweat, tears and snot as I hurriedly approached the fresh-faced young man from centre management. He was chatting casually to the key cutter in the middle of the shopping centre when I bumbled up to him looking frazzled. … [Read More...]

birthday cake

A creepy Christmas party.

My husband told me he'd throw me a Christmas party since I no longer get invited to any because I have no actual place of work. He thought I deserved a small gathering in my honour, in the bedroom, with no one else, you can imagine where this is … [Read More...]

Dyson V6 absolute

Why I’m an absolute sucker.

I'd rather watch Yo Gabba Gabba for 10 hours straight than do housework. As a result dust bunnies have been known to frolic across my ceiling fans and my linen cupboard shouldn't be opened by anyone unless they are proficient in Tetris. But one … [Read More...]