I surf an actual wave and did not fall off. Like. A. Boss.

Just quietly you might be surprised at this photo!

Can you believe it's been nearly six weeks since my nose op? Doesn't time fly when you have to do a nasal saline rinse twice a day with boiled water and a salty solution? … [Read More...]

Brazilian butterfly

I’m not a fan of the bush + $100 Giveaway!

Brought to you by Brazilian Butterfly. Despite my country upbringing I'm not a fan of (the) bush. Interestingly it appears that I'm fast becoming … [Read More...]

We've blurred this photo because we're not sure if this is the woman or just someone who looks like her!

Rumours circulate that Gold Coast woman sneaked out.

RUMOURS are circulating that south-east Queensland's Cinderella wannabe sneaked out for a night without approval from her family. The brazen moves … [Read More...]

yoga first time

I survived yoga without breaking anything.

Dew moistened the lawn, waves crashed in the background and I was flapping about like a bush turkey trying to get into awkward yoga poses. … [Read More...]

new sun safe hat

Why I’m not parenting for 3 days! 

Long, long ago there was a journalist who used to have a life, a waistline and perky bazookas. … [Read More...]


A little term I like to call F*&K All Fridays – back by popular demand!

I wrote this post back in 2012 when I had three kids under 4.5 at home and I had totally flipped my lid - my dear friend in NZ asked me to re-post it, enjoy Rhi! I just walked in to my son's room and I wish I hadn't - it's like the wardrobe just … [Read More...]


10 things you should never say to your kids – a piss-take!

I say things to my kids that I shouldn't, I've even been known to chuck a few 'Oh for sucks fake' in there when I'm really cranky, which my children will tell you is all the time. But a post doing the rounds right now is ruffling feathers because … [Read More...]


An insight into my mind when it was slightly cracked!

As I strapped my trio into their car seats the other day I had a flashback to three years ago when I was a lot less sane than I am now and wrote a post (below) that reveals this. … [Read More...]

painting tools

Letting shit go, painting and a perve!

In the interests of letting shit go I've left my husband to make breakfast/school lunches and retreated to my room to continue the 'hot read' I borrowed from the library! … [Read More...]

fisher paykel washing machine

Today I’m keeping it real.

Today I'm stropping about my house starving my shitty mood with a green smoothie, which makes a nice change from feeding it with Halloween chocolate. … [Read More...]

Don't worry he had blueberries for morning tea and a pear for afternoon tea.

An open letter to Carbs

Dear Carbs I'm sorry that you are one of the most hated food groups in the world but really you only have yourself to blame. … [Read More...]


Don’t go bacon my heart!

Not a newsflash - bacon, sausages and other processed meat can cause cancer. But then again so does too much wine, chocolate, coffee, cheese, cigarettes or anything ridiculously tasty or mind-altering. Gosh a lot of those start with c don't they? … [Read More...]

echo valley farm stay

You can’t take the county out of the girl!

I grew up on a farm in the wop wops and collected pine cones for pocket-money and got my thrills roaming across paddocks searching for mushrooms, obviously not the magic variety. … [Read More...]